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Average monthly rent is not enough to cover cost of fixing a faulty boiler

The cost of repairing a faulty boiler currently stands at about 60% more than the average UK monthly rent, according to new research from Direct Line for Business.

The analysis by the insurer provider acts as a reminder that prevention is better than cure, with the firm warning that landlords should not be complacent when it comes to maintaining their properties’ heating systems. 

It has been a warm week so far for the UK, with temperatures hitting 20C yesterday. But the unusually warm weather is set to make way for snow and hail next week, plunging the country back to winter conditions.


“March has already seen a sharp fall in temperature and unsettled conditions, so to prevent being caught out landlords should ensure that their properties all have fully serviced and insured boilers,” said Sarah Larkin, business manager at Direct Line for Business.

“Landlords are legally responsible for securing a safety certificate for gas appliances each year and they also need to ensure the heating and hot water systems are maintained and functioning properly,” she added.

Direct Line for Business has put together the following top tips for landlords:

Keep your heating on low: Sudden cold temperatures can freeze your boilers external condensate pipe, which could cause your boiler to stop working. Insulating the pipes can help as well as keeping the heating on constantly but low when it’s very cold.

Bleed your radiators: If your property isn’t getting as warm as you think it should be, there may be air trapped inside the heating system. Releasing air from the system is simple but you will need a key which can slot into the radiators bleed valve. If you still have a problem after doing this, you may need to call in the professionals.

Keep your boiler maintained: Make sure you service your boiler and keep it maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Check regularly for any warning signs such as leaks, cracks or noises as the sooner you can identify a problem, the easier it will be to fix.

Turn off services when property is unoccupied: If you have an unoccupied property for an extended period, you may want to consider draining the water system and switching the utilities off. However, if it's in the winter months, when frost might occur, then keeping your central heating system on at a minimum temperature can help prevent frozen pipes. It is important to understand that insurers will have specific terms and conditions that apply if the property is unoccupied for an extended period so check your policy to make sure that you understand and comply with these.

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    I have 2 properties with 25 yr old boilers still going strong, last month i had to replace a 7 yr old boiler, not built to last now.

  • Andrew Hill

    I don't actually mind this, I'd rather it was cheaper and rents were higher, of course but this is one of those risks of doing business.

  • icon
    • 22 March 2019 12:03 PM

    Well at least LL buying new in 5 years time won't have to bother with having boilers as they won't be allowed! !
    I would suggest that the upkeep of heat pumps will cost far more than gas boilers.
    Personally I'm not sure I would want to buy a property with no gas boiler for CH.
    I always remember the cost of warm air heating.
    My understanding is the ground source heat pumps aren't as effective as is made out and certainly not as good as gas CH.
    But then I guess we don't really know
    I guess the new home buyers in 5 years time will find out!!
    I had a neighbour build a new house and he used this heating and seemed content with it.

  • icon

    Few yrs ago i went biomass at home, at the end of my 7yrs RHI it will be payed for with a healthy profit, at which point i will take it out, waste of time.

  • icon
    • 22 March 2019 13:55 PM

    Does make me laugh all these climate change idiots.
    A new coal mine in England is being started to supply coking coal to the UK steel industry.
    Will put out equivalent CO2 to 5 million cars.
    Yes the climate is changing cos that is what it does! !!
    Those idiot schoolchildren protesting about the weather!!!!!!!!!!!
    The climate is changing but it is nothing to do with man.
    American economy is booming what with cheap energy and frackingetc.
    Jobs are returning to the US due to cheaper energy costs.
    If I was in charge I would open up the coal mines and dig out the 300 years of supply and frack like mad anywhere it was viable.
    I would ban coal imports unless our coal wasn't good enough.
    Just doing this would transform the North which would become a real Powerhouse!!
    Get the miners back to work and build lots of coal-fired power stns.


    But why aren't the miners in work ? because a union leader and his ignorant members thought they could bring down Mrs Thatcher's government, oh Lady T where you today when we need you the most.

  • icon
    • 22 March 2019 14:43 PM

    Yep totally agree.
    Unions should just devote themselves to looking after their members and not to attempt to own the means of production.
    Just do your work and be fairly rewarded.
    That is capitalism!!!
    Unfortunately the Unions interfere in politics and in the case of nutter Scargill try to change the country by force to their way of thinking.
    Hopefully GR won't be sufficient in numbers to vote in a Labour Govt as Corbyn is from the same nutter's stable as Scargill.
    Hopefully with Brexit we might restore our old industry with appropriate subsidies to be resilient and not reliant on imports just like the Germans and French do!!


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