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Charity wants landlords to provide accommodation in time for Christmas

A homelessness charity is calling for landlords to come forward with accommodation for clients to be housed over Christmas.

Harbour Housing, a charity operating in Cornwall, has received a £45,000 grant from the Nationwide to operate a landlord incentive scheme. 

The funding allows three months of support by the charity for the landlord and tenant; other financial incentives are also available to landlords to avoid payment delays if the tenant claims Universal Credit or similar benefits.



Many of the tenants will not have had a permanent home of their own for some substantial period.

Tenants go through a course prior to occupying a property to demonstrate they can live independently, including managing money, paying bills and looking after a home.

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    What happens after 3 months , they stop paying, we have to give them 6 months notice, it then takes a further 6 months going through the courts, then add to that the court and bailiffs fees, it's one thing being charitable, it's quite another being a complete mug.

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    Yep guarantee me the rent whilst they are there and legal fees if we have to evict for anti social reasons etc. Hey you could always ensure that every person housed has RGI up front then maybe we can do something. I mean Harbour Housing you could arrange that couldn’t you?

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    Look what happened in Bethlehem when the innkeeper showed pity. We ended up with yet another religion to keep the masses in check, causing untold deaths in religious conflicts.

    Play safe. No good turn goes unpunished.

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    Don't get me started on religion Robert, no time for it or the people.

  • Christian McVilly

    You are doing amazin work.

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    Well it seems all Charity's are getting hand outs, much of which goes on administration. LL's don't get any of this only abuse, we don't want people to be homeless but I don't include the ones classed as homeless who are actually living in Hotels / B& B. The one's that concern me are the ones on the Street at any time of the year, made far more difficult to house by regulations, on the one hand they want LL's to house them, then they make a whole raft of rules to comply with before taking them as if they could pass any in their situation. The same organisations doing their best to destroy LL's while asking for their help they should make their minds up. Then on the same platform LL's are threatened with 5 figure fines with Licensing Schemes. I thing the guy on the Street is not concerned about Licenses if he could get cover for the night and is anyone likely to help while the Council & Magistrate lie-in wait for the special pay day.


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