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Can mediation solve arrears problems? Webinar for landlords

A webinar being held tomorrow will consider whether mediation is a valid way of addressing tenant arrears during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A study by the National Residential Landlords Association has found that landlords in England alone may have lost as much as £437m in income during the current crisis. 

With the judicial system slower than usual because of Covid measures, and now a temporary ban on many evictions, some believe mediation may be a way of avoiding arrears reaching eviction-level status. 


The webinar is being moderated by Rajeev Nayyar, managing director of Fixflo. 

The panel includes redress and mediation specialist Sean Hooker from the Property Redress Scheme, and Mike Morgan, the legal division manager at Hamilton Fraser.



It takes place at 11am tomorrow and landlords can sign up to the webinar here and submit questions by emailing research@fixflo.com.

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  • Mark Wilson

    ZZZZZZ, you cant get blood out of a stone.

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    ZZZZ No but you can out of a Landlord.

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    Wow - not much empathy from Mark and Michael. Which tenants could have predicted this pandemic and its effects on them? How many landlords even thought of putting a sentence into their tenancy agreements stating what would happen in the case of a pandemic? Seeking a mediated solution which both sides can live with and sign up to sounds pretty reasonable to me. May not get there, but it's worth trying. Isn't it.....?


    Come on David we all know it would be a total waste of time.

    • 09 November 2020 10:18 AM

    Err!! responsible tenants would have made plans for sudden income loss for whatever reason.
    But most tenants are feckless.

    The mere idea that they should put saving for such circumstances ahead of their discretionary consumer spending activities doesn't even enter their tiny minds.

    It doesn't have to as they know they can ponce off LL for years before eventually being evicted.

    Then there was also income replacement insurance.
    But you won't find many tenants would have taken out one of these insurance policies.

    Believe me if LL could get rid of feckless rent defaulting tenants for WHATEVER reason quickly tenants would rapidly change their ways.

    They would certainly start saving to avoid being booted out by their LL if they suffer sudden income loss.

    You clearly are an apologist for feckless rent defaulting tenants and as such bring nothing to the party that we good LL wish to hear about.

    Cold hard cash is what we good LL want for our assets.

    Banks don't accept mediation as mortgage payments!!

    Be great if they did.
    But we LL live in the real world.


    We need some well built mediators with a firm grasp of what is -just- legal to "mediate" and point out the benefits to rent dodgers in limiting their outgoings and avoiding their indebtedness from escalating.

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    Mediation is only needed when a party or parties are failing to communicate or understand. I can speak English fairly well. If you cannot grasp what we are talking about then if any mediation is suggested they can pay for it. I can tell the mediator the same thing at their cost.

    All these left leaning 'proptech' companies leaching off the rental transaction adds COST = higher rent!

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    • 09 November 2020 13:34 PM

    The only way mediation would work is if the LL is prepared to adjust rent receipts at variance to the TA.

    Why should LL do this if they don't want to!?

    If the LL was prepared to do so they would have done well before any mediation situation.

    Mediation is just another delaying tactic to allow feckless rent defaulting tenants to carry on rent defaulting but this time with LL agreement to avoid being evicted.


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