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Coronavirus: Landlords and tenants urged to have an ‘honest’ conversation

Renters facing financial hardship because of the coronavirus crisis are being encouraged to communicate with their landlords after emergency rental measures were announced by the government.

The government’s newly introduced rules are designed to ensure no renter in either social or private accommodation will be forced out of their home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TDS wants to ensure tenants and landlords can work together to ensure both sides can find a mutually beneficial agreement.


Steve Harriott, chief executive of the government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme, commented: “Under the new guidelines tenants are still liable for their rent, however, if they are facing financial hardship there is support out there.

“It’s really important during this unprecedented situation that the lines of communication between renter and landlord are kept open. Now is the time to be having an honest and frank conversation about rents and financial concerns, working together to put a rent payment scheme in place.

“Support has also been announced for landlords too as the government has asked lenders to provide a three-month mortgage payment holiday for those who have a buy-to-let mortgage.”

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Poll: Are you expecting your tenants to request a rent holiday?


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    There is still no help, no talks for landlords who doesn't have mortgage but their rental income is their ONLY income. Is there any organisation raising this issue with the government out there?


    I agree its a disgrace. The rent that I receive tops up my very basic state pension. I've paid income tax for over 50 years - what thanks do I get from the Government?


    Agree entirely. I have 4 flats where the tenants cannot pay the rent
    I have service charges to pay and having to pay these from my tax account

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    • 03 April 2020 08:10 AM

    What else do you expect from ARLA?
    They are really good experts at doing bugg*r all for their members.
    And they have been good at it for years now too.
    Well done boys, you should be proud of yourselves.

  • Daniela Provvedi

    I attended a Webinar last night (Thurs) given by Paul Shamplina (CEO of Landlord Action, Landlordzone, and on the TV program called Nightmare tenants, slum landlords), and he confirmed on the Webinar that there is no assistance for Landlords currently in place. Basically, he says, we need to take care of ourselves.
    Us LL provide a service to tenants and this is the way we're treated. It's a disgrace. Oh by the way, the Councils do provide accommodation too, but as Paul stated last night, there's a 15 year waiting list. It's not a laughing matter, but if I don't laugh, I'd be crying my eyes out.

  • James B

    Due to the widely publicised government message we have had multiple tenants saying are they not getting 3 free months as their landlord is .. landlords thrown under a bus yet again

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    The key point is "honest conversation". I'd be happy to help tenants in genuine need but many are trying it on. After all of this is over the whole topic of deposits needs to be looked at sensibly. It should be there for mutual protection, so 3 months rent holiday expectations should be matched by 3 months deposit as protection in case of default. It also gives both parties some extra assurance that the rent is affordable in normal times and can be used as security in hard times.

    The banks and mortgage lenders want security from landlords who should have similar security from tenants. Of course Shelter could put their money up for this instead of the adverts currently on the TV.


    Exactly ''HONEST'' I think most of us would help out where we can in genuine cases, but there will be many tenants trying it on, I have already given a commercial tenant who has had to close her business for now a rent holiday.


    3 months rent as a deposit is huge. If a tenant can afford that chances are they don’t need a 3 months rent holiday. Unfortunately it’s the ones that are living pay check by pay check that fill a lot of tenancies but certainly come with more risk as they can never put down 3 months rent as a deposit. On top of that most sensible people will reject 3 months upfront, good luck filling a tenancy with that agreement. Really this should have fallen on the gov’s shoulders and they should have done more to help landlords as well.

