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The biggest property viewing turnoffs unveiled

Struggling to let or sell a property? There are a number of things that turn off potential renters and homebuyers off, but what leaves the biggest negative impression on people when viewing a property? 

Sell House Fast surveyed 1,266 Brits who have been to several viewings over the last year to discover the aspects that make a property less appealing to them.

The study found that extensive cracks, marks and stains on walls and ceilings and floors are the biggest property viewing turnoffs for 76% of respondents when looking at a property. 


Thereafter, 71% are dissatisfied when they find fixtures, such as toilet and taps, in the bathroom not functioning properly, including low water pressure or no flush. 

In third position, 66% are perplexed and unhappy when they see exposed wires. Understandably so, as it is a serious safety hazard. Whilst 63% are cautious about a lot of the flooring being damaged, broken or uneven.

With the kitchen a focal point in a home for many, heavily damaged and worn out kitchen cabinets and cupboards hinders the prospects of property for just over half - 54% - of Brits.


Given that a property viewing is an important part of the renting experience, it is up to the landlord or existing owner to make the interior and exterior of the property as enticing as possible by fixing any minor and major issues.

For quick and cost-effective fixes, 73% of estate agents suggest thoroughly cleaning household appliances, especially in the kitchen, before conducting property viewings. 

Subsequently, 68% strongly recommend making the garden, assuming the property has outside space, as presentable as possible by taking actions such as mowing the lawn and trimming any overgrown hedges/bushes

Mayur Shah, a London-based estate agent, said: “Those viewing properties can be extremely judgemental. If they see multiple household appliances in a less than satisfactory state, they will then conclude that the current occupiers have not looked after or adequately maintained other parts of the property. 

“So, my advice is to pay equal attention to cleaning the small as well as big features - as they together form an overall picture of the property.”

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