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Rogue landlord prosecuted for a second time

An unscrupulous landlord in Chesterfield has been ordered to pay a total of £5,684.91 after being prosecuted by a second time by Chesterfield Borough Council.

Rasa Zubaviciute, 45, of Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, was convicted for putting her tenants at risk by providing them with substandard housing conditions at a property she owns and lets in St Margaret’s Drive, Chesterfield, S40.

Zubaviciute was convicted of the offences at Derby Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced by Chesterfield Magistrates Court for failing to comply with two Improvement Notices served by Chesterfield Borough Council.


The court expressed particular concern at the fact that the landlord had failed to comply with the second improvement notice, which had been served in response to an electrical report showing potentially dangerous defects that placed both the occupants and neighbouring properties at risk.

The court also noted that her previous conviction in August 2018 had also related to failure to provide electrical certificates.

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  • jeremy clarke

    And yet gov are happy to regulate and licence agents leaving landlords like this to just carry on!

    • 18 July 2019 08:28 AM

    Clearly there is an imperative for appropriate licensing and regulation.
    But Selective and Additional Licensing is NOT the answer!!

  • icon

    Yes Jemery if you are referring to me I should be regulated & ground into dust. I have them all to my cost, Mandatory, Additional & Selective Licensing, some have been redone three times since it was introduced in 2006. When I checked the Register some of mine were the only properties licensed at all in some roads from 2006 to 2011 & again from 2011 to 2016 even though mine were only 2 storey, but I never let rooms which is what HMO’s was all about in general with stupid regulations causing over crowding that it was supposed to prevent, causing sub-letting wholesale, Rent 2 Rent, AirBnB that may never have happened if the LL weren’t put into corner by Regulators, very good continue regulate some more, they have already caused this recession 👍🏻

  • icon

    Wounder where the woman originates from ?

  • icon
    • 18 July 2019 09:48 AM

    Romania probably.
    One of the many benefits of being in the EU............................ NOT!!!
    Open door for all the East European criminals.
    Must have been like all their Christmas's came at once when they realised they could move to the rich West when the A8 process commenced.
    Just a shame that they now have the right to remain when the UK leaves the EU.

  • icon

    We have Romanians working for us on a development and renting houses off us they pay on time graft hard and keep the houses mint and are lovely people not a bad word to say about them

    • 18 July 2019 11:56 AM

    Yep but they probably claim WTC and other welfare plus they work for less as they tend not to have a normal single house hold domestic situation.
    Of course they work hard so would you if even on the NMW you were earning 10 times the wage in your home country.
    This facilitates large remittances sufficient to build properties!
    These migrants have displaced British workers who were on higher wages.
    A British workers was on about £100 per day 10 years ago.
    They would be lucky to be on £100 per day now.
    Nobody doubts most migrants work hard.
    Still doesn't mean the UK wants or needs them.
    We have plenty of unemployed.
    They just need to be trained.
    Employing British workers reduces the welfare bill.
    The sooner employers are forced to train and pay workers decent wages the better.
    Without cheap migrants they won't have much choice!

  • icon

    Is the private tenancy system fair for landlords with the frequent horror stories and no comeback for landlords with the advisers' illegal 'denial' responses in negligence cases?
    By lengthy experience, a landlord will find out how fair the private tenancy system is, particularly in negligence cases when using advisers -- letting agents, legal advisers or government officials. In reality, there are frequent horror stories out there of adviser's illegal negligence denials, landlord abuse, landlord insurance wrecking,landlord attack, coercion and landlord losses (RIGHT legal way vs WRONG way negligence by advisers).
    Also government helplines are offering 'best practice' courses (leaving out the overall plan) when in reality many do not work out in practice and it seems impossible to get hold of the overall business plan from the hierarchy for a landlord's RIGHT Mindset and RIGHT attitude in a confused mess by the higher powers.

  • icon

    Nothing what so ever wrong with Romanian Bulgarians Polish been renting to them for over a decade. Agree,pay on time never late, keep properties clean and tidy. Yes get out of Brexit but keep hard working tax paying EU people coming. Its beyond that the door needs shutting on.
    Forget daily curry eaters single mums. No UC either (british)


    I too have many Polish, Bulgarian & Lithuanian tenants , they make good tenants, but not it would seem good landlords.

  • icon

    romania has many criminals--they are encouraged by police to leave for uk


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