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The UK’s second tallest Build to Rent tower unveiled in Salford

Anaconda Cut, standing at 131 metres tall, making it the tallest building in Salford, has been officially launched.

The 44-storey tower, which features 349 flats, is funded by real estate investment firm, Europa Capital, and is the second tallest Build to Rent tower in the UK after Uncle in London's Elephant & Castle, and Salford's tallest building. 

U.S. Build to Rent provider Atlas Residential is managing the development, offering luxury rental accommodation and amenities, pushing the boundaries of those schemes that already exist in the UK, making it far more like something from the hospitality sector. 


A foyer with 24 hour hotel style concierge and a mezzanine co-working space sits on the ground floor of the tower along with a resident’s gym offering a variety of HITT workouts and yoga sessions.

The building also has a pet-friendly environment allowing residents to bring their animals along with them and the option to leave them behind with an onsite pet concierge. Parking is situated in the  basement over three levels, offering 79 spaces and bicycle storage beneath.

High-level communal roof terraces and seating to relax in has been designed on the 17th floor along with a cinema screening room whilst the entire upper 43rd floor is dedicated to a ‘Sky Lounge’ for all residents to enjoy with unprecedented views over the City of Manchester and stretching as far as the Pennines.

Delivered by Renaker Build Limited, the property is located in the Greengate area on a former disused car park, marking the entry into Salford as you cross the river Irwell from Manchester City Centre and on the western fringe of Media City village.

The wider masterplan for Greengate will see a significant amount of residential developments being delivered over the next decade transforming it into a vibrant new community.

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    UK's second tallest build to rent 44 storey in Salford City, Manchester, so nothing learned from 44 storey Grenfell disaster just build twice as high and after all they said about 1960's tower blocks at least they were solid concrete frame & masonry walls. The modern one might be concrete frame as well but other wise stuffed with Celotex / Kingspan type foam insulation instead of masonry walls in the main, if they find any problem with this insulation in the future half the country will have to be pulled down. I remember all too well about the asbestos they had me putting everywhere whether on roofs, soffits, pipe lagging, around boilers or me screwing blue asbestos to back of care homes, they would have been safer with the fire. So 349 Flats in Salford with only 79 parking spaces, no parking for 270 Flats but if I was 2 Flats I would be required to have 2 parking spaces. Who will be renting those Flats or if in part for Social Housing it should be a problem with 5'000'000 people on Benefit I suppose they won't need parking they will not be going anywhere, the Supermarkets can deliver the food as they do now to high rise and leave outside their Flat door. The problem will come when they realize they have forced too many tax payers out and businesses to close d with the burden of taxation, then who's going to fund them all not the big Corporations for sure. Perhaps Shelter can have another De-Regulation Act like they did in 2015 to reverse all those anti-private Landlord Regulations.

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    Sorry couple of typo's Grenfell was 24 Storey and also I ment screwing asbestos to back of Care Home doors, me and this technology don't get on it likes ti change what I say.

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    • 26 October 2019 00:04 AM

    Nothing wrong with these BTR developments if built to correct building standards and financed based on turnover rather than profit after costs subtracted.
    After all fair and open competition is to be encouraged and facilitated.

    Oops!! Silly me no fair and open competition if you are a mortgaged sole trader LL!!!
    So these BTR merchants won't have pesky sole traders to deal with.
    They can charge corporate rents.
    That means NO DSS.
    Wonder how the BTR mob will market their products.
    They won't be permitted to state No DSS.
    Can you imagine DSS scum in these nice new shiney towers!?
    The last thing that the developers will want is any inkling there are DSS dross mixing with those paying a fortune in corporate rents.
    Can you imagine some fat pramface mother with kid in tow on the gym running machine beside you stinking the place out. Yuck!!

    So none of these BTR places will be letting to the feckless lower social orders.
    Normal private LL are now choosing not to let to them.
    No social housing.
    Even more LL selling up.
    So where are the DSS lot gonna be housed!?
    It seems a use has been found for all the empty containers left in the UK from China as we don't export much back to China, lots of TA cubicles to house the feckless rather than decent quality social homes.
    BTR is a drop in the ocean and will NOT meet the demand for rental properties as they just can't build fast enough
    There are simply too many feckless tenants being created that can be housed.
    Why doesn't Govt just allow Councils to buy on the open narket.
    They could buy back the 2 million council homes lost to stupid RTB for a start and then while they are at it buy another 2 million
    So an instant 4 million social homes charged at social rents only.
    That would reduce the size of the HB bill.

    I'm sure there are LL out there with 4 million properties between them that would love to sell at full market price to Councils.

    The Govt borrowings for this would be spread over 60 years.
    Once paid for the properties remain as aporeciating State assets for use by the low waged.
    Of course none of this will occur and LL will be blamed for hiking up rents because of scarcity of rental property...................caused by the idiot Tory penal tax policies like S24 aimed at putting leveraged sole trader LL out of business.
    Then hanging over the PRS is the prospect of that evil Marxist Corbyn clown and is evil mate McDonnell attaining power and introducing their bonkers expropriation and rent control of LL private properties.
    Don't these idiot BTR operators realise that all their developments might be subject to RTB if Corbyn gets in with dividend earnings will be slashed due to rent controls.
    It seems very few of those in the PRS have read the Communist

    Land for the Many report

    Any LL reading that will be wishing to sell up ASAP as I intend to do.

    Investing in AST letting to single households is simply not worth doing while the threat of RTB expropriation exists.
    Not sure if the idiot BTR mob have realised Corbyn could destroy their businesses.
    Guess time will tell!.


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