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Haringey approves plan to introduce borough-wide additional licensing

Haringey Borough Council has given the go-ahead for borough-wide additional licensing to be introduced from 27 May 2019 for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

The scheme will mean landlords renting a property to three or more people in two or more households across the London Borough of Haringey will have to obtain a licence from the council at an early-bird cost before 27 May of £500.

The additional licensing fee will cost £1,100 per HMO, with landlords facing an upfront payment of £500 with the additional £600 being paid before the licence is issued.


The decision follows a 12-week consultation that took place from the 12 December 2017 to 5 March 2018.

A summary of the 607 questionnaire responses from the consultation found that almost half - 45% - of landlords and managing agents were in favour of additional licensing, while 77% of private tenants supported the scheme.

Cllr Emine Ibrahim said: “This additional HMO licencing scheme will help ensure all HMOs in our borough are safe, well maintained and managed effectively.

“HMO landlords will now be required to licence their properties with the Council, and those applying for the licence early will get a discounted fee.”

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    As far as I agree with idea of additional licensing, surely everyone should ask how exactly money collected from licensing is going to be spent and how much of it will disappear in council's black hole...

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    • 12 March 2019 10:43 AM

    Surely Additional Licensing should be for 3 or or more households!?
    So with 3 singles then it applies.
    But if 3 singles become 2 households then Additional Licensing wouldn't be required.
    Would the Council be sending round inspectors every morning to check that 1 bed is cold while the other 2 are warm.
    How could a Council disprove if there are 2 households with 3 occupants!!??
    This is anorher completely bonkers unnecessary scheme.
    It will just cause rents to increase by the amount of the Licence fee.
    Magically Haringey will find lots of 3 occupants have decided to become romantically involved.
    Good luck with Haringey trying to disprove the domestic status of occupants!!


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