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Former Labour leader joins Shelter board

The former leader of the Labour Party in Scotland has joined the board of Shelter, the campaigning charity that has often locked horns with landlords and letting agents.

Kezia Dugdale was leader of the Scottish party from 2015 to 2017; she was a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Lothian region from 2011 to 2019.

Now Dugdale is the director of the John Smith Centre, a think tank which includes ex-Labour MP Ed Balls and former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson amongst its board members. 


Dugdale will sit on the Shelter Scotland Committee as well as the charity’s overall board of trustees.

"I have long admired Shelter's work. Its first-class campaigning skills, combined with its advice and support services, means that it regularly makes serious impact with decision-makers; impact crucially informed by the voices of people with real lived experience of housing problems and homelessness” she says.


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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ... and a six-figure salary isn't too much of a hinderance either !

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    Shelter the Charity (business) that houses no one.

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    "I have long admired Shelter's work......."
    This serpent also has a publicist at the head. Let's face it do we really care about this former politician who will disappear into oblivion once he has stopped being a source of publicity for the bunch he is now employed by?


    It's a "she" - although one with a "wife" or "girlfriend"!

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    • 05 November 2020 10:22 AM

    Please tell me what and when Shelter did anything of worth?
    And when has any single one of them ever had anything except their own interests in mind?

    And any argument you come back with will be wrong. Especially a £600,000 salary. Appalling.

  • icon

    David, Is she on a £600,000 salary? If so, that is outrageous.


    Exactly, this is the thing about these so called charities, and not just shelter, it's obscene, and why I am very careful which charities ? I give to, seems to me 90% of charities are just out for what their employees can get out of it , one big big scam which needs sorting out.

  • icon

    Obviously typo too many zero's, (£60'000).


    Maybe, but I bet it is well over 100K or even more than 200k, charities stink !

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    Andrew, I don't know really we are in the dark but I understand the CE0 gets 125k pa (Poly Neath), so can't see it being more than that, this lady got a CBE. I think she's 3 years as CEO with Shelter that don't house people. I would like to know where is my CBE for housing people for the last 42 years no grants or Charity support only pay taxes through the nose as a penalty and then they changed the law regarding LL's housing issues from Civil proceedings to Criminal so as to give us a criminal Record.

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    is dugdale another pervert?


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