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Zoopla’s decision to ban ‘No DSS’ adverts welcomed by landlord association

Zoopla’s decision to issue ‘blanket bans against tenants in receipt of housing-related benefits’ after announcing that it will end ‘No DSS’ wording in rental adverts has been welcomed by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The move comes after the government announced plans to clampdown on buy-to-let landlords and letting agents posting ‘No DSS’ adverts that discriminate against tenants claiming housing benefit.

Around 20% of people living in rented accommodation in the UK receive housing benefit and yet research shows that 20% of landlords listing properties on Zoopla used ‘No DSS’ in their adverts, which is unacceptable, according to Chris Town, vice chair of the RLA.


He said: “We welcome the announcement from Zoopla which comes after extensive campaigning by the RLA. 

“Landlords should not refuse someone solely because they are on benefits, and should consider prospective tenants on a case by case basis. But with growing numbers of benefit claimants now reliant on the private rented sector we need to do more to give tenants and landlords greater confidence in the benefits system.

“This means building on positive changes already made by the government by giving all tenants the right to choose if they want to have the housing element of Universal Credit paid directly to their landlord; working with bank lenders to remove mortgage terms that prevent landlords renting to benefit claimants as NatWest has already done; and ending the Local Housing Allowance freeze which has meant benefits bear little resemblance to rents.

“We look forward to working constructively with the government to address these issues.”

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    So what do we need in order to conciser renting to benefit claimants ? HB paid direct, no claw back, and a quick cheap method of evicting non paying tenants, isn't going to happen is it, so it's still NO DSS even if it doesn't say that in the ad.

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    Andrew - agreed.

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    When I advertise I state, no daily curry eaters, no single mums, no universal credit ,no housing benefit,no pets.
    No body without excellent references,no advance rent unless students with their country's government sponsor letter. Simple rules and so far works and has done for past 30 years.

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    And wont use zoopla

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    • 22 March 2019 12:08 PM

    How about this.
    Any LL taking on a HB tenant even if the HB amount is only £0.50 pm will be exempt from S24!!!!!!!
    Do you think Govt would go for that!?
    Of course the LL would then have to state ONLY HB tenants accepted and will be required to be on any amount of HB for the duration of the tenancy !!!

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    Yes the government and councils are stupid enough to.

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    • 22 March 2019 13:36 PM

    I was just thinking this could save a bit of face for the Govt while at the same time pacifying to some extent the S24 issue.
    Govt could state that to assist DSS tenants being taken on by a mortgaged sole trader LL that S24 would be suspended for as long as there was a tenant in the property in receipt of any amount of HB.
    This could encourage those LL subject to S24 to take on HB tenants.
    So Govt would get a win with being able to get rid of HB tenants out of very expensive TA and into a normal rental property and the LL would save on the ridiculous S24 taxes.
    So both parties get something out of it.
    Of course then may come complaints from GR who will state that a lot of rental accommodation is now being taken up by HB tenants leaving them even less likely to be able to source affordable rental properties.
    Perhaps then the case could be made that to level the playing field to give all tenants equal opportunity to bid for rental property that S24 should be abolished for all other tenant types! !!!!???
    Would seem only fair! !
    There would of course then be the age old problem that the mire LL take on HB tenants the mire they will be accused of being subsidised! !!
    Catch 22 and all that!!


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