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BBC explores challenges and opportunities for renters in coastal areas

In an attempt to help crackdown on poor quality housing, BBC News is exploring the challenges and the opportunities for communities in Coastal Britain.

The report, part of a new series by video journalists, Patrick Clahane and Dawn Gerber, features a substandard property in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, occupied by Sheila Warner, 71, who is struggling to live in the flat, which has no heating and a hole in the ceiling.

Warner, who has lived at the property for 16 years, says that she has been waiting years for her landlord to carry out the improvements on her home.


But the landlord claims that he only received a single complaint from Warner and was in the process of resolving it.

An oversupply of low-cost, substandard housing, are affecting some of the town’s poorest residents.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has introduced a Selective Licensing Scheme to tackle unethical private rent landlords and those who have houses in multiple occupation (HMO).

Watch the clip by clicking here.

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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    With the best intentions of defending Landlords, its clear that some standards need to improve as its dragging down the whole PRS.
    I can't believe that the tenant hasn't mentioned the defects to her Landlord, or why she hasn't sought Free advice from the Local Authority or Citizens Advice.

  • James B

    The bbc are the top government landlords bashers now for sure


    Top of the politically correct, left-wing, human rights apologists index!!!

  • icon

    I live in norfolk, all but one of my properties are in norfolk, but not great yarmouth, the place is a hell hole, properties are cheap there but the only tenants you will get are the ones you really don't want, the DSS capital of east anglia !


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