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Landlords in Hertsmere praise new incentive scheme

Private landlords have praised a new scheme in Hertsmere, which offers financial incentives and support for those looking to rent out property in the local borough in Hertfordshire.

Since its launch in April, landlords have commented on the Landlords’ Forum how easy the Let with Hertsmere scheme is to use as well as how efficient the team are to work with.

The Landlords’ Forum, which provides an opportunity to meet and network, received a presentation on the Let with Hertsmere scheme last week.


Cllr Jean Heywood, responsible for housing at Hertsmere Borough Council, commented: “Landlords have praised our new scheme and have said how easy it is to use as well as how efficient the team are. Let with Hertsmere provides a financial incentive or a rent deposit scheme, and helps support local people in housing need.”

There are two schemes with a range of incentives.

The council’s ‘Cash Incentive Scheme’ includes a cash incentive on signing up a new tenant and support from the local authority’s team to secure a tenancy.

The council’s ‘Rent Deposit Scheme’ includes two months’ deposit placed in a bond, with the first month’s rent in advance, landlord insurance for two-year tenancies, along with support from the local authority’s team through the life of the tenancy.

Landlord, Sue Gallagher, said: “We were very quickly found tenants and all the financial and suitability checks were carried out for us. We received the payment direct to our bank account in advance and a bond was put in place to protect us financially should the tenants prove to be problematic.

“Since then all rent payments have been paid on time and the tenants have settled in to our property without any problems. Our Let with Hertsmere representative remains accessible and involved in the tenancy should any future problems arise. I am very happy to recommend this service to other landlords."

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    My god this sounds suspiciously like a council using the bit between the ears!

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    What a refreshing change to hear an authority that works for the many not the few. Well done and share this with the many others that would rather use Landlords as a punchbag. Proves working together everybody wins.

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    Wouldn't it be nice to pull together rather than pulling apart, problem is the self employed and the public sector workers are a mile apart, the self employed work hard to better themselves, the public sector work as little as possible awaiting their gold plated pension they are bitter and twisted with jealously of anyone that might have made something of themselves through hard work off their own backs, we will always be a mile apart, but i know which side i want to be on.

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    • 02 July 2019 21:44 PM

    By working together and thinking pragmatically outside the box this Council seems to have hit a sweet spot as far as co-operation is concerned.
    But of course other Councils hold to their left-wing ideologies and on principle refuse to have anything to do with LL.
    Of course it makes financial and domestic sense to adopt the strategy of Hertsmere.
    It actually saves money in the long run.
    Which of course is a very sensible approach.
    Of course many Councils have been using DHP as an alternative to a proper LHA rate.
    So many tenants have been kept housed by DHP which has effectively driven a coach and horses through the Govt LHA freeze which funnily enough is soon to be abolished.
    This will mean LHA rates rise to meet market rents.
    It is of course far cheaper than using TA with all the upheaval and inconvenience that using TA causes.
    Could we start to see a breakout of pragmatism among Councils!!!


    Paul mate, who are you kidding '' pragmatism among councils'' ??

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    Fantastic. Let it spread far and wide.


    In your dreams!

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    • 03 July 2019 22:07 PM

    Yep agree I was being wildly optimistic.
    But hope springs eternal!!


    Ever the optimist .


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