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Lib Dems vote to scrap Section 21

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to abolish Section 21 repossessions in the private rented sector if they come to power at the next general election.

Members voted for the new policy at their party conference in Bournemouth yesterday by an overwhelming majority.

The existing government’s current consultation on the abolition of Section 21 runs until Saturday 12th October. The proposal to remove Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) from the Housing Act 1988 essentially means that assured tenancies will become the only type of tenancy available to landlords.


David Cox, chief executive at ARLA Propertymark, commented: “The vote at the Liberal Democrat Conference is another attack on the private rental sector and landlords operating within it. 

“The effects of the tenant fees ban have not yet been felt, and yet more proposed legislation could deter landlords from operating in the market. 

“Although in the majority of cases there is no need for Section 21 to be used, there are times when a landlord has no choice but to take action and evict tenants from a property. 

“The proposed commitment will only increase pressure on the sector and discourage new landlords from investing in buy-to-let properties. This comes at a time when demand is dramatically outpacing supply, and rent costs are rising. 

“ARLA Propertymark will be engaging with the Liberal Democrats to ensure they fully understand the consequences of any changes, and all changes are based on evidence, so landlords have the ability to regain their properties if needed.”

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    We are going to loose sec 21 who ever wins the next GE , we now have to be even more careful who we let into our properties, there will be even more sleeping in shop door ways as a result.


    The alternative should be to revert back to when the state was the main provider of rental homes, they should be building and buying up homes to rent and not relying on the not fit for purpose PRS, that said neither is the social housing sector

  • James B

    Of course they do they need generation rent votes as much as any party

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    Might be a silly question but are we in danger of losing our right to sell a property? What seemed like a crazy thing to consider may come true. We are slowly becoming serfs


    Lol now you know what its like to be a renter peasant

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    • 18 September 2019 10:46 AM

    I have previously voted LibDem.
    I won't vote for them on the basis that they have an anti-democratic policy of cancelling the result of the BrExit vote.
    The mere affrontery that these idiots display in denying the result of a democratic vote to leave by the UK electorate is simply breathtaking.
    No wonder people despise the political classes!
    ISN'T denying the result of a democratic vote what happens in dictatorships!?
    Can just see Jo Swinson with her swastika armband!
    Let us say that the LibDems form a Govt can we have a peoples' vote because we didn't like the result of the GE.
    Then I guess if the LibDems lose they will want a peoples' vote and so on ad infinitum!!
    ISN'T the whole point of democracy that the losers accept the result!?
    The LibDems will lose as many votes as they might gain due to their bonkers stance on leaving the EU.
    Boris all the way it has to be.
    I am just disappointed that the Tories are not prepared to have an electoral pact with the BrExit Party.
    This is the height of arrogance and could well be the undoing of the Tories resulting in a Labour Govt.
    It is pointless Tories fighting seats where they stand no chance of winning.
    Let the BrExit Party have a go at defeating Labour.
    Though I would prefer the very few leaver Labour MP s to have uncontested seats.
    Leave Frank Field alone for a start to see if he can win as an independent.
    He deserves to remain an MP.
    I sincerely hope the GE is based on the EU leave vote as that should see Labour and the LibDems trounced.
    As for abolishing S21 unless it is replaced with a more cost effective and simpler process..............................HIGHLY UNLIKELY then this will simply hasten the process of LL abandoning the AST market.
    Great for tenants........................................ NOT!!!!


    Could I make a very polite appeal to you, Paul. Please write in full paragraphs rather than one-liners...it makes your posts appear long. Thank you.


    I have a query - is a referendum based on lies and deception on both sides a 'democratic' decision? As far as I can see as a remainer after much thought on the matter the only party supporting my views (and we were roughly half the voters in that referendum) is the Lib Dems since the Labour Party is sitting on the fencew as usual.


    lol since when have Landlords given a dam about renters, im glad the politicians can see the lunacy of Brexit its time the PRS shambles comes to an end, in any case the result was very close and if you factor in those who live here who couldnt vote, expats couldnt, 16 year olds and those that didnt vote hardly a landslide result

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    Anyone with any 'in-roads' into the LibDems, send them Monday's Property118 article entitled, 'Section 21 abolition stinks'.

