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Landlords could discriminate against EU citizens, fears Mayor Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says landlords in the capital could  discriminate against EU citizens living in the UK capital if those individuals do not apply for the EU Settlement Scheme this month.

European citizens living in the UK up to December 31 have until June 30 next year to apply to the scheme, but Khan warns that they could in the interim face discrimination if landlords fail to understand the rules, and adopt tougher tenancy criteria from January 1.

A survey conducted by New Europeans UK of 270 older and more vulnerable Europeans living in the UK who have been granted their status, revealed that 68 per cent do not know how to access or prove their eligibility for services or their right to work.


Some 80 per cent of respondents also said they had needed help with their application.

There are also 603,000 European Londoners in the capital who do not have five years’ continuous residence in the UK and will therefore have to convert their temporary pre-Settled Status to Settled Status over the coming years in order to remain in the UK.

The survey revealed that 73 per cent of respondents currently do not know when and how to do this. 

Khan fears that, firstly, without government cash to increase awareness, many of the 603,000 could lose their right to live and work in the UK without realising it; and secondly he fears landlords, employers and others will adopt a more restrictive approach after January 1, thinking it is required as a result of this country’s full departure from the European Union. 

EU citizens living in London are an integral part of our city. They’re our friends, our families, our neighbours and our colleagues, and like everyone else many have faced an extraordinary difficult year dealing with COVID-19. I pleased that so many European Londoners have already applied to the EU settlement scheme, but with a month to go until the end of the transition period time is now running out” says Khan.



“So today I’m making a direct appeal to every European Londoner – make sure that you and all your eligible family and friends have applied to the settlement scheme before Christmas. If not, I fear you could be a victim of discrimination – from a landlord, a potential employer or anyone else who fails to distinguish between your rights and those of people arriving under the tougher immigration rules starting from January” he continues.

“More still needs to be done at all levels of government to ensure everyone affected has the guidance and support they need to prove their right to live, work and study in the UK. We can’t risk any more people falling victim to the hostile environment that caused devastation for some in the Windrush Generation.”

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    • 02 December 2020 10:22 AM

    Khan being a moron as usual

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    Hi Kilo Charlie, - could we maybe have reasoned arguments rather than pointless insults? Thanks.


    as father jack says--feck off!

  • Matthew Fine

    A reasoned argument is this clown of a mayor could not arrange a p*** up in a brewery. He has mis managed the finances of LRT, created a no-go central london area with his 7 day a week congestion charge, refuses to fix hammersmith bridge and for the first time the Oxford & Cambridge boat race can't go ahead on the river, he has chocked the streets with unused bicycle lanes...I could go on and on with reasoned arguments!


    but why has boris bailed tfl out?

    govt should have appointed administrators to tfl as it is bankrupt

    Matthew Fine

    Boris bailed out TFL for 3 main reasons, he could not allow London to come to a stop, he indebted a greater amount to TFL when he was Mayor & lastly but always a reason, Votes! TFL has been 'bankrupt' as you say for decades, however most debtors know the government will bail them out so no need for administration, after all who would buy such a corrupt business with train drivers employed full time for a train line that does not work!!!

  • girish mehta

    Clueless politicians making laws.brexit was a farce, and all the lies peddled by politicians.
    Race to the bottom.keep on peddling politics of envy and divide and rule. Plotting against have and have not for their gain and politics


    explain "brexit was a farce"?

  • George Dawes

    Does this forum allow blocking as David Wirth is worthless ??

  • Matthew Payne

    Scaremongering nonsense for political gain once again from Mr Khan.

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    matthew--i disagree--tfl is now bankrupt in legal terms--it was not before ie it had enough income to service the debt but does not now

    Matthew Fine

    Ah but you are forgetting that this current government has allowed any business to run insolvent during these times!! Whist I agree that Khan is morally bankrupt and poss. TFL it is a service that is required to get London moving again and I doubt any politician will let it go into admin.

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    LL's must provide kitchen & cooking Facilities says MPs, (Guardian Paper). I can't believe that I am reading this those are far as I am concerned are basic necessities and are always provided anyway. I have always supplied fully equipped Kitchens, Cooker, Microwaves, Fridges , Freezers, Washing Machines etc, and replace immediately when required as normal practice. I know in recent years more LL are reluctant to do this because of Regulators loading responsibility's on the LL. Therefore the Tenant may not get them removing the responsibility, when the Tenant owns them not it LL's responsible simple. I also blame the Council for this as well. I have it in writing from them if I attempt to put in any kitchen facility's / Showers / Toilets, sinks or hand basins without having Building Control Regulation Approval. I am threatened with a big fine, and they say it will affect future Sale of the Property or any HMO application. I don't have a problem with that I just will not do it go to hell I say, the minute you get them involved the cost doubles takes much longer then you have to pay them while you finance and do the work, its not about cutting corners either and very likely do a better job when not interfered with, usually people working on their own property is going to do a good job anyhow.

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    So what is new? Politicians do not make these laws simple and clear, as many would have to have another ( good English knowledgeable person) explain their fancy forms and rip off fees. Also as Khan says in the last paragraph above > even many govt. clerks DON'T understand the requirements. Many a law in UK is made for the benefit of lawyers to argue over and make money from

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    Many civilians.The worst govt. clerks are in the flipping Councils.

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    LL's Discriminating against EU citizens, I don't think so that seems more like Government Policy, don't try to blame LL for what you are doing and that's if we have any left to Discriminate against with 20% gone back because of all Brexit nonsense that was going to solve all our problems ?..


    My EU tenants are better than my British ones, they want to work, they pay the rent on time and keep the properties well.

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    • 26 January 2021 10:28 AM

    Same experience here.

    I wonder why that is?

    Better understanding and Governments who punish for non-rent payments and have fast evictions and courts are ready to give high fines.

    Quite the opposite in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 26 January 2021 10:30 AM

    I'd rather have Western Europeans.
    No Eastern Europeans though.
    No Curries either.


    Yes same here.


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