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Stop lockdown evictions now! Generation Rent renews its demand

Generation Rent says there should be a reinstatement of the eviction ban immediately, and appears to have been stung into the demand by the extension to mortgage holiday arrangements.

The Financial Conduct Authority has extended the so-called mortgage holiday - which is actually only a deferment of mortgage payments - for a further six months.

Now Baroness Alicia Kennedy of Generation Rent, citing the measure, says it’s the government’s responsibility to help private tenants too.,


“While struggling home owners can seek a further mortgage holiday, renters have been offered no further protection during this second lockdown. Eviction cases will continue to be heard in court, putting pressure on renters to move out when it’s unsafe to do so” she says. 

“Putting workers back on 80 per cent of wages with benefits insufficient to cover the rent means that once again thousands face getting into debt” she continues.

And she adds: “The government must suspend eviction proceedings again to give renters assurance that they can stay safely in their homes. To stop the rent debt crisis the government must also raise Local Housing Allowance to cover average rents and provide funds to clear outstanding arrears.”

In reality there is an informal ban already in effect, although this is not commented upon by the campaign group.


Bailiffs have agreed not to enforce evictions in areas of the country with high levels of Coronavirus - and that is all of England from today. 

And the government has already said that enforcement action will also be paused over Christmas - specifically between December 11 and January11 - except in ‘the most serious circumstances’, such as cases involving antisocial behaviour or domestic abuse. 

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  • George Dawes

    Perhaps Baroness Alicia Kennedy would like to subsidise their rents ?

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    • V OR
    • 05 November 2020 06:56 AM

    who cares if they can't pay or its unsafe for them, they've signed a contract its their job to pay the rent and honour their commitments. when will these parasites realise that.

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    • 05 November 2020 07:06 AM

    No doubt the vile GR along with it's equally vile stablemate Shelter will wish to hand out free magic money trees to LL so they can afford to subsidise feckless rent defaulting tenants!!!!???

    If they don't how do they expect LL to pay for the accommodation costs that the rent normally pays for!?

    LL will usually only wish to evict if tenants stop paying rent.

    If magic money trees aren't handed out how are LL supposed to cope without rent!?

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    If they can no longer afford to pay the agreed rent then they should strike a deal with the landlord to move out immediately - ahead of the lease end date - with the deposit being retained in full and final settlement and the landlord thanked for showing such understanding and flexibility.

    • 05 November 2020 10:09 AM

    Quite right.
    To do anything differently is, in all other names, makes them thieves.



    Absolutely! Surely as law abiding landlords we would also be criminals - in conspiring or aiding and a betting in a crime - if we didn't give them the opportunity to avoid committing such a crime - or allowed them to rob us blind without a fight?

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    The head of this serpent is a publicist and a very good one too. She is able to get headline articles in front of many people and all we do is whinge about them. It's about time we as landlords and agents got our own publicist. The organisations we belong to have toothless fools at the helm who have no idea about publicity. They are just like those who regularly post on these rags reactive and not, as this woman is, proactive. There is a very noticeable difference for all to see.
    Stop moaning and for god's sake do something about it or shut up shop now as @Paul Barrett is proposing to do.

    • 05 November 2020 10:20 AM

    Yep I've realised I can't beat the system so go I will.
    As soon as I can get an EWS1 form😣😣😣😣😣


    i thought that was the role of nla etc--i was wrong as their role seems to be how much money they can make off landlords--i left

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    Baroness Kennedy, how many people do you house ?. We don't need you to tell us what to do, I already have huge arrears growing monthly. I haven't evicted anyone yet or tried to in this climate but as you know I couldn't even if I wanted to, which I am sure is contributing to my arrears, so you want to stop something from happening that's not happening how do you do that.

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    • 05 November 2020 10:18 AM

    OK - Go ahead and stop all evictions.
    And then watch how many LLs go bankrupt and become an even bigger problem to the Govt. AND never mind the bankrupts, mental issues and more homeless people who have not paid their LL but robbed them of their income, broken contracts and spent their furlough money on Wetherspoons, Bingo, Pubs, McDonalds, and fags........