  • David Lester

    When will the Government, Shelter and other organisations who have no in-depth knowledge of the Private Rented Sector, realise that for every Landlord that leaves the sector a minimum of one person or family losses a home? Other key factors: -
    • PRS represents 20% of the population
    • If the Council or Social cannot house the people who are made homeless, rents will rise, choice will reduce and more people will be homeless, having to stay in B&B, Hotels etc, costing the country more money.
    • If will be the honest and good Landlords that will go to the wall, caused by; rent holidays, no rents, section 21 etc.
    • The Tenants that cause the problem are usually the rouge tenants who do not deserve to be housed.
    • As of 5th April, many Landlords will realise that the Government Tax regulations will prove that PRS is now no longer viable and leave the sector.
    • Building new houses has stopped and will take many months to get back to full production, when they do it will be the houses for the private buyer which are finished the earliest.
    • To rebuild the UK economy will require foreign workers, with reduction in available places to rent where are they going to live?
    • During this latest crisis, Coronavirus, more Landlords have been put under financial pressure than ever before and after the last five years of Government onslaught of Taxes, regulations, rent holidays etc. More will go to the wall.
    • In three months, there will be a deluge of Section 21’s and Section 8’s, 2 to 3 months after reality of the homeless will materialise!
    • The Government’s generous concessions for those furloughed 80% of their wages paid, Universal Credit payments, also the self-employed, meaning that nearly all Tenants will be a position to pay rent, even if reduced. If a Tenant, then refuses to any pay the rent these benefits withdrawn and future Landlords informed of their indiscretions!
    • In addition to the Courts listening to section 21 and 8 applications there will be an equal number of Small Claims Court applications for back rent, damage etc from those rouge tenants.
    • Measures to highlight rouge Landlords are not working, they only effect the good Landlords, if there is going to be a Rouge Landlord register there should be a Rouge Tenant Register.
    • Any Tenant who deliberately and fraudulently refuse to pay rent should have their Credit Score effected.
    • With Universities closing and Students returning home not for filling the contracted rental, where will the next year intake live as these Landlords will no longer be there!
    • If anyone walked into Tesco’s and took several hundreds of pounds of goods without paying it would be theft! Not paying rent is theft!
    • All good Landlords will sit down and discuss with a Tenant payment plans.
    • No Landlord will ever evict a good Tenant without good reason.
    • Being a Landlord is a Business not a Charity and should be treated the same as any other business in the UK, this includes taxation! No return on investment leave the sector!
    If the above is indisputable, it follows that the UK public need a health Private Rental sector, therefore Government, Shelter and other Landlord bashing organisations should sit down with the Landlords and find a way forward to support, incentives and improve the Sector! Failure to do will result in misery for many!


    What can I do if my tenant gets furlough but doesn't tell me and doesn't pay the rent. How do I know if the tenant has received furlough. With government guide lines the tenant could remain in the property for six months while not paying any rent at all. The tenant could enjoy months of receiving 80% of income and a free home. What a nice life! Meantime as this is my only income with a large mortgage I will be bankrupt and with no money to live on. I think this is quite serious and I need some good advice but from who?


    @Kate, that's the joys of being a landlord, you had better hope it does not happen because there is nothing you can do, by the sound of things if it does happen you will be bankrupt, large mortgage ? not a good idea.

    Daniela Provvedi

    @Kate Sim
    Hi Kate, it may be worth becoming a NRLA member for £75 per annum. They have an advice line which you can phone as many times as you want, if you become a member.
    I know some people on here don't like the NRLA, but they've helped me many times, and got me out of many predicaments with tenants.
    WRT your tenant receiving furlough, I may be wrong so you'd need to check, but as the landlord, you have to give your tenant a letter to give to the authority, which proves that they're your tenant and that they won't be paying you for whatever reason they state. Your tenant won't just receive money willy nilly without proof that... 1) they've lost their job, and... 2) they actually do pay someone rent, ie you.


    Good and concise summary David, on a lighter note I like the idea of a "red" tenant...rogue not rouge!! :O)
    ps. waiting to see what rental payments are made this week by our 8 tenants.

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 11:19 AM

    can you send this to the UK tink tank. They need a lesson from you.


    Pretty good summary or is it a treatise?
    Landlords who take a mortgage holiday will be charged on the extended borrowing. Will tenants cover that?
    I am not selling up in panic but I will not be renewing if any one leaves.
    As you say, not paying rent is theft. We need laws citing councils and trendy opinion thickos as accomplices in crime.

