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Free launch event for scheme offering BTL landlords 12 months’ rent upfront

Choices Estate Agents will launch a new Advanced Rent Option (ARO) product later this month, which enables landlords to receive their annual rent upfront in one lump sum.

Buy-to-let landlords and property investors are being invited to learn more about the initiative by attending an exclusive free launch event for the innovative ARO.

The initiative, believed to be an industry first, will be officially launched to landlords and lettings professionals at an exclusive event at the Royal Institution of Great Britain between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on Wednesday 28th August.


The event, which will feature a range of exciting industry guest speakers and presentations, is being hosted by Angels Media, the publisher of Landlord Today, Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today and Property Investor Today.

It will enable landlords to learn more about ARO, hear from those already benefitting from having their annual rent paid upfront and network with likeminded landlords and industry professionals, including developers, industry suppliers and agents.

The event will be hosted by Christopher Watkin, who will be providing his unique take on the future of the rental market, highlighting the key drivers for change including PropTech, regulation and Brexit.


A debate, chaired by Watkin, will focus on the changing landscape of the lettings industry.

Watkin said: “Now is the time for letting agents and landlords to be thinking ahead with the aim of futureproofing their success. The ARO is a boundary-pushing concept which fits this mould and acknowledges the changing landscape of the modern lettings market.

“I look forward to welcoming landlords, agents and property professionals to the launch event and discussing the future of the rapidly growing and increasingly influential PRS.”

Among the guests who have confirmed their attendance are Charlie Bryant, managing director of Zoopla and Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes.

The Zoopla boss will be taking part in a panel debate alongside owner of Choices Estate Agents Simon Shinerock, renowned property developer and investor John Howard, and certified accountant and tax advisor Karl Carraher.

Shinerock commented: “The ARO has already generated a huge amount of interest among inquisitive landlords and investors who are looking for innovative ways to manage and grow their portfolios," says Simon Shinerock, owner of Choices Estate Agents.

“This event will give them the chance to understand exactly how the ARO works and how it is already benefitting other landlords. There'll also be a range of presentations around the current state of the market and where it's headed."

"Marking a significant milestone in the development of the PRS, the event is a must-attend for all open-minded landlords who want increased financial freedom."

A combination of challenging market conditions and record low buy-to-let mortgage rates means now is a good time for savvy investors to expand their portfolios, according to Shinerock.

He added: “Finding the capital to do so [expand a portfolio] - especially when considering the stamp duty surcharge on additional property purchases - is not always easy.

“We want to help landlords to take their next step in the property market on their journey towards financial freedom, or alternatively to simply make a dream luxury purchase, pay for a wedding, school fees or anything else they desire," he says.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming landlords and investors of all levels to the Royal Institution of Great Britain on August 28th to present the ARO and discuss the future of the industry we all care so much about.”

The ARO launch event has limited spaces so interested parties are advised to register now to avoid disappointment. Anyone who signs up for the ARO at the event will receive a free landlord rent guarantee (worth 3% of annual rent).

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Poll: Do you like the idea of receiving 12 months’ rent in advance?


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    The question should include the cost of aro. Everyone would accept free advance rental payments but not at the exorbitant costs probably associated with such schemes. Given costs such as mortgage payments, factors' fees and ongoing maintenance costs don't get paid annually, it makes sense to match the frequency of incomings and outgoings to even out cash flow.

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    There is only one question here. Is the ARO an agreement made by the tenant as a way of guarantee that rent will be paid to the landlord or is this a scheme where a landlord presents a tenancy and exchanges it for 12 months rent ie a factoring service.

    Simon Shinerock

    Hi Jahan, the ARO is offered with our Primary Tenancy service in which we rent the property directly from the landlord and sublet. We collect the rent monthly from our tenant and pay our landlord yearly. The cost is the same as our normal un-discounted full management service


    Hi Simon I’ve got bad news for you but this contravenes most btl mortgage agreements under subletting

    Simon Shinerock

    Jahan, it’s definitely not for everyone but hundreds of thousands of landlords have no mortgage and we couldn’t offer this service to everyone anyway, so from that point of view the glass is half full

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    I recently have been approached by a Council accommodation finder, he purported to be from Council but not really. He gave me some paper work where the proposed Tenant had signed to pay LL directly. I had a read through & it said once Council had placed the Tenant their responsibility ended, so in the small print it appears once installed the Tenant could reapply for it to be paid to him, so I didn’t proceed.

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    I don't like this so called ARO just more people taking us for mugs, how many more wants to live off our backs, so many organisations sprouting up like mushrooms. The way I see it they are Renting our Property then sub-letting it plain & simple. I know in some cases they make more than the LL, you'll get your money I suppose but some of those guys use Airbnb and get double, people coming & going all the time but don't mention bed bugs. Whatever happens the Council will hold the LL responsible & he will be the fall guy. I think its a great idea for those doing the sub-letting far better than owing a Property let the LL mug buy it pay the Mortgage take all the responsibility and lend it to you to fill your pockets, get off my back you are too heavy. Pull the other one its got Bells on.

    Simon Shinerock

    You have misunderstood the ARO Michael, it’s simply an option to receive your full years rent upfront available with our normal service, which means a full years contract with the tenant with just us, the landlord and the tenant involved, no short letting of any kind. I appreciate not everyone wants to use an agent and I have no issue with that but for those who do, we are the only ones offering this service and at no additional charge, horses for courses Michael

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    • 08 August 2019 16:16 PM

    It seems a service strictly speaking for mortgage free LL which is fair enough as they comprise 50% of the PRS.
    So lots of potential business!
    No need to concern yourself with mortgaged LL with all the complications that lenders bring.
    Life can be so much easier if you don't have a pesky mortgage!!
    It is clearly the case that for the vast majority of mortgaged LL this product won't be valid as it would breach numerous terms and conditions especially those of lenders.
    Not sure how freeholders of even mortgage free properties would view the effective R2R set up.
    Most freeholders are pretty specific in requiring an AST with the owner.
    Not sure whether the R2R process would pass muster.
    But I suppose it is just a question of asking freeholders.
    Councils might wish to know as well.
    But it certainly ISN'T the case that this sort of R2R set-up may be done without checking with those concerned that it is OK to do so.
    That is of course if the LL want to be completely compliant with everything.
    It is a bit of a minefield.
    But it IS the responsibility of the LL to carry out FULL DD with all those who would have a material interest in what he is proposing BEFORE going ahead with such a ARO contract.


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