    • 18 September 2019 12:15 PM

    Bit pointless they are wedded to their ideology.
    Trying to persuade these nutters that private LL are not the spawn of the devil is a waste of time.
    Ideology trumps reality everytime.
    Which is why LL will continue to be sh#t on from a great height.
    We LL just have to accept that like the Indian Dalits we are the Untouchables.................the lowest of the low.
    It is our lot and if we don't like the heat then leaving the kitchen is the only solution........................which a lot of LL are now doing!

    Pity the homeless tenant................................NOT!!!!
    NOT the LL fault you wanted us gone so going is what we are doing!

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    • 18 September 2019 12:08 PM

    @luke p
    I get where you are coming from!!
    I tend to just fire the lines off as I think without really considering paragraphs etc.
    I reckon if I attempted to do this I probably wouldn't bother posting.
    But I will endeavour to do as you suggest as it does make sense!!

  • Neil  Hayward

    Labour are the biggest threat to LL with there wish to introduce the Right To Buy for private tenants with the same discount as council tenants ... so not only a attack on income via tax increases a government theft of property ... it sort of makes the section 21 become a minor issue .
    I have started selling and will leave it to our clown politicians to resolve the housing shortage they have created .

    • 18 September 2019 14:13 PM

    I believe it is more that the AST market is a busted flush..
    Where properties formerly let on an AST can be changed they will or another method is not to let to single households.
    Letting to multiple unrelated occupants will prevent RTB.
    If LL start to do this there will be substantially less demand for purpose built HMO.
    Just a normal 4 bed house is all that is required.
    No adjustments needed compared to letting to a single household.
    About the only thing is a notice on a wall giving LL details.
    So I would imagine HMO will be dumped especially as Councils try on the old Individual Council Tax Banding malarkey.
    Having 4 unrelated sharers makes for more rental I come than a single household.
    Though I would imagine that to enhance the amenity value of a standard residential property LL will try to squeeze in additional bathroom facilities.
    This would be worth doing as it would be a selling point when sold as a family house.
    Very few Lenders will allow 4 unrelated sharers on individual ASTs.
    So it will have to be no more than 4 sharers on one AST.
    It would seem that this may cause issues if the property is in an Article 4 area.
    That being the case don't buy in an Article 4 area!!
    Perversely I believe single households will struggle source suitable rental property as LL move to mult-occupancy to avoid the bonkers Labour RTB plans.
    5 bed properties will not be sought after by LL UNLESS they could easily comply with Mandatory HMO Licensing requirements.
    To me the perfect property is a 4 bed house where all the rooms if required would meet the current Mandatory HMO Licensing requirements.
    Not needed yet but useful to future- proof.

  • Suzanne Morgan

    I can't think this will ever be legalised even in the event of a labour government. It is tantamount to compulsory purchase and when someone has a mortgage on it or it is in a Trust like mine is for my grandchildren then there would legal challanges .i am not panicking yet.

    • 18 September 2019 14:22 PM

    Well you are a lot braver than many of us!!
    Me I'm a simpering little coward.
    Am simply not prepared to risk all I have worked for so it can be robbed from me by some feckless tenant.
    I'm getting out and will be watching from the sidelines how the brave ones like you are treated!!


    I'm with you Suzanne,
    1, I cannot see a hard left labour getting into power
    2, If they do get in I cannot see them getting this through parliament
    3, If they do I'm staying and fighting

  • Neil  Hayward

    when challenged on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday the shadow chancellor said it was a Labour commitment, he said landlords would be paid a fair price determined by local government .. It's anyone's guess what a fair price might be ... my guess is we could easily get a hung parliament so no party would have a majority .
    Perhaps one day government might realise what a vital service we provided ... I have put my first one on the sales market and my other 2 flats will follow ... best of luck to everyone, but I think my time as a landlord is coming to a conclusion .

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    I have two sold and one more going up tomorrow sold two last year slowly but surely winding down my portfolio to buy in the sun. I will keep a decent chunk for income in my lower high yield areas where I know for a fact RTB won’t be applicable as tenants live had to mouth. There are others I will sell to furfill my dream of owning in the sun buy to let has been good to me and I have worked hard to build my business and why I have a hole in my backside will I allow two communist nut jobs rob my hard earned assets just got to be one step ahead that’s the key.

    • 18 September 2019 20:57 PM

    I think even if Labour don't get in and the Tories do LL will still have the idiot Tories to deal with.
    They show no sign of rescinding some of their bonkers policies.