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    Thank you David Lester. The whole picture was put very clearly and professionally. I don't think any landlord association is voicing these concerns. I don't know how these things work but is there any chance we pick an MP and email him/her individually. If any of you are members of other landlord associations you might be able to spread the word and ask them to join as well. Currently I can't register to any of them because I can't afford them. Just a thought.

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 11:21 AM

    I seem to rememer there was an MP who was brave enough to stand up for the PRS at the time when we were getting slaughtered. Think his name is a david or something. He might be a good start.

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    What’s it got to do with you TDS. Just stick to what you know best employing young kids to screw the landlords out of the deposit when you push arbitration. If they leave and don’t pay rent that deposit goes to us end of story

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 11:18 AM

    does anyone know who to complain to or what to do? got a tenant whom TDS rejected the council tax deduction on the basis of some nincompoop in council tax office who deem the property part of hmo and because the tenant signed individual contract seeing he is the only one person living in the house of 4 bedroom, the council wrote a letter that it is part of a hmo and tenant not liable for council tax despite his contract clearly state he is liable for his council tax. is there a regulatory board that govern this council tax department for his lack of legal knowledge and can i sue him for it as now i got to sue tenant for the payment . nb the property hmo licence ended 1.5 months after this tenant moved in. So only let to 2 people at most. Does this negate my hmo licence which was under application during the whole of his ast. thanks. sorry to hijack this conversation

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    • 03 April 2020 15:29 PM

    Well all this comes as NO surprise to me.
    Since S24 I have realised my vulnerability as a LL.
    Viability has gone.
    There will be another CV19 along again.
    What will you LL do then!?
    I suggest a LL will need to engage in a massive retrenchment of their businesses resulting in them having far fewer rental properties and unencumbered if at all possible.

    Most LL could support a low LTV mortgage on a couple of properties but NOT 5 or 10!!

    It simply makes no business sense to be so exposed to feckless tenants.
    They should have their own resilience built up but few of them have bothered.
    They are now poncing off LL knowing they can't be evicted yet.
    They will vacate and source another mug LL to take them on so poor is referencing.
    LL will NEVER recover defaulted rent.

    I'm afraid LL are going to have to resource their BTL mortgages from personal savings or other income.
    Perhaps now LL will realise how fundamentally flawed their business models are.
    It makes eminent sense for LL to reduce the numbers of properties they have and to be as lightly geared as possible.
    Gearing is all very well when you can be sure it can be serviced by rent.
    Who can seriously consider that things will return to the previous status quo!?
    If LL kept to such a situation they would then be similarly exposed to another round of feckless tenant rent defaults when the next excuse comes along.

    For some bizarre reason nobody has suggested that perhaps tenants should plan for such eventualities as has occurred.
    There could be similar events which affect their ability to pay rent.
    Surely these feckless tenants should plan for such circumstances!?

    Why should it be the expectation that it is the LL who should subsidise the rental costs of these feckless tenants!?

    I believe it is only the dysfunctional eviction process which is used by feckless tenants as an effectively free insurance policy in the knowledge that if they ever had to use it they could achieve months of free accommodation until eventually evicted.

    Believe me if eviction could occur the day after 2 months of rent default which for most would be 1 month and 1 day without any Court action being required there would be a rapid change of mindset by feckless tenants.

    They would invariably build up their personal financial resilience or utilise relevant products to ensure they could pay their rent.

    Currently feckless tenants know they can have Free accommodation until the LL eventually manages to evict them.
    Now even that ability for LL to get rid of rent defaulting tenants is currently banned.
    This is a wake up up call for many LL.
    They need to accept that their current business model is very fragile.
    Do they wish to carry on with such a fragile business model!?

    I know I don't which is why I have been planning to sell up long before this CV19 crisis.

    It will be sheer hell for tenants.
    I predict sealed bids for tenancies soon as tenants fight with each other to source a tenancy from the vastly reduced rental stock.

