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Property expert's dispute resolution service to avoid evictions

A property expert in the Home Counties has launched a dispute resolution service to avoid evictions.

Julie Ford - who’s been in the industry for 11 years and is also a former adviser at Citizens Advice - runs Gothard Rowe landlord services, which says it offers a “holistic solution to mounting rent arrears.”

She emphasises communicating with the tenant to understand why they are struggling to pay.


In addition to seeing whether they qualify for established funding such as Discretionary Housing Payments and Prevention of Homelessness payments, Ford also says she has access to over 2,000 charitable trusts, legacies and grants across the UK which can help support a tenant to pay towards - or even clear - arrears. 



A statement from Ford’s company says that “despite the negative reports in the media that tenants are using Covid-19 as an excuse to not pay their rent, all of the tenants she has worked with want to be able to pay their rent but felt they just couldn’t afford to.”

Ford says her approach to tenants typically takes two to three months “to reach a mutually successful outcome.”

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  • Mark Wilson

    Where one side has no money, how does this work? Sounds dubious at best!


    Of course it won't work, and the lady calls her self an expert after just 11 yrs.


    Andrew, you seem so certain it won't work. But mediation is always worth a try, isn't it? Some instances will work, others probably not. And the 11 years don't make one an expert? Brain surgeons, heart transplant medics, GPs, plane pilots - they don't train for 11 years to become experts and perfectly competent in what they do. Less negativity please.


    I think you will find most Consultant Surgeons and Physicians have more than 11 years' training and experience, with continuous professional development throughout their career.

    Anyone claiming to be an expert is by definition not one.

    More realism please.

  • icon

    I didnt come into this to be a social worker. My responsibility is to provide a functioning property within the tenancy bar damage and misuse (yeah I'm saying it)
    Your responsibility is to pay the rent or move out!

    Next they will be suggesting I take on a part time job in the evenings and give my wages to the tenant to pay me.


    We really need local networks of very well-built mediators with enough legal knowledge to remain (just) within the law whilst assisting rent dodgers to avoid ccj's, escalating debts, moving out personal effects ( at any time of day or night), ensuring that properties are vacated promptly and respectfully and left in the same conditions as on move in day.

    Those who refuse such mediation offers will be left in no doubt that they have refused the opportunity to experience the best long term outcome to any current predicament and await inevitable less attractive outcomes in the fullness of time.

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    • 16 November 2020 13:52 PM

    Excellent. Well said.

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    Mark, you didn't clarify which one side will have no money, it looks like the LL to me. I can see if I didn't have to pay rent I would have plenty of money, on the other hand if I am on Benefit and being provided for I will have plenty, then work on black market for official 16 hours or any hours as no way anyone can verify what hours I worked. I understand you are a Surveyor and must know there isn't much scope for profit. I have a one bed Flat can you work out how much profit I am making cost of Flat £250k, stamp Duty £10k, rent £900.00 pm, Service Charge £1300 pa, Insurance's £605.00 pa, (contribute to other Block Maintenance ? ) C/tax £1648.70 (Harrow) if I have to pay it if vacant now all you got to do is work out Purchase deposit and Mortgage loan repayments with no tax relief on interest repayments S24 for tax purposes. Bear in mind the Council may land you with an HM0 Additional License cost at any time by Selecting an Area which they did to me in Acton, a Lady told us here yesterday to sharpen our pencils it will need to be very sharp indeed and before I forget all my labor is free as is Beds, Furnishings's, fridges ,Freezers, Washing Machines, Regulation Requirements, Boiler nightmares, repairs that will do for now I am very privileged not.


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