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Landlord to be sentenced for secretly recording tenant in the bathroom

A buy-to-let landlord will be sentenced today in Plymouth Crown Court after he admitted to using a secret camera to spy on his student tenant while she used the bathroom.

Paul Potter pleaded guilty to three accounts of voyeurism last year after his student tenant discovered a camera, which had recorded images of her using the shower and toilet in a rented property.

The tenant discovered a black cylindrical object in the bathroom with a blinking red light, which contained a memory card.


Using a computer, the tenant looked through the stored images to find they showed her washing and using the toilet.

Potter confessed in court that he installed the camera and recording private images of women naked.

The student reportedly told the police: “This was a horrible thing to have happened to me.

“I was horrified to find these images. I trusted him and he had keys to my room.”

The 52-year-old landlord was released on bail, with sentencing scheduled to take place today.

The judge told Potter: “Do not take the fact that I am releasing you on bail as any indication of any sentence you may receive.”

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    It's no wonder that landlords get a bad rep. with sleaze bags like this. That poor woman finding out that her private moments were being viewed by others she must have been totally distraught. Lengthy prison sentence must be the outcome here. It would be nice to think that he will lose his rental properties under the 'proceeds of crime' act, but it probably doesn't count. At the very least the council should revoke his licence. What a sleaze bag.


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