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    I have a situation now where several can't pay nothing and others will pay half, none full. they have simply being plunged into unemployment of a sudden because the Country closed down.
    Make no mistake about it this is the worst Recession ever and I have lived & been impacted by at least 5 previous Recessions over the years. There was never a case where everything closed down virtually, people returning to their home land. When it settles Companies will have folded and the jobs will not be there, the days for blaguarding Private Landlords have past, what now ?.

    Daniela Provvedi

    Hi Michael, I'm so sorry to hear. If your properties are mortgaged you could perhaps start by asking for a mortgage holiday? Secondly, I'm assuming you've got deposits from your tenants? Well, these don't have to be returned to them, do they.
    Also, (and I know some people are going to shoot me down in flames) but there's a Webinar on Tues 7th April given by the NRLA which you could attend? They're going to discuss this very problem and hopefully will offer some advice. Go onto the NRLA web page for the details.
    All the best, Michael.


    Can't pay or won't pay ? that is the question, companies closed down? yes and a lot of them will never reopen, but more likely the straw that broke the canals back, these companies were technically bankrupt long ago trading on turnover, closing the country down? big mistake, and needs a rethink ASAP.

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    Thanks Andrew for a very negative and unhelpful comment


    Sorry Kate but I tell it as it is, please or offend, seems to me you got yourself into this situation, really not cut out to be a landlord are you?

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    Hi Daniela
    Thank you for your advise I will look into it. It really is a bad time for land lords as they seem to have no protection. This is so crazy as they provide millions of homes to a very large sector of the country who will probably never be able to buy their own home. As Andrew said I should not have a large mortgage and rely on rental income but that is how it has been for me for some years for very difficult life events. I don't think I should have to pay for that

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    • 04 April 2020 22:12 PM

    @kate sim
    Yep you are totally correct with your conclusion over what will potentially happen to you.

    Where did you get the idea you can evict in 6 months!!!!????

    Try 1 year would be nearer.
    Of course it is manifestly UNFAIR.
    But that is the game of a private LL.
    Leveraging up puts you at great risk.
    I'm in the same situation as you though currently have paying occupants.
    If this changes I will be bankrupted.
    Like you I cannot service my mortgages without rents.
    2 missed payments and MX will repossess.
    They will sell into a massively distressed market.
    Those with cash could probably pick up £1.5 million of properties for about £850000.
    There would be a massive shortfall.
    I would lose all my capital and would be bankrupted.
    Fortunately I'm on a pension so that can't be touched.
    But I am a whisker away from bankruptcy.

    So far since 1996 no real issue has occurred like CV19.
    But certainly it has revealed many LL me included are the proverbial emperor wearing no clothes.
    I have vowed to get some clothes back on by leaving the AST PRS as soon as I can.
    This will be made even more difficult now.
    There is no sympathy or empathy for LL.
    Just got to suck it up and accept that despite the good we do we are still reviled.
    The last thing society or Govt for that matter will do is come to the rescue of the private LL.
    Gonna be a real struggle for all LL.
    Many of us won't survive.
    We are in for turgid times.
    The great LL cull is about to begin.
    Prepare for bankruptcy...............just in case!!


    It will not happen to me Kate, I do not live the false lifestyle on borrowed money, all my properties are bought and paid for, I have cash reserves, my cars are bought and paid for, you are the original mug lady, but that suits me because it's mugs like you that have made me a wealthy guy

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    • 04 April 2020 23:40 PM

    Yep I believe many LL will be forced to adopt the strategy of Andrew.
    It makes pragmatic sense.
    The days of the highly leveraged LL are over.
    The only way to realistically survive for the future is to ensure a LL has at least 1 year of mortgage payments per mortgaged property and even that would just about be enough if another CV19 situation occurred again.
    So to afford such mortgage payments for at least a year on all mortgaged properties LL will need vast reserves.
    If not possible then LL will need to downsize.
    Leverage should probably be no more than 50% LTV.
    Even that is pushing it.
    Inevitably for those LL that survive the CV19 cull they will need to become more like Andrew.
    Not so easy to achieve but worth striving to be so.

