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Green councillor wants tenants to lead private rental sector review

A Green Party councillor is demanding that tenants be allowed to write the local authority’s policy for the private rental sector.

According to the Glasgow Times, Christy Mearns is moving a motion at the council urging that a tenant-led commission be setting up to recommend reforms to the current private rental sector in the city.

The Greens are contacting tenants asking them to lobby their councillors - of all parties - to support the idea. 


In the recent past the council has called for a Rent Pressure Zone - a form of rent control allowed by the Scottish Government - but this has not been implemented.

Mearns claims rents in the city “continue to rise at unacceptable levels” and says stronger measures are needed.

The newspaper quotes her as saying: “The evidence is clear that in Glasgow renters are paying more, year after year, for often substandard private housing and without the kind of security that’s common in most other European countries.

“Three years ago, the council voted on a cross-part basis to progress a Rent Pressure Zone for the city, but it’s clear that even this limited form of rent control can’t be implemented.


“The council lacks the powers to protect private tenants, even during a global pandemic when the need couldn’t be stronger.

“Scottish Greens want all parties on the council to come together and agree, on the basis of evidence, that Glasgow’s renters are in crisis and we need to give them a leading role in driving vital reforms.”

The motion requests the council writes to the Scottish Government’s housing minister asking for further action to ensure “effective regulation of the private-rented sector” so that it provides “secure, affordable, low carbon, high quality housing for tenants”.

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  • George Dawes

    What could possibly go wrong ? /s

  • icon

    Green every way! They'll be letting schools choose their own kids' grades next! Oh, wait a minute...........!!!!!


    Yes and that means GCEs and A levels obtained this year won't be worth Jack sh*t

  • icon

    ''As in other European countries'' so would that also make non payment of rent a criminal offence as in other European countries or will they be cherry picking just the bits that they want ??

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    We have all those groups ganging up against Private LL's. I see in Scotland, Labour Politicians, living rent, green MSP, TUC, & Shelter among others, none of those provide any Housing that I know of, so why are they attacking the only people that does. They are getting funded by huge amounts to do this from Government and the national lottery amounting to millions, many have Charity Status and getting Grants as well like Shelter got a Grant to go into Scotland to see how much damage they could cause there. They are all intent on obstructing Private LL's and drive him out of business that's our reward for Housing Millions & paying Billions in taxes without any help from anyone only impeded at every turn. Its very very strange that the powers that be, haven't made any of those millions handed out to non housing Groups available to Private LL's to assist us provide the Accommodation, instead of continuously increasing our cost base to the point where we can't carry on.


    Dont get me started Michael. Shelter the charity (Business) that houses no one.


    thats the socialist way

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    If tenants want to have a say in the houses they live in they should buy their own bloody house!

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    Tenants already have a say, they can rent whatever house they want if the house isn’t up to their standards don’t rent it

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    uk is not in europe


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