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New tech solution to help sharers set-up and manage household bills

A new tech solution called Resooma Bills has been launched this morning to help make it easier for those living in shared accommodation to manage the setting up and splitting of their household bills.

With rental prices across many parts of the country continuing to grow, an increasing number of young professionals and new graduates are finding they are unable to afford the luxury of renting a flat or house for themselves. This presents lucrative opportunities for buy-to-let landlords who are able to provide properties suitable for a group of house-sharers, but this can often lead to problems among tenants when it comes to splitting household bills.

Many landlords will be hoping that the new tech platform will allow more renters, including students, to manage household bills, which can be one of the major causes of household arguments in shared accommodation, allowing for a smooth tenancy.


Jack Jenkins, co-founder and CEO of Resooma, commented: “We’ve always wanted to be about more than just helping people find homes. For us, it’s about solving all the problems that students and ‘Generation Rent’ face during the journey of renting their new place. Household bills is definitely one of them.”

In a survey carried out by Resooma, more than a third of respondents said that household arguments are put down to the stress caused trying to sort out their bills.

Each tenant that uses the new platform will receive just one bill at the end of each month, which will include their share of all the houses utilities, helping people set-up, manage and split their household bills between themselves.

Dan Jefferys, founder and COO of Resooma, said: “The new feature will make household billing easier by condensing utilities into one monthly bill and splitting it equally between all housemates.

“Through our in depth research into the student market, we understand that household bills are the number one cause of argument in the home. It therefore becomes a must for us to fix this.”

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