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Landlord bodies finally set to merge to create powerful lobby group

A new landlord organistaion, which will become the largest ever trade body in the letting sector, is finally set to officially launch over the next few weeks.   

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), which will soon come into force, will have a membership of more than 80,000 landlords. 

The new organisation will form after the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) agreed to merge in autumn, with a view to delivering a stronger voice for landlords in the private rented sector.


The new group was initially supposed to launch on January 1 this year, but this proved to be over-ambitious. 

The NRLA is now being promoted on Twitter and other social media platforms, while the group's new chief executive, Ben Beadle, has been confirmed as a speaker at the Property Investor Show at the Excel Centre in London, which takes place 3-4 April 2020.


Beadle joined the NRLA from Touchstone, part of the Places for People housing group. He was previously managing director of TDS Northern Ireland and director of customer service with the TDS. 

The outgoing chairs, Alan Ward of the RLA and Adrian Jeakings of the NLA, previously said in a joint statement: “After more than 20 years of friendly competition the time is right to create a single organisation to represent and campaign for landlords.

“With so much of our work done in parallel there are major benefits to be gained for our landlord members.

“We will be stronger together when presenting a unified voice to government both nationally and locally about the importance of supporting the majority of landlords who do a good job providing the homes to rent the country needs.”

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    • 11 March 2020 16:14 PM

    Now all the new NRLA has to do is increase membership by about 2.4 million LL!!
    That is about how many who aren't current members.
    I suggest a £1 subscription fee for 1 year or £1pm.
    The following year increase to a normal subscription rate and see how many LL renew.
    At least with the new £1 members the NRLA would hopefully have built a substantial database.

    This database must be secure from any attempts by Govt depts to access the data.

    Getting new members is vital.
    Many of them will stay once the £1 sub year has expired.
    They will appreciate the benefits of being members.

    But to achieve that first of all you have to get them through the proverbial door.
    The £1 sub could achieve this!!

    The NRLA would have nothing to lose but everything to gain by such a marketing offer.

    Potentially as a result of apathy many LL will carry on with the higher subs if by DD as many people rarely bother to cancel such DD.
    So many will remain members through sheer laziness.
    So what!?
    As long as they are members that is the most important thing.

    Of course the NRLA won't do what I have suggested and will remain a largely irrelevant organisation as far as the PRS and most LL in it are concerned.
    A great shame as active participation by LL as members would greatly give LL a far better voice with Govt.

    But trying to achieve this with LL is like herding cats.


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