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New workshops to improve relationships between agents, landlords and tenants

In a bid to improve relationships between letting agents, landlords, and tenants north of the border, fresh funding has been made available for Scottish Mediation to host a series of mediating workshops across Scotland.

Scottish Mediation has received a £14,700 funding award from SafeDeposits Scotland Trust to develop and deliver eight workshops, with a view to offering participants an opportunity to learn more about the causes of conflict and how to avoid it.

Scottish Mediation, which was established in 1990 to help improve Scotland’s PRS, seeks to promote an understanding of mediation in dealing with conflict situations, both in terms of housing and other areas.


Graham Boyack, director of Scottish Mediation, said: “Scottish Mediation is confident that the funding awarded, which will allow us to work with agents throughout Scotland, will help build positive relationships in the private rented sector.”

The three-hour workshop sessions, endorsed by the Scottish government’s Letting Agent Registration Team, will also offer advice on how best to manage and resolve conflict, with a view to avoiding costly and time-consuming disputes, tenancies ending prematurely, deposit disputes, and cases being referred to the Housing and Property Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal.

John Duff, chairman of SafeDeposits Scotland Trust, commented: “The skills participants will gain from these sessions will help to reduce conflict in the private rented sector, and help to further educate letting agents. We are hopeful that in gaining conflict resolution skills, the letting agents on this workshop will work towards a more co-operative PRS in Scotland.

“The SafeDeposits Scotland Trust is proud to have funded such a wide range of important projects that share our aims of making the PRS in Scotland fairer for all parties.”

No exact dates or locations for the workshops have been finalised yet.

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    Do we need this ? if tenants pay their rent on time and respect the property, landlords carry out repairs swiftly, we all live happily ever after.

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    Another loony lefty touchy feely load of nonsense. Agree totally with Andrew. Pay rent- get loved. Don't pay rent - get evicted. Simples.

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    Please please dont they understand that we know our business. Why dont they just go and get their haircut remove their nose studs have a wash take property management lessons and Leave Us Alone.

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    • 15 March 2019 11:53 AM

    As far as I am aware in Australia rarely are there issues with large rent defaulting and consequently LL are prepared to take on risky tenants.
    This is why they are prepared to do this.............
    In Oz if as a tenant you are in rent default 14 days after rent due date the LL may without recourse to any court process remove the rent defaulting tenant with police assistance if required.
    Now just imagine a similar process in the UK.
    You would see most of the risky tenants willingly taken on by LL.
    14 days after rent default you are booted out by the LL with police assistance if the tenant refuses to leave.
    With such a process we wouldn't need any lefty talking shops etc.
    It would be as simple as this
    Pay your rent and if you DON'T 14 days later the LL could boot you out.
    Now that would concentrate rogue tenants' minds.
    In practice few LL would exercise the right to evict rent defaulting tenants so quickly.
    They would tend to work with tenants to resolve any issues.
    Remember this speedy eviction process is ONLY available in rent default circumstances.
    Just introducing this speedy Australian style eviction process would ONLY apply in rent defaulting cases.
    How could anyone NOT support such a speedy eviction process for rent defaulting cases only!!!!???
    It is the eviction issue which prevents me even contemplating taking on DSS tenants.
    If I knew I could get rid of rent defaulting tenants so quickly it would transform my perspective on risky tenants.
    So we DON'T need any lefty talking shops.
    Just need the eviction process in rent arrears cases to be changed to the Oz method...........................simples!!!

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    I say to tenants on the day they apply. If you are polite know how to communicate & pay your rent on time there will be no problems and if you think you will have any issues with being able to do this then please don’t apply.

    I make it a policy only to take in nice people. You quickly learn who are going to be high maintenance


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