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More rented homes urgently needed in Cardiff

Cardiff based housing association Cadwyn is calling for more private landlords with properties in the city to lease their properties with them to help solve the local housing crisis.

Around 8,000 households in Cardiff are currently on Cardiff Council’s waiting list for new homes, with around 400 new applications added each month.

Currently, Cadwyn have just over 400 houses leased with them, but they need more to keep up with the demand.


Cadwyn has launched #The400 campaign to encourage private landlords to lease their properties through one of their schemes in a bid to reduce the number of families and individuals waiting for safe and secure homes.

Helen Armstrong, the director at Cadwyn responsible for making places and changing lives. said: “Cadwyn has been leasing properties from private landlords for fourteen years. We are well experienced in looking after your property, guaranteeing your rent and we also give you the chance to help someone who otherwise might be homeless. Lease your property to us and provide a home for one of the 400. You won’t regret it.”

Cadwyn’s #The400 campaign is supported by the cabinet member for housing and communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne.

She commented: “We understand the importance of a good quality home for people’s wellbeing and while we are doing everything we can to increase the amount of affordable housing in the city, including building 2,000 new council homes and buying back property from the market, there is still significant pressures on the housing waiting list.

“We are happy to support Cadwyn, and back their campaign to encourage more private landlords to work with them, to be able to provide decent homes for people who need them.”


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    I'd say good luck with that in this climate, the PRS is shrinking not growing under the current onslaught.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    So what do you think the Welsh Gov't ATTACK on Private Sector landlords ( and indeed others ) in suggesting a 6 month Section 21 Notice period is going to do for the numbers of accommodation available to rent
    Answers on a postage stamp !

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    This is so ridiculous. Government at all levels attack the PRS in every way they can think of and then a semi-state organisation calls on us to help. I'd like to see what Cadwyn has been doing in terms of lobbying Government to reverse the war on landlords. When they can prove that they are on our side, maybe we will help.


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