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Landlords need support to ‘keep up-to-date’ with regulation changes

Landlords are being urged to seek guidance to ensure that they are clear on the ‘bombardment’ of regulatory changes that could affect their buy-to-let investments.

With a range of new rules ranging from The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill to The Tenant Fees Bill, landlords need to be up to speed with the changes in the PRS, which is becoming more regulated, especially in light of the fact that a new housing complaints service is set to be introduced.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire announced plans last month for a new Housing Complaints Resolution Service, which will legally require private landlords to become members of a redress scheme, as part of wider efforts to better protect private renters.


Paul Sloan, operations director for haart, commented: “For many landlords, it is difficult to keep up-to-date with new regulations that seem to bombard the Private Rented Sector every year.

“That’s entirely understandable. For many smaller landlords in particular, being a landlord is not their full-time job – it’s a useful extra income.

“But keeping up-to-date with the latest legislation is vital. That’s one reason why it can be good for your peace of mind – and even your pocket – to have your let professionally managed by a vigilant agent with an established track record.

“Many landlords think their lettings agents are most useful at the beginning and end of their let. In fact, things can change mid-let - not because of something that has happened at the property, but because of something that has happened in Parliament.”

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    I'm a member of eastern landlords assoc, they keep us up to date, and are always there to help.


    The Scottish Landlords' Association is also very helpful but sadly had no effect on the December 2017 legislation which removed the right to no fault eviction and fixed term leases from Scottish landlords. Now someone has set up a petition on 38 degrees calling for Scottish rent controls, completely missing the reasons why rents have soared due a shortage of rental properties with many landlords selling up.

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    • 25 February 2019 12:14 PM

    Absolute twaddle from haart.
    The last people to be relied upon to keep abreast of changes in the PRS are LA.
    Wouldn't trust a LA as far as I could throw them.
    Far better as suggested to join a LL association and to use the main LL fora online.
    Far superior to any mickey mouse LA.
    Who are usually the last to know anything.
    When S24 came out most LA Staff I came across didn't have a clue on the impact of S24 or even know it existed!
    LA are the last people to trust your business with.

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    • 25 February 2019 12:33 PM

    It is most disturbing but certainly not surprising that what you state is occurring.
    Unfortunately for you Scotland is always used as a test bed for bonkers legislation.
    I have no doubt that the Scottish experience will at some stage be visited on the English in roughly the same format.
    As you intimate all the stupid new regulations etc are forcing LL out of business which can only have the market effect of rent controls as supply dwindles.
    Then of course even more LL sell up.
    The logical conclusion is for all mortgaged LL who are about 50% of the PRS to leave the market leaving unmortgaged LL who could cope with reduced rent controlled income though such wouldn't like it.
    To get rid of 50% of the market would be bonkers.
    Even if only 25% of LL exited the PRS that would still be devastating for Tenants.
    There is also a question as to how effective rent controls would be.
    In a market where there are desperate tenants trying to source property in a reducing market a black market would surely arise.
    Brown envelopes stuffed with cash for the additional rent over the controlled rent will be paid and many LL will be forced to remove them from LA so they can manage payments themselves.


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