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New tenant packs could help save lives

New tenant packs designed to help landlords raise awareness of fire and carbon monoxide dangers have been launched by Aico Ltd.

Aico, a major provider of residential fire and carbon monoxide alarms in the UK, hope that the new tenant packs, part of its #AlarmsSaveLives campaign, will highlight how important it is to regularly test your Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Customers can currently request a variety of #AlarmsSaveLives resources from the Aico website, including A3 and A4 posters, a fridge magnet, a coaster, a pen and a tenant card highlighting how to test an Aico alarm.


The new #AlarmsSaveLives animation is also available for download and use across organisations’ social media channels, to help with further raising awareness of this campaign.

The initial idea for the tenant packs came about following a conversation between Peter Marr, senior electrical officer of Sheffield City Council and Joanne White, marketing manager of Aico.

Marr commented: “We have been working closely with Aico for many years, investing and improving fire safety for residents and properties alike.

“As a social housing provider, occupancy profiles mean training is always an on-going issue, as the weak link to any system is often the human element; therefore, reminders and re-educating is an ever constant.

“This is an excellent example of a simple idea being developed and improved when shared; a real positive when likeminded companies’ philosophy is to strive for improvement.”

Cllr Phillip O’Dell, Harrow Council’s cabinet member for housing, is among those supporting the campaign.

He said: “It’s the most important button in the house - press it regularly for peace of mind. It’s a message we reinforce for our tenants all the time, and why we’re fully behind Aico’s campaign to encourage regular smoke detector testing.”

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    Smoke and CO alarms are only required because tenants can't be trusted to act responsibly.

    Avoidance beats detection so:

    1. Don't risk setting fire to my property by NOT smoking, making chips when drunk, lighting candles or anything else.

    2. Ensure everything is switched off when not in use.

    3. Remember you'll be homeless if you disregard 1 and 2.

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    • 15 February 2019 10:06 AM

    Trouble is it is rarely the above issues which activate detectors.
    In my long experience of attending fires it was more domestic appliances that caused fires.
    Even brand new ones!!
    As for chips now most tend to use oven chips.
    The smoking tenants to tend to do it outside especially if sharing more as a courtesy.
    It was a big problem with smoking in bed etc.
    I believe this is less prevalent now.
    These issues tend to come from the lower classes of tenants usually those on benefits who can be guaranteed to have a pit bull dog; be tatooed up, smoke like a chimney and always have a can of Stella in their hands plus about 3 snotty nosed kids from 3 different fathers who they apparently won't know for CSA purposes.
    Such tenant types should be avoided at all times!!!


    I like your comment Paul, summed that sort of tenant up perfectly, just the sort we don't want at any money, leave them to the local council or a housing assoc.

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    Don't forget the 55inch TV,,,,, in every room?!?


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