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Landlord ordered to pay £3,500 for failing to repair BTL property

A buy-to-let landlord has been found guilty of failing to comply with a notice from Bradford Council ordering him to improve the property he owned in Bradford.

Mohammed Majeen Khan was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay costs - a total of £3,490 – for failing to repair his buy-to-let property in Great Horton, BD7, which had a leaking roof.

When Bradford Council officers visited the property on June 26 2018 they also found a number of other issues, including no working fire alarm system, the absence of any linked smoke detectors, and an inadequate number of working electrical sockets.


There were also other issues, including cupboards missing doors and the property was found to be a generally poor state.

The landlord failed to carry out the necessary work, leaving Bradford Council with no alternative but to take action against Khan.

The landlord was found guilty at court in his absence.

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    I don't understand landlords like this, if the council inspected the property, found the faults and then gave the landlord time to carry out the repairs why not carry out the repairs, or was it that Mr Khan considered himself above the law? after all he didn't even attend the court hearing, sounds like arrogance to me, the fine should have been much more, these landlords give the rest of us a bad name which good landlords do not deserve

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Agreed Andrew,
    Landlords like this do the vast majority of us ' No favours ' and only allow ammunition for Tenant support groups.
    Begs the question though, Why din't the L.A issue Improvement Notice and a Civil Penalty. They could have set it at say, £5 k with 30% reduction for payment within 28 days. Would have been quicker than court action.
    Money would have gone to L.A rather than fine going to Treasury.

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    I had to replace 5 boilers in as many months. They were immediatly replaced. Being a Professional LL who does not have arrears who has rarely thrown a tenant out, this is what we have to do. Simple rules; pay your rent on time look after My property and any issues will be addressed immedialy. No questions, sorted. Simple.

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    Yes spot on Steve, that's how proper landlords work, when a problem is reported to me if I'm not round the same day I'm always round the next day, including week ends and bank holidays, this why I keep good tenants many years.

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    • 16 August 2019 21:39 PM

    I look after my properties based on sheer self-interest!
    The fact that tenants gain from this is purely coincidental.
    I do NOT want my properties falling into disrepair with consequent reduction in value.
    As it is I have a struggle getting my tenants to advise me of issues..As a consequence of such a recent failure repair works will now be more expensive than they otherwise would have been.
    I keep on telling my tenants to contact me but they seem reluctant to do so.
    What can I do!?


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