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Landlords have extra year for Green Homes Grant projects

Landlords now have another year to apply for the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme.

The 12 months extension, announced last evening, follows complaints that a lack of Trustmark qualified builders meant thousands of projects would not be completed by the deadline of March 2021.

Now landlords and owner occupiers have until March 2022 to get their projects completed through the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme.


However the overall funding for the scheme has not been expanded so landlords are advised to get their applications in quickly.

The scheme funds up to two-thirds of energy-related improvements with a cap of £5,000.

Eligible work includes insulation of walls, floors and roofs, upgrading single window glazing to triple, and installing low-carbon heating systems .

The Green Homes Grant scheme comes just as the government is - separately - raising the minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes to C grade or higher from April 2025 for new tenancies unless they have a valid exemption.

“The Green Homes Grant scheme gives homeowners and landlords right across the country a cheaper way to make their homes more energy efficient and cut their bills – all while making their contribution to tackling climate change” says climate change minister Lord Callanan.

“Today’s announcement means an extra year to take advantage of this new scheme, helping households and tradespeople who can plan their workload and create new jobs in their communities.”

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    Complete waste of time.

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    I agree with Andrew, As soon as you mention Tenantanted house the phone is put down . The work you have to do on the first list in order have something of the second list, in many instances are ridiculous and will never be cost effective. And your quotes will be eye watering. Saving you NOWT
    It may be suitable for some owner occupiers who are not price conscious . But with regards to rented properties there is nothing for tenants.

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    I don’t know if it would be a good idea to lobby the govt about this but I have a couple of HMOs (each has 6 bedrooms, 5 shower rooms) and the EPCs aren’t taking into account the fact that Combi boilers (even having 2 in a house) aren’t suitable for HMOs with lots of bathrooms. Ask any plumber and nobody will recommend a Combi boiler as if 2 people have a shower at the same time the hot water can’t feed both at the same time. It is really unfair that we are being downgraded on the basis of our boilers when we can’t possibly change to Combi. I mean it’s important to keep tenants happy and if one is having a boiling hot shower and one is having a freezing cold one we’re not going to have happy tenants. I think if it weren’t for my boiler my properties would have level C EPC. I bet hotels and guest houses don’thave Combi boilers

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    I don't understand really other than I know most Combi are only fit for one shower but you can add indirect Cylinder / Mega flow a good size for the capacity you need, then you shouldn't have the problem always assuming you have any space left with all them showers.


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