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Tenants get more help from private landlords than social landlords

Private landlords have been giving more help to tenants who cannot pay their rent as a result of Covid than those in the social sector - and that’s official.

The English Housing Survey, just published, says that since the start of the pandemic six per cent of private renters had secured a reduction in their rent payments compared to only two per cent in the social sector. 

Another five per cent of private renters had agreed a rent holiday with their landlord, compared to three per cent in the social sector and an additional 12 per cent of private tenants had reached another agreement with their landlord, compared to only nine per cent of social tenants.


The greater support being provided by private landlords came despite social renters being more likely to be in rent arrears. In June and July this year, 13 per cent of social renters reported being in arrears compared with seven per cent in the private sector.

Now the National Residential Landlords Association is warning that whilst these figures are a welcome reflection of the support tenants have been receiving, most landlords have reached the limits of the help they can provide. 

“These figures prove what we have been saying that many private landlords have done everything they can to support renters affected by the pandemic. But their ability to provide further help has run out” explains Ben Beadle, NRLA chief executive.

“The government needs a proper plan to get COVID-related arrears paid off and sustain tenancies. Simply banning repossessions temporarily is just kicking the can down the road and is just making the eventual problems worse for both tenants and landlords.”

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    I'm not surprised, Ever tried to get any flexibility or understanding from a Council official?

    Private landlords are in the main pragmatic and willing to listen and suggest solutions to short term issues, but longer term unaffordabity needs the property vacated promptly

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    That's because we pick up the phone and speak to people. Big business needs to give this a try!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ' Negotiation ' has been massively weighted on Tenants side, with Government giving them a Revolver to hold to a Landlords head ( withdrawing the legal process for redress )

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    Goodness - LLs are not all greedy, unscrupulous rogues! Who would have thought it!!

     G romit


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    I have not given my tenants a rent holiday they have just taken it without consent or agreement. As a landlord I have no choice.

  • girish mehta

    Landlords talk to tenants.
    Government, councils, housing associations follow don’t talk to landlords and tenants but follow tick sheet exercise and respond to their own red tape and pressure group and media
    Officials do not understand their own organisation policies and in order the are not held responsible for their organisation failure are just play the blame game and the government laws allows them to punish landlords and gain financially to fill their coffers that enables politicians to balance their budgets. Millions of pounds are wasted in their grand schemes with no real benefit. The country has had housing issues for decades and have failed to address the real issues. It will go on for decades to come as no real effort is made to address the issues as it suits these organisation to peddle , divide and make promises to voters for their own gain. And they are making lot of money banks,It will get lot worse.
    This economic policies suit banks, Hmrc, the government, as they can have laws they mainly benefit them . And enable to fleece working class through higher taxes, fines .


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