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Fixed penalty notice for landlord - yet no one saw his offence

A council has issued a £445 Fixed Penalty Notice to a local landlord who disposed of his renovation waste in a residential car park.

However, it appears no one actually witnessed the offence.

Breckland council in Norfolk received a report from a member of the public that several mattresses, remains of flat-pack furniture and a camping chair had been fly tipped at a car park in Thetford.


While there was no immediate evidence or witnesses, the council's officers conducted door-to-door visits at surrounding properties and followed drag marks which appeared to be coming from a nearby address which was undergoing renovation.

The council officers contacted the landlord and conducted a telephone interview under caution. 


This led to the individual admitting the offence and he was issued a Fixed Penalty Notice for £445 for this fly-tip incident.

A spokesman for the council says: "Thanks to the cooperation from local residents we've been able to track down the perpetrator of this fly-tipping incident and issue a fine. Fly-tipping is unacceptable.”

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    If the landlord wasn't guilty of the offence why would he have admitted it ? There is an old sofa laying on the path outside one of my properties in Norwich, it's not mine, and my tenant says it isn't his, I reported it a month ago, it still lays there, we all know who does the fly tipping in that area but nothing done about it.

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    £445 penalty is not enough. From the account, the investigations leading up to the fine probably cost more.
    Andrew (above) says 'we all know who does the fly-tipping in that area', then why is this information not given to the authorities together with the evidence/proof?
    (Does anyone know - why is the dumping of unwanted items known as 'fly-tipping'?)
    Entrapment might be helpful. Different people could be asked to ring up people who advertise to take away unwanted items - and hide a chip in one of them - when it's dumped, the chip reveals the offender. (But some people say entrapment is unethical.)


    David, you misread my comment, this offence was in Thetford, 30 miles from Norwich, I don't have properties in Thetford, it was the London over spill town of the 60s and a dreadful area. The offence in Norwich we all know who is responsible and so does Norwich city council, but knowing and proving are 2 very different things. Further more I do agree the fine is not anywhere near enough, neither has the guilty party been named.


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