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The Tories have lost the trust of BTL landlords

With less than a week until the European elections take place, a new poll conducted by the National Landlords Association (NLA) suggests that private landlords have lost faith in the Conservative party, with just one in six - 15.75% - now saying they would support them in a general election.

The research found that more than two thirds - 69% - of the landlords responding had voted Conservative in 2017. But of those, just a quarter - 25% - said they would do so again were an election called today.

Meanwhile, 85% of landlords stated they would be likely to vote against any party proposing to remove Section 21 and 89% would vote against any party proposing rent control.


Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, commented: “It’s hardly surprising that landlords are losing faith in the Conservatives given the way their Government has overturned the economic, and now legislative, foundations of the private rented sector since 2015.

“The Tories’ attitude seems to be “Well, who else are landlords going to vote for?”  The response is coming back loud and clear, “Not you”.”

He added: “Our members have told us that removing Section 21 would be devastating and costly for their businesses. Conservative Ministers need to take the time to understand what’s actually happening in the private rented sector or it may end up costing them dearly.”

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  •  G romit

    typo alert "...lose..." should be "...lost...." in title

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    • 20 May 2019 09:04 AM

    Only about 2800 votes prevented a Labour Govt last GE.
    All LL need to do is not vote Tory in about 13 marginal seats to result in a Labour Govt.
    As it makes little difference to LL if there was a Labour Govt then the Tories need to be warned that the LL vote won't vote for them if they leave S24 in place and continue with their stupid anti-PRS policies.
    That would mean the Tories would lose.
    The Tories certainly won't win by appealing to GR who won't vote for them no matter what anti-LL policies they introduce in an attempt to pander to the GR vote.
    I just hope I am all sold up by the next GE.
    It will be a Corbygeddon for private LL especially leveraged ones!!

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    Not voting conservative will almost certainly result in a Labour Government.
    If landlords think that the situation is bad now, it will pale into insignificance if Corbyn et al were ever to get elected.


    Outstanding! So because Labour are trailing along the very bottom, Tories can hover just above them? It will have to get worse before it gets better, otherwise we’ll continue to remain just that tiny bit above Labour in terms of how bad it is for LLs.

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    It doesn’t matter anymore what they do, Housing & rental market has collapsed which was designed to happen by policy makers. Houses not selling, renting difficult, not unexpected as it was clear from outset of Rogue help to buy Scheme distorting the whole market. Penalties & Sanctions whole sale for LL’s. Tax payers money used to subsidies building tens of thousands of Flats not required & or to subsidise the occupiers which what they are doing. I told my MP a year ago that we are in recession because of this + the many other anti-LL incumbrance’s but it seems they they don’t know anything until about a year after it has happened.

  • James B

    The only saving grace conservatives have is labour are even worse .. sad state of affairs with two completely incompetent main parties. We definitely have the worst set of politicians in U.K. history here today

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    • N P
    • 20 May 2019 13:19 PM

    Whilst I feel let down by the tories, I will still vote for them because not doing so could let a labour government in which really would be a landlord’s hell. Not voting or voting for one of the small parties will just let labour in. Need to put personal feelings aside and vote smart.


    vote tbp in euro elections

    presently there is no difference between lab and con--both are led by traitors



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    • 20 May 2019 13:27 PM

    But even voting for the Tories won't lessen the damage caused by them.
    So it really matters not whether Labour get in.
    S24 would be 100%
    Rent controls would occur.
    More LL taxation.
    Just the Tories are Labour lite at the moment.
    But any LL should be rapidly deleveraging.
    This builds resilience against a future Labour Govt.
    50% of the PRS who are unencumbered LL need not be that concerned.
    They might get hit for more tax if they sell up but why would they particularly bother!?
    There is no real imperative for a cash rich LL to sell up.
    OK they might suffer a reduction in rental income if rent controls were introduced but such a situation wouldn't be one to make them sell up.
    Nope it is really the leveraged part of the PRS which is 50% of the PRS that really needs to worry.
    They could easily find that taxation wipes out all possible profit and in fact will be taxed on non-existent profit courtesy of S24.
    In such circumstances the imperative must be for those LL to sell up.
    Gambling on future CG is for the birds.
    There won't be any of that for decades.
    Best to deleverage and go unencumbered as much as possible.
    It will be the only way to avoid those Labour slings and arrows!!

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    Vote Brexit a the way if policies right

    • 20 May 2019 14:08 PM

    Yep I believe there is much momentum behind the Brexit Party.
    This will work for EU and GE.
    It could be that the Brexit Party becomes the Kingmakers.
    The party is attracting Labour and Tory voters.
    It could shake up the political process.
    We need a strong 3rd party.
    The Brexit one could be the changer that is required to keep control of Labour and the Tories.
    I think people are so fed up with Labour and the Tories that the GE could well result in the Brexit Party determining who will be the Govt.
    My concern though is that the GE will just see voters returning to their tribe even though they voted for the Brexit Party for the EU elections which lets face it is just another Brexit referendum in all but name!
    I consider the Council Elections as a far better assessment of how the GE will go.
    That being the case it would seem the Tories are done for!!

  • icon

    Tories out labour kept out liberals not a chance, yes Brexit kingmaker possible jointly with Tories, onxe EU sorted.

    • 20 May 2019 16:12 PM

    What percentage of the vote do you reckon the Brexit Party will take?
    I reckon 35%.
    If that was repeated in a GE that could mean NF as PM!!!
    Gonna be some interesting times.
    I'd love it if the Brexit Party smashed the Tories and Labour to smithereens.
    NF as PM would be great.
    You have comedians in power in Italy etc.
    The Brexit Party seem consummate professionals compared to the Govts that the EU countries are voting in.

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    Easy 35% for Brexit some big big shocks coming,,, about time too.


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