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Landlord ordered to pay £29,000 for harassing two tenants out of their homes

A private landlord in Telford has been ordered to pay £29,000 in costs and fines for harassing two tenants out of their properties.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that Delbag Fagura bombarded two tenants with text messages, which led to two offences of harassment.

The matter came about from Fagura being convicted for breaches of building regulations on the property at Dudmaston, for which he was fined.


The landlord, who owns properties across Telford and Wolverhampton, was unhappy that the two tenants had contacted the council, who wanted to inspect the building they lived in.

The tenants said they were asked by their landlord to lie to the council, which is why they received so many text messages.

Judge Anthony Lowe told Fagura: “You tried to get two people to leave their homes without going through the proper procedure, and the effect of your behaviour has had a profound impact on them.

“You are dealing with somebody's home. Landlords buy properties to let and for commercial gain, but they have a responsibility; people are not commodities.

“People want a stable and secure place they can call home, even if it is a one-bedroom flat.

“I have no doubt your actions were connected with the local authority inspection.

“Any sentence I give needs to act as a deterrent that a fine will be greater than the commercial gain.”

Fagura was fined £9,500 for two counts of harassment, and with that £1,000 in compensation must be paid to both victims.

He was also ordered to pay £17,500 in costs, with the total he must pay amounting to £29,000.

He has six months to pay the money owed.

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    British ?? of course not, these people getting us a bad name yet again, am i being racist? no just telling as it is i e the truth


    I think if you were to look into the instances of bad practice, pro rata it would involve more landlords who were not of British origin.

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    • 04 April 2019 12:04 PM

    So presuming John you are correct would it not be worthwhile Councils checking first all LL without a tradtional English name.
    So the LL Smith could breathe a sigh of relief by not so LL Singh.
    Eventually LL Smith will be checked on but not before all the LL Singhs have been dealt with.
    Stands to reason dunnit that if the majority of those LL that are dodgy are those with foreign sounding names should be checked on first.

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    • 05 April 2019 06:59 AM

    Whether it’s British or non British origin. This is totally irrelevant. Every landlord has a role to play to adhere to the local authorties and comply with the building regulations. I have no doubt that the landlord in question would have corrected any breaches if the local authority gave him some breathing space. In my opinion, this is more of a racist matter, Asian person comes into our soils to start a commercial venture. Let’s make his life a misery. This is totally unfair. I think that the whole story has been fabricated to ensure that the landlord is put under the spotlight and scrutinised for every single step. I think we need stronger support for landlords and not to just fine them. HMOs is all a money making thing, just like introducing speed cameras. When landlords start selling up then where would the tenants have a place to go. Will the local authorities support them? You will be on a wait list or no chances of getting of a mortgage for bad histories!!!

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    I think we can take a hint it fits in my mind that they want us out. I disagree with everyone that there is a shortage of housing regardless of media hype. Thousands of Flats being built clearly not required in almost every London area, where are the occupants to fill those. They have to get rid of us as they need our Tenants to keep making £m’s for big Developers subsidised schemes. 40% of purchase money interest free for 5yrs first time buyers up to £600k & no S.D. + only 5% Deposit, what’s going to happen after 5 yrs when they can’t afford ?.

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    • 05 April 2019 08:31 AM

    I totally agree with Michael, this will have a detrimental effect on mortgage repayments in the long run. If they can’t repay then houses are reprocessed. Who will come to the rescue? Landlords of course. It’s all money making thing for commercial gain. Big companies don’t get scrutinised. These days people are abandoning their cars as they are not able to afford to run the vehicles or afford them repayments. This is an additional cost to the local authorities from tax payers money to remove the vehicles from the road. I wouldn’t mind doing a side line business.


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