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Fine “sends a message” to landlords over licensing

A landlord has been fined £2,500 for failing to licence a property that she had been renting out for several years without the necessary licence.

The property in Ilford is in an area subject to Selective Licensing, which requires properties occupied by a single family to be licensed. 

Selective Licensing Scheme 1 was introduced in July 2017, and Selective Licensing Scheme 2 was introduced in October 2018.


Warning letters were sent to the landlord’s last known addresses; however, the property remained unlicensed. 

A housing enforcement officer inspected the property in November 2018 and the property was occupied but unlicensed.

A council spokesman says: “The Selective Licencing Scheme has been in place in many parts of our borough for several years now to make sure local people have access to decent quality housing. 

“I hope this sends a clear message to property agents, companies, and landlords that if they don't work with us to licence their properties properly, then they could face prosecution and a hefty fine.”

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    How long does it take to fine this LL? Over 2 years - no wonder so many don't bother, there a good chance they'll never get caught.

    Instead of patting themselves on the back the Council should be asking why it took so long!

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    I wonder how many other LL are not licencing their properties - lots I suspect as they can get away with it! Sloppy Council.


    Not that many I would have thought. My experience is that the councils like to 'milk' their 'cash cows'. This involves recruiting tenants to 'dob in' their landlord even if their landlord is compliant- just in case. All my properties are licensed as required but no thanks to the council. Despite having worked with Nottingham council for 13 years and who are fully aware of my properties, my residential address and my email I didnt receive one communication informing me a licencing scheme was being put in place two years ago. I found out about it through the landlord news otherwise I could have been non compliant by ignorance-kerching for the council!! If I was into conspiracy theories i might be inclined to believe this is what they actually want- but of course I'm not that cynical...?


    A year after SL came in in Nottingham the Council had received about 16,000 applications out of about 33,000 expected. It took nearly 2 years for my license to arrive even though I applied a month before the scheme started. I think there are thousands of LLs who have yet to apply. The authorities just keep hounding the good LLs with more requirements whilst failing to go after the real rogues.

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    • 27 November 2020 18:43 PM

    Did you expect anything else?

  • Franklin I

    I don't see why a LL would try and evade paying for a L/Licensing Certificate.
    Once the council authorises it, it becomes statutory and mandatory law.

    Assuming that you were applying for a S21, you'll have to provide proof of EPC, How To Rent Guide, Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate (If applicable), Tenant's Deposit Protection Certificate/Prescribed Information, EICR Certificate, Landlord's Licensing Certificate (If applicable to your Borough) etc etc.

    All your basically saying to any respectable tenant, is that your a fit and proper person, and your rental home has a valid MOT certificate in the form of a Landlord's Licensing Certificate.

    Lastly, a £2,500 fine is small change to Judith Korkar Odompleh, 64, of Sunningdale Avenue in Barking, who was fined £40,000 (FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS), for failing to apply for a Landlord's Licensing Certificate.

    Maybe the council should've included Landlady's Licensing Certificate as she may have thought she was exempt!

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    Franklin want a silly Blog, whether you are a LL or on the Council licensing Team you are certainly not helping the Private rented sector LL or Tenant it seems like another case of the LL will be alright he has plenty of money that kind of nonsense. How many more costs are we suppose to endure we are already scraping the barrel with arrears and regulations so just add more it will be fine is it. so to reflect on what you say, EPC, "How to Rent"- that should never have been, Gas Certificate yes, Deposit Protection- that should never have been, Plus Prescribed Information,- Should not have been, Electrical Inspection Condition Report Cert' 5 year yes we pay for that, etc you say ?. I'll fill you-in then "Right to Rent", ICO's registration, Referencing Checking, Hard wired inter linked fire detection in every room + heat detector in Kitchen & monoxide detector where combustible appliances are, Certificate annually, Emergency Lighting common areas halls / landings, annual Certs, pat tests in HMO's that will be your license thing, Fire doors, stops & locks with non-key operation from inside, ditto front door, expensive door closer's, that's a good bit you didn't mention but that doesn't matter we are made of money just give local Authority another £1300.00 in L'don for a license Application, then they can give you a big fine for not been in complete compliance with the License you shouldn't have, why not also give them £85.00 per hour extra if they have to make a second visit to inspect what you done, you couldn't expect £1300.00 to cover that could you, you'll have to admit they'll need a pen & clip board, forget the fact they have taken away our 10% wear & tear, introduced Section, 24, possible Article 4. in some cases, + a great deal more in that 2015 housing act, they have already imposed C/tax per room in some HMO's, lastly you have lost your sense of value £2'500.00 is small change is it, so you will have no problem paying the Mortgage, Ground Rent, Service Charges, Full Council Tax on any vacant period or if you let by rooms you have to pay Full C/tax. The furniture, beds, 3 piece suites, tables , chairs, cooker probably 2 for HMO if 6 persons, fridges / freezer, Washing Machines, Boiler Servicing / break downs, maybe extra sink in kitchen like I had to do, Building Insurance, I wished people would think first and take proper costs into Account

    Franklin I

    In short, the moral of the story, is that if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!
    Yes, I agree with you, in the sense that we as LL's have been hit extremely hard. The Tenancy fee ban in June 2019, was one example in which we were forced to comply and refund a weeks rent to our tenant's.

    The increase in stamp duty for BTL investors plus the additional charge as a second home, was another blow.

    The only problem I had with the Tenancy fee ban, was that it should've been entitled, "The Estate Agency's Fee Ban", as I don't know any LL who charges these fees directly to a tenant. The Estate Agency's profited from these fee's and not the LL.

    In addition to all of that, I'm aware of the scrapping of tax relief, the new EPC ratings for LL that have to be met in March 2021.

    I hear your comments, and based on all of the above HMO comments, I'd consider Airbnb to offset any losses, subject to mortgage approval/council approval etc.

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    Sorry Franklin, its not a moral Story, they have no morals, yes the heat is far too much for me and I don't wan't to be in the Kitchen or be a Landlord the biggest mistake of my life ever being a LL, what on earth for to run around after everyone, keep a roof over their heads, fix everything and be hated by the establishment but they won't let me get out, without destroying a life time of tax paying work. I have been a LL since 1978 / 42 years and campaigned for years to bring in Section 21 now people clambering to get rid of it without knowing why it was brought in, they all all great with their suits & Computers dictating how everything should be, they are not hand on LL's or capable of doing anything other than pressing buttons and only came into the Business this last 15 / 20 years maybe not even that, no wonder so many work from home because its not real work but someone does it and not from home. Get out of the Kitchen pay 28% capital-gains tax or next year 40% / 45% my tax rate on inflation mainly with no allowance, indexation or taper relief, then it don't finish there I am supposed to live another 7 years which is very unlikely or my Estate pays another 40% Inheritance on the remnants, what a waste of time.

  • girish mehta

    Councils have enough powers don’t need linencing if they did their job. Just a la y way of someone doing their job . Collect the money then run a media stories for more regulation so the can collect more money. Does not improve housing issues or rental standards. In the end the tenants pay as landlords leave the market or council pick up tab by housing them in temporary accommodations.
    Joust a short term gain and the politician and councillors can put a tick in their C V And move
    On up their carriers


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