    I reckon more stupid ones will be along soon.
    Very sensible of you selling off.
    I think it is great that LL are selling off.
    Hopefully very soon there will be tenants desperate to rent.
    Sealed bids will be invited from the desperate tenants.
    Unfortunately there is still too many rental properties available.
    Hopefully the great sell off will make scarcity the norm.

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    Hi Alan careful now I was a kind of thinking like you but when I seen Mark Platt Lib Dems on TV news speaking at the conference. He’s another one to give a wide Berth to, He wants us out of business & take our property, do they not understand it’s ours. I thought an English mans home is his Castle written in stone that no one can take from you.

  • icon
    • 18 September 2019 23:26 PM

    Socialism can only work by stealing the assets and income of those who work.
    Socialists don't seem to understand in the case of LL that LL can stop being AST LL to single households so as to avoid any RTB.
    There are plenty of other types of tenants to utilise existing rental properties.
    The concept of ownership is something that socialists refuse to accept.
    Socialism is a world evil and needs to be exterminated.
    Capitalism which is the ONLY societal system that actually works enfranchises ownership upon which profits can be built.
    Profits can be taxed which then feed into providing the public services that are required.
    I have no objection for taxes on capitalist profits being used for social homebuilding.
    When socialists start stealing assets or taxing too much capital will be withdrawn potentially ending up in savings accounts where it will remain largely socially useless.
    Property rights are the fundamental underpinning of a successful economy.
    Evil socialists wishing to deprive owners of their private property assets could well find that property owners object vociferously to such expropriation.
    Such socialists could well find that their time on this earth might be substantially shortened!!
    Socialists should be warned.
    Tamper with property rights at your peril!!

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    Im sure the same was said about not abolishing slavery, thankfully it was eventually, you mention property rights, how about the rights of the renter or dont you think they deserve any either, your mortage company wont evict you if you pay your morgage, but a Landlord can even if you have paid your rent, just a pathetic two months notice to pack, move and find the money to do so, Landlords only see if from their perspective im afraid


    But why would a landlord want to evict a good tenant who pays their rent on time and in full, sec 21 is a quicker cheaper way for us to get rid of bad non paying tenants.

    • 23 September 2019 19:22 PM

    Little history lesson for you.
    Slavery was paid to be abolished by the British Govt paying compensation to slave owners!
    The idea that the PRS is an inequitable form of flexible housing is for the birds!!!!!!!!
    The renter has NO rights over what I choose to do with MY PRIVATE CAPITAL!!

    Renters have NO right to decide what I do with my capital.
    Nor can they be allowed to expropriate the proceeds of my private investments.
    You are clearly on the wrong site based on your bonkers posts!!
    You need to disappear off to the Labour website where your lunatic opinions will be welcomed.


    David I disagree with Paul below, you are more than welcome to make your posts on here, we are unlikely to agree with you, but please keep them coming

  • icon
    • 23 September 2019 19:40 PM

    @andrew townshend
    But isn't this twit just wasting our time!?
    Why bother with idiots like him!?


    He's entitled to his point of view Paul as we all are

  • icon

    Hi David. Sorry that you are aggrieved as a Renter but when you rent a property on assured short tenancy that's what it is. I wouldn't let on any other basic if you want to have a property for ever i am afraid that you'll have to buy, you will soon find the lender has plenty of Terms & if you breach they can get you out very quickly indeed, they don't need Section 21. I always thought it very unfair that owners don't have the same rights as lenders & why not its our money at stake. Before section 21 was introduced in 1988 it was virtually impossible to get somewhere to rent. I remember there was only a handful of Residential Letting Agents in London, not like now at least a dozen in every Borough on the back of S.21, do you want to go back there again ?, I know about being relative wealthy, I know about being poor, I know about being in poverty I have lived it all. I know about being a Tenant as I was a renter for 9 years living in rented rooms in various Towns around the UK at a time when there was no bathrooms only public baths, no hot water & only outside toilet, no central heating, its a far cry from today when every.thing is their right. I don't expect you to know that at the time you were probably too busy making a horse out of the dog. My Goodness today if the Tenants hot water is not working the LL would get prosecuted. There are so many pressure groups campaigning / knocking us none of whom supply any housing now I think that's Big of them, it might include a London Radio Station / Guardian / 38 degrees / Shelter / Citizens Advice & a raft of others. I never wronged a Tenant or ever kept any part of their Deposit so anyone who wants to lecture me feel free. I can't understand why other people think they have a right to take my property. Why not keep it simple please buy your own & not subsidized by our taxes, I wish you well my friend.


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