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Nine out of ten landlords would support a new dedicated housing court

The vast majority of private landlords are dissatisfied with the existing courts process to repossess properties and would support an alternative arrangement, according to one of the largest ever surveys of landlords and letting agents.

Fresh research from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) reveals that 79% of private landlords with experience of using the courts to repossess properties are dissatisfied with the way they work.

The poll found that 91% of landlords would support the establishment of a dedicated housing court.


In a letter to the new Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland, the RLA has warned that with ministers pledged to scrap Section 21 repossessions, the courts are simply unable to cope with the increased pressures they will face.

It currently takes an average of over five months from a landlord applying to court for a property to be returned to them.

Separate research published by Citizens Advice shows that many tenants are also deterred by the existing legal system.

Some 54% of tenants said that the complexity of the process puts them off taking landlords to court where their landlord is failing to look after their property, while 45% of tenants said that the time involved put them off taking action through the courts.

The RLA is now calling on the government to establish a single, dedicated housing court that is properly funded and properly staffed.

 David Smith, policy director for the RLA, commented: “Ministers are proposing some of the most far reaching changes the private rented sector has ever seen. If the new Government decides it wants to proceed with these it is vital that significant and bold reforms are made to the court system.

“With landlords and tenants failing to secure justice in a timely fashion when things do go wrong, anything other than wholesale changes with proper funding to support it will lead to chaos.”

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Poll: Would you support a new dedicated housing court?


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    • 01 August 2019 09:33 AM

    Without doubt. It would also be better for tenants. I bet the local housing authorities though will hate it.....It will mean (heaven forbid) that they might have to work harder...!

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    No I don’t agree with a Dedicated Court fo re-possessions, you say 9 out of 10 Landlords agree so I must be the one that don’t agree. I disagree with the lot of them because I suspect it will be a Tribunal with probably an ex Council employee behind the desk with 2 Disciples with the power to destroy you & unlimited costs. Just leave things alone as bad as they are.

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    i think the same--and it will charge landlords massively

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    • 01 August 2019 11:38 AM

    I'm not sure but what has been the Scottish LL experience as Scotland has these Housing Court Tribunals or something like that?
    I haven't heard of things being chaotic or unfair in Scotland.

    But it would be chaos if S21 was abolished and S8 had to be used.
    There are simply insufficient County Court appointment dates to fit in all the new S8 that used to be S21.
    It can easily take a year to evict under S21.
    On S8 with no enhanced County Court process and more Court dates it could take two years to evict.
    That would bankrupt most mortgaged LL!!


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