    It is simple, they agreed to a contract. now pay it.
    There really is no argument possible to do anything else.

    The only thing these grabbers would worry about is the threat of gaol.
    I bet then they would pay like lightning.


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    • 05 November 2020 10:29 AM

    I'm afraid the evidence is in.

    Illegal evictions are on the rise.

    Not caused by your Rachman style LL but by good LL not prepared to be bankrupted by feckless rent defaulting tenants.

    I support ANY LL who illegally evicts due to rent defaulting.

    The eviction laws are not fit for purpose.

    With Police increasingly stating that such illegal evictions are Civil matters not many rent defaulters will bother pursuing a criminal offence against the LL.

    Time for LL to get the boys in!!

    When laws are patently ridiculous breaking them is perfectly acceptable.
    I support every law breaking LL who is forced to illegally evict for rent defaulting.
    They have been forced by ridiculous Govt policies to do this.


    The Government will reap what they sow. Attacking decent, hard working, financially prudent tax payers for the benefit of jealous, lazy, self entitled, ne'er-do-wells is exactly the reason this country will be brought to its knees. WAKE UP! (the Government, not you Paul!)

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    • 05 November 2020 10:36 AM

    Where can I find them?

    • 05 November 2020 10:40 AM

    Just go to any car wash.
    Full of illegals prepared to do your bidding...............for a price of course!!



    I think there is a real business opportunity for well educated and well spoken - but very well built - gentlemen to visit defaulting tenants and explain the potential (legal) consequences of not taking up a generous offer from the landlord to vacate the premises promptly and agree to forfeit the deposit in full and final settlement.

    They could call themselves "getusboysin.com" - might even get a start up grant from Rishi!

    No ccj's, no trashed credit ratings, no rent arrears to be paid back eventually, favourable landlord reference, assistance with removing their own belongings - even at 3 in the morning, opportunity to start again in a more affordable property - what's not to like? Just wish I was 30 years younger and well built!

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    There will be an unofficial eviction ban For Years!

    If someone wants to they can live rent free for at least two years, then use delaying tactics for another year,

    Then tell the LL to pay the tenant £4K in cash for them to move out, or they take a hammer to the walls and do more than £4ks worth of damage

    The days of the LL are over, the smart LLs are getting out now, soon it will be only the government renting to private tenants as the housing prices crash picks up speed over the next few years

    • 05 November 2020 14:24 PM

    Yep I do concur with your thought processes here.

    The logic of them is overwhelming.
    Indeed I thought this years ago which is why for years I have been trying to leave the AST PRS.
    These were my thoughts well before CV19 came along.

    I have long recognised that the dysfunctional eviction process makes being a LL largely unviable.
    The business risk is just too high.
    Of course many LL are able to manage the business risk of mass rent defaulting.
    But I can't nor would I wish to.

    So even before CV19 I was being put out of business by the dysfunctional eviction process.

    I wasn't losing any money indeed exactly the opposite.
    But with no rent from any of my properties I'd be bankrupt in two months.
    Far too higher risk for me.
    So downsizing I intend to achieve hopefully buying one 4 bed hoise where I will take on lodgers and NEVER be subject to all these stupid tenancy and eviction laws.
    The rent income will be roughly the same and with a hopefully unencumbered house more net rental income.

    Of course that income will NEVER exceed £7500 per tax year even if it does!

    Yes I lose the opportunity of CG on multiple properties but in my timeline I don't have 30 years to wait for such CG.
    Not gonna be much of that in the next 10 years!!!

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    • 05 November 2020 14:06 PM


    Indeed never thought of paying the rent defaulting tenants.
    But how much are the legal costs these days for an enforced eviction?

    Got to be up there in the £1000.
    I'd pay that plus the boys costs to get rid of a rent defaulting tenant.
    A far better deal than the current circumstances.
    I'm sure many rent defaulting tenants would take the deal.
    Not that they would have much choice in the matter!!!!!

