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Local politician slams landlords as “not caring” about balanced community

A cluster of owner occupiers living near a city centre are demanding that landlords win planning consent before operating HMOs.

The Gloucestershire Live news website reports that there are about 140 signatures of residents near central Gloucester, on a petition calling on the local council to introduce restrictions on landlords.

They want the council to enforce an Article 4 Direction, removing the automatic development rights and insisting all HMO conversions win planning permission.


A local resident - Alan Brown - is quoted as saying: "We seem to have got lots of houses in Oxford Road being turned in to houses for students. There are lots of houses on Henry Road being turned in to HMOs. It used to be a family friendly area and really it's getting very crowded now.

"One of the other problems this generates is that there is no parking so Henry Road has got limited parking. Then you have got people who go to the hospital [Gloucestershire Royal Hospital] who park here, people who go to town who park here or the local school. It is very difficult to find anywhere to park during the day. The whole issue is the area is becoming overcrowded."

A local Liberal Democrat councillor, Jeremy Hilton - in whose ward the streets are located - says: “There are too many modest family homes in Kingsholm being converted into HMOs, by absentee landlords. They are just trying to maximise their income. They don’t care about a balanced community.”

Gloucester council says it will bring forward a strategy to “help address the growth of HMO properties” in the area.

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  • icon

    Personally I have never got involved with HNOs , I probably would not like to live next door to one, but we can all suffer a bad neighbor even in an area of million pound + houses.


    Agreed Andrew, but the increasing loop holes of non -compliance that create non-Housing Act Tenancies will see more and more HMO's in the future. Landlord's move to a 'safer' platform where possession is concerned.

  • girish mehta

    You will always hAve issues in an area. Removing rental properties does not increase parking as people have more than 1 car. If electric cars come in then everyone will want to park in front of their drive way. If you have more cars on a house hold then there is issues when there are families on the house.
    Need sensible local solutions and blanket bans does not solve the issues. You should expect issues in town centre. And expect them to be busy and it’s associated problems, if you do not like to live in that environment then just move to the area that’s suits your preference. The younger generation may prefer to live in area for night life where there are pubs and restaurants, if they are single or a couple they may prefer to live in houses that can afford and suits their lifestyle. Landlord provide a service and the taxes generated is passed to local and national economy. Blanket bans and restrictive laws to address shot term policies harm the long term prosperity of the area.


    Glasgow University is in the affluent West End and many owner occupiers moan about the student flats, which need an HMO licence for more than two sharing.

    I point out the University and its students were there first and didn't appear overnight with no warning so they shouldn't be surprised find students living beside them.


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