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Council urges private landlords to provide one-bed units

A local authority is urging private landlords to provide one bedroom properties for formerly homeless people moving out of supported accommodation. 

Since the spring lockdown, Cheshire East council has accommodated a significant number of homeless residents in supported accommodation but these now need to move to independent private rental properties.

The council has won government funding to help with the programme.


Landlords who are willing to offer properties to these residents will receive incentives such as advance rent payments, a named contact to liaise with around tenancy issues, and the assurance that any tenancies granted will be closely monitored for at least the first five months - a period which can be extended if needed. 

References will be provided by the resident’s current accommodation provider and only those deemed to be ready to hold a tenancy will be allowed to benefit from the programme, known as Next Steps. 


A council spokesman says: “The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people, sadly the situation has resulted in some residents becoming unemployed or struggling financially and losing their homes. 

“The Next Steps programme is an opportunity for private landlords to offer secure one bedroomed accommodation to those in Cheshire East who need help. In return they will receive guaranteed rental income for a property that may otherwise have stood empty and support from an advisor who will work with them and their tenants.”  

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    Taking on formally homeless tenants would be financial suicide for landlords.

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    • 04 November 2020 05:42 AM

    I doubt any properties are empty due to inability to let them.

    Rather LL are deliberately keeping properties empty.

    No sane LL would take on the tenant types that Councils have to offer.

    There is NO shortage of tenant demand.
    The problem for LL is that most of that demand comes from very low quality tenant types.
    With the dysfunctional eviction process LL will want to ensure they have quality tenants.
    This will take time to achieve.
    But far better to have longer voids than be stuck with a rent defaulting tenant you can't evict for probably years.


    Better an empty property than one with a feckless tenant in it living for free, if we cannot evict then we aren't going to be taking risks on these types of tenants

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    And when a council would like your help run for the hills. You know your being stitched up.

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    • 04 November 2020 16:50 PM

    I would say just on principle alone I would NEVER choose to assist Councils in any form whatsoever.

    They have made themselves untrustworthy to ever deal with.
    LL simply don't need Councils and their homeless.

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    BTL is dead, all LLs with any sense are desperately trying to sell now before the rush. Tenants are waking up that they can stop paying rent and it will take 2 years or more to get them out.

    The government is supporting tenants and even encouraging tenants to not pay rent. LLs are being forced to subsidise all the losses from the crisis


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