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Labour, Shelter and Greens team up with demand for eviction ban

Labour politicians, union leaders and Shelter are amongst those writing to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon demanding an eviction ban.

The protest letter has been coordinated by tenant activists in Living Rent, a campaign group, and is signed by two Labour Members of the Scottish Parliament, a Green MSP, the general secretary and deputy general secretary of the Scottish TUC, and the director of Shelter Scotland.

The letter has been prompted by the alleged eviction of a family scheduled for tomorrow from a property in Livingston, which is under tier four Coronavirus restrictions - the highest tier in the Scottish Covid classifications. 


Part of the letter to Sturgeon says: “The Scottish Government has offered support to tenants during the pandemic but the guidance against sheriff officers enforcing evictions under tier three and four restrictions has failed to fully protect people from eviction.

“The guidance is not being followed by all sheriff officers. Currently the eviction ban in Scotland is weaker than that in place in England and Wales where the vast majority of evictions are illegal under January 11.” 

In England, the Boris Johnson government has requested of bailiff officers that they do not conduct evictions even if they have been agreed in court. Court eviction proceedings are continuing in England.

The letter to Nicola Sturgeon claims the family scheduled for eviction includes a son “who has autism, hyperacusis, sensory processing issues and complex needs”; a property is apparently being prepared, appropriate to his needs, but will not be ready until next month.

The letter adds that the mother of the family “has voiced concerns that the eviction may also trigger her son, who may react badly to a sheriff officer encroaching on his personal space.”

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  • George Dawes

    "“has voiced concerns that the eviction may also trigger her son, who may react badly to a sheriff officer encroaching on his personal space"

    Poor little snowflake


    'Poor little snowflake'? George - I'm sorry but you know nothing about the circumstances of this family, about the age, medical condition, and psychological condition of the boy. and whether he has diagnosed special needs. Without a lot more background information about this boy and this case, your comment is uncalled for and inappropriate. (Maybe you also think that those who attempt or commit suicide are also 'snowflakes'.)


    This woman's publicity caused a mob to descend on the private home of the landlords, (see earlier article a few days ago) who have won a legal right to evict her - so must be totally justified to do this in this day and age - and the boy's condition would have been factored into the decision.

    Did she or the mob worry about the effect on the landlord's family?

    Why on earth is the Council taking so long to make alternative accommodation "suitable" ? They must have had reasonable notice this was happening. Is there a shortage of cashmere carpets, gold plated taps or mink fur insulation products?

  • icon

    We are not told here why the landlord is evicting her ? could it be non payment of rent ? as that is the normal reason.


    Whatever the reason - the Courts have granted the eviction order - but the lefties don't like it when they face justice - so resort to mob rule.

  • girish mehta

    Scam, she should have thought of the issues. It is not the landlords duty to look after welfare . It is the council and the government. Why do they penalise landlords . It is not their job . Evict her if she is vernable then it’s the council.

    She must be getting for her and her son. No need to work. Expect everything for free and so call politician to eager to pander to her back and call.

    She is renting from a private sector and stop treating her as a social housing or council tenant.


    " It is not the landlords duty to look after welfare . It is the council and the government." Oh dear. Presumably you would not help someone in trouble or in distress in the street, as that's the job of the medical services and ambulance crews. You presumably think it is the job of the landlord to take the money and run. 'Expect Everything for free''? Sorry, you just don't have enough details about this particular case to make this statement about her.


    David W, we are landlords, not social workers, carers, or wet nurses , this is down to the local council to sort out.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Exactly, Social Housing is NOT Private Landlords responsibility. EVERYTHING has got to be paid for.
    Very 'One-sided' reporting of part of the story, as per usual.
    Par for the course for labour though !

  • icon

    Here goes Wirth again!!! And how do you know why they shouldn’t be evicted? Maybe there anti social or just maybe not sticking to the agreement they signed. Snowflake. I know who a snowflake is.

  • George Dawes

    He's a troll , that's all


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