    Ruan Gildchirst

    Yes there are reports of LLs offering thousands in cash to tenants to get them to leave without doing any damage

    If they are forced to leave by bailiffs then then damage the place out of spite


    Some years ago I illegally evicted some tenants, mostly I got away with it, one guy went to citizens advice and got himself a solicitor on legal aid, we agreed on £1000 compensation, far cheaper and quicker than doing it the legal way, I suspect these times will be returning, if they haven't already.

    Matthew Payne

    Ive heard of this recently as well, ie bribing tenants to leave straight away with no fuss.


    It's actually quite common but I would rather give the cash to the boys!

  • icon
    • 05 November 2020 16:01 PM

    When you think about it the fact that getting rid of a rent defaulting tenant without using due legal process is illegal is simply outrageous.

    The tenant is illegally robbing you of rent.

    LL should be able to remove any rent defaulting tenant immediately 14 days after 2 month's rent default.

    No court action required

    Ruan Gildchirst

    LLs are dishonestly giving good references and upto £4K in cash to get the tenants out. If they gave honest references then there is no way the tenants would be able to move out

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    Rents and property are still very much overpriced, with many people paying mortgages and rents that they can no longer afford while numerous properties stand vacant. The solution, of course, is to cut your losses and stop paying. But then you might soon have to relocate. That is OK, because, as I mentioned, there is no shortage of vacant properties around. Finding a good place to live will become less and less of a problem as people stop paying their rents and mortgages and get foreclosed or evicted, because the number of vacant properties will only increase. The best course of action is to become a property caretaker, legitimately occupying a vacant property rent-free, and keeping an eye on things for the owner. What if you can't find a position as a property caretaker? Well, then you might have to become a squatter, maintain a list of other vacant properties that you can go to next, and keep your camping gear handy just in case. If you do get tossed out, chances are, the people who tossed you out will then think about hiring a property caretaker, to keep the squatters out. And what do you do if you become property caretaker? Well, you take care of the property, but you also look out for all the squatters, because they are the reason you have a legitimate place to live. A squatter in hand is worth three absentee landlords in the bush. The absentee landlord might eventually cut his losses and go away, but your squatter friends will remain as your neighbors. Having some neighbors is so much better than living in a ghost town.

  • icon

    Interesting theory Ruan, where are all these vacant houses? Squatting in a residential property has been a criminal offence for a few years now , some how I don't see your theory becoming practice.

    Ruan Gildchirst

    Squatters are allowed to stay from now on

    There is an unofficial ban on evictions

    It never really ended



    I noticed the use of the word "toss" in your above post - given the tone and content of most of your posts and the fact that you're still liking them yourself "toss" is quite an appropriate verb for you!


    Ruan, squatters are not evicted, they are arrested as criminals , there is the difference

  • icon
    • 05 November 2020 19:55 PM

    @ruan gildchrist

    You need to educate yourself as removing squatters is still the criminal law which has NOT been suspended.

    Tenants are the only ones that cannot currently be evicted.
    Squatters aren't tenants.

    Do you believe that lodgers who aren't tenants cannot be removed?
    If so you would be wrong.

    The eviction ban only applies to tenants who have either a AT or AST.


    not quite true--squatters will forge a tenancy document with landlords details--police will then refuse to get involved


    So that is adding fraud to the charge sheet. If the police won't act then it's time to send the boys in.


    @Robert, if the police will not act take a trip to the main police station in your area and make an official complaint, I've done it, they hate it, and yes it gets results, we pay for the service, we expect it.

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    Robert Brown you post has been reported for inciting hatred and violence.

    It amazing how some moan about squatters who have nowhere to get shelter and they are called criminal for breaking into an empty property. But these same critics are talking about sending the boys in. This is inciting hatred and hate crimes

    • 06 November 2020 09:34 AM

    Ruan you had best report me as well then because squatters breaking into homes are now officially criminals.
    It is now the law.

    However if breaking into commercial premises they aren't as they cannot be arrested.
    They have to removed by bailiffs.

    Squatters can be removed from homes with no need for court action.
    Indeed Police can arrest them if they don't vacate.


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