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Police appeal to landlords to help clampdown on organised crime gangs

Cheshire Police are appealing for landlords, along with letting agents and local residents to help crack down on organised crime gangs.

Officers report that there is fresh evidence to show that there has been a significant increase in gangs renting large high value properties in rural areas with a view to housing modern slavery victims.

Intelligence suggests that in some cases, gangs used the properties as illegal call centres, where fraudsters target vulnerable people and attempt to defraud them out of money.


Detective Sergeant Jon Ryder, from Macclesfield Local Policing Unit, commented: “Organised crime gangs are continually evolving the way in which they operate and are always looking for new ways of evading justice.

“In recent months we have received intelligence to suggest that gangs have been letting out properties in order to house modern slavery victims and operate illegal call centres.”

The detective says that gangs tend to rent larger homes in mainly rural and concealed areas in an attempt to operate without being noticed.

He added: “To help combat this, we are asking all Cheshire residents to be vigilant and keep any eye out for any suspicious activity in their communities, particularly rural areas.

“We are also asking landlords and letting agents to ensure that they conduct regular inspections on properties they are renting out and report any suspicious activity. If a tenant won’t let them view the property, there is probably a reason for that – and the reason may regard criminal activity.

“I urge anyone who suspects that a property is being used by an organised crime gang to contact us on 101. We will act on the information that we receive.

“Alternatively, residents can report information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit the Crimestoppers website at www.crimestoppers.co.uk.”

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  • Daniela Provvedi

    Yes, so when we find these crime gangs in our property, how are we meant to get them out? Using a Section 21? LOL....
    I will call 101 or Crimestoppers, but how are they going to get them out of my property?
    I wish LL in Cheshire all the best.

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    They want us to check for illegal immigrants and now criminals, what next?

    Just Mogler

    Perhaps private landlords will begin to receive subsistence payment. For info...calling 101 = 15p regardless of duration. (3 shillings.. lol) but apparently 02890650222 is alternative if it is 'in your call bundle'.
    My Q is...do local councils and social housing orgs have to check right to rent and organised crime or is it just down to the private sector.

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    • 06 August 2019 14:43 PM

    Can't call 101 as I am not prepared to pay for the call.
    If I had criminals paying rent on time then so be it.
    I really am not concerned.
    Money is the only important thing for me.
    Providing the property is kept in good order I really don't care where the money comes from.
    So I will never contact police especially based on their previous incompetence in refusing to arrest a former rent defaulting tenant who was stealing items etc.
    Not interested in assisting police at all.
    I'm a LL seeking to make as much money as I can.
    Not bothered at all where it comes from.
    So I won't be assisting police to crackdown on slavery gangs.


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