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Is there a witch-hunt of landlords in the Labour Party?

A Labour activist claiming to represent tenants is putting the squeeze on party members who are also landlords.

An article on the Labour List website is fiercely critical of the party leadership over rental sector policies and equally condemnatory of landlords.

It accuses the current party top brass of moving away from commitments made under former leader Jeremy Corbyn.


“There was a firm commitment to rent controls and repealing Right to Buy in the last manifesto and any movement away from that position, particularly on Right to Buy, is a betrayal of tenants” says the author, Luke Evans.

He launches an attack on landlords, saying: “Labour’s backtracking on these issues is a sign that the decision-makers in the party do not understand the fundamentally opposed interests of landlords and tenants. Recognising this conflict is vital if the party wants to develop a programme to really fix the situation for private tenants. The party cannot return to appealing to the better nature of landlords.”

There is the distinct sound of a witch-hunt when he continues: “It is hard to discount that the continued and disproportionate presence of landlords in positions of power within Labour might be one factor that explains why the party has been falling short.”

No evidence is given by the article to justify the claim of a “continued and disproportionate presence of landlords in positions of power”.

Evans says this is not a call for a ban on landlords being Labour members but admits he is launching a campaign to ask those standing for election to the party’s ruling National Executive Committee to reveal whether they let property.

“The Labour membership is made up in large part by tenants – they deserve better, and they deserve transparency” he contends.

In the article Evans calls himself "a Labour activist and founding member of Labour Tenants United."

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    I suspect there are many landlords within the labour party, certainly Mr Blair has been for yrs.

    • 19 October 2020 09:03 AM

    And for some reason I bet his houses never see animals or his house getting trashed, or never getting paid!!!!!!!!

  • icon

    Sorry Paul, did I read your comment correctly? Could you clarify what you are saying? Would you like to withdraw your comment and apologise for it?

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ? what's this relate to David ?

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Luke Evans, - " does not understand the fundamentally opposed interests of landlords and tenants." ! lets just say Luke doesn't Understand. - the PRS or renting.

    Landlords and tenants are Fundamentally connected ! Both need each other like a shop needs customers and 84% of tenants are satisfied. What trollop the labour party spout yet again.


    Totally agree. Most landlords and tenants are on the same side, with coinciding, not conflicting, interests.

    Same goes for most bosses and workers, suppliers and customers etc.

    Socialists don't understand that there are win win options in most things where there are reasonable people involved. Perhaps they don't understand reasonable behaviour - only conflict?

    • 19 October 2020 10:30 AM

    Should we expect anything different from what is now a very nasty party.

    Until Starmer can get rid of the idiot Momentum crowd Labour will NEVER assume power.

    For Labour to win it needs Tory voters to vote Labour.
    Blair whatever else you say about him managed to Tory voters vote Labour..No mean achievement.

    Replication of the New Labour model is the only way Labour will attain power again.

    Indeed I suspect that if Blair assumed Labour leadership again he could achieve similar results.
    The mad experiment Labour had with the left should never be revisited.

    Just as the Tories have moved to the ground vacated by the Labour Right the Labour Party needs to move to the Tory left
    They would then stand a chance of winning a GE

    One thing a Labour Party should never do is to attack property rights again.

    That would cause their defeat time after time


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