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Three in four Scots back rent caps

A new survey has revealed three in four Scots back rent caps north of the border to help curb increasing housing costs in property hotspots like Edinburgh.

The research by Survation for tenants’ union Living Rent also reveals that almost half of voters would be more likely to support a candidate for election if they back limits on prices, compared to 11% who say they would be less likely to.

High rents are a particular issue in the Scottish capital where the council is exploring the introduction of limits on rent charges


Campaigners are now calling on the Scottish government to follow the lead of countries across Europe by introducing a cap.

More than 1,000 adults living in Scotland took part in the poll.

Gordon Maloney, from Living Rent, said: “These figures should be a wake-up call to the Scottish government. Rent controls are enormously popular, and it is no surprise – far too many tenants across the country are being forced into poverty by sky-high rents.

“Now we need urgent action. If politicians turn a blind eye to the housing crisis, voters will not forgive them.”

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Poll: So you think the introduction of rent controls to cap increasing housing costs in property hotspots is the right thing to do?


  • G romit

    Tenants want rent controls/caps, Landlords don't - gosh there's a surprise.

  • icon

    Can we have a cap on council charges for licences, plumbers and solicitors hourly rates, court fees, etc, whats good for one is good enough for the rest of us


    We must be one of the very few businesses who are expected to keep our product at the same price when everything else is rising and costs are increasing every year.
    Rents where I am are virtually the same that they were 20 years ago, give or take a few pounds here and there, depending in which area you are in.
    I am fed up with this view that landlords are making a fortune, when it simply isn't the case as far as I am concerned.
    There must be an easier and more profitable way to make a living, other than being a residential landlord.
    I am looking into holiday accommodation as I have a listed barn on my property which I could rent out for more on a weekend than I could make in a month on a residential property and probably with less hassle?

  • James B

    So it’s 3 tenants for every one landlord ratio up there.

  • icon
    • 12 April 2019 09:44 AM

    Well the Scots are just plain stupid anyway.
    Their stupid independence.
    You never hear from the dopey Scots as to how much of the National Debt and the deficit they would take if successful in attaining indpendence.
    No cos they WOULDN'T want any of it!
    Capping rents is the qickest way to reduce rental property supply.
    Plus rent caps would be evaded by LL and tenants alike.
    Much use of cash would occur.
    Tenants would know cash payments would be needed to achieve tenancies as they would know capped rents would be unviable.
    But many LL would simply sell up making illegal rents even higher


    Deary, deary me!


    You might have noticed 55.3% of Scots who voted were against independence. Only around 1.6 million out of over 5 million Scots swallowed the SNP lies, unlike the 17 million duped into voting for the"easiest deal in history" promised by UKIP and the right wing tories.

  • icon

    Very poor article and loaded towards a tenant survey.
    Will the next one be “.. 100% of private landlords would like rent increases” to cover the vast pile of costly legislation/compliance, reduced tax allowance, fees, etc etc”

  • icon

    Absolutely, ridiculous survey.
    It is like asking turkeys if they would vote 'yes' for Christmas.
    Trouble is that it just fuels the anti-landlord brigade, which in turn leads to more barmy legislation.


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