    There needs to be a massive contraction in the highly leveraged BTL sector.
    This will require millions of rental homes to be sold.
    Few tenants will be able to afford them.
    So they will be homeless.

    Personally I believe this is a massive opportunity for Govt to buy back on the open market millions of homes for the social housing market.
    They could buy 4 million and just add the debt to the National debt.
    Over 60 years the debt will have been more than repaid by savings in HB costs if social rents are charged.
    Politically a buy back of homes for the social housing sector would be very popular.
    The normal left and right politics seems to be in abeyance currently.
    Effective nationalisation but with market prices being paid for the rental properties would be popular.
    A trillion here a trillion there matters not currently.
    Future generations can pay the bill just like we had to for the First and Second World Wars for which final payment was only achieved in the early 2000's.

    The leveraged LL will become massively smaller.
    There may well be a similar number of LL but rather than 5 or 10 properties they will be reduced to 1 or 2 lightly leveraged or unencumbered properties.
    Of course there will be millions of homeless but that won't be the fault of LL.
    It will be the effective support by Govt for feckless tenants that will cause that.
    Private leverage has been of massive assistance to the UK economy.
    When it starts to be repaid as LL sell up Govt will need to find replacement leverage to house all the homeless.

    I'm afraid as Andrew as intimated the PRS is finding that capitalism is red in tooth and claw.
    It is a merciless systen which ordinarily works and while it does those who risk all are reviled for being greedy capitalists forgetting that without risk taking there would be few jobs or rental properties.
    Of course when it all goes t##s up the usual dopey lefties all mock those who are losing their shirts.

    Clearly leveraged LL will need to consider their position.
    They will need to take a far more conservative position if they are to survive in future.

    Leveraged LL simply cannot carry on as before.
    The risks of being one have now been fully exposed.
    It could well be that all the efforts of many LL over the past 19 years are wiped out by what will be a massive economic downturn.
    The UK and for that matter the World largely depends on leverage to survive.

    A contraction of leverage will lead to a vastly reduced economy.
    It is tenants who should be really worried about what is going on as many LL don't need to be LL but tenants definitely need LL to remain so.
    Without the rental properties available millions of tenants will be homeless.
    Govt will have a major political issue when this occurs.
    Govt is too thick to realise what is happening.
    They are too busy appeasing GR in a vain attempt to gain their votes.
    Until Govt realises it's errors and reverses all the recent bonkers anti-PRS regulation the PRS will continue into terminal decline.
    It will return to the days of the 70's when the PRS was 7% of the housing market.
    Of course back then there was a large social housing sector.
    That sector no longer exists in the size that would be required when the PRS massively downsizes.
    I'm afraid like it or not for personal financial survival we all need to strive to become lots of Andrew Townshends.
    Not easy to achieve but something that should be striven for.


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    Never rent to a company without at least one director standing guarantor in their own right, I speak from experience I was once caught yrs ago.

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    Agreed Kate and the worst of it is they are laughing at you, mine was a shop which might make it a bit different, I entered the premises in day light hours changed the locks, placed a notice in the window stating that they had 14 days to contact me after which their stock would be removed, that got rid of them, never did get the money though, I think you need to contact a good solicitor that knows what he is talking about, if yours is a commercial let you may be able to do as I did, but if it is residential then you will not.

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 11:36 AM

    contact landlord action UK and also landlord Advice UK. both very good for landlord help and advice. free advice.

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    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 12:16 PM

    Did you do the regular checks on referencing etc? If you did, you might be able to get payment through your insurance if you did take out legal expenses and rent guarantee although they wont pay first month rent. its better than nothing. However, i found out quite a few insurance do not help you to defend yourself in civil cases although they wrote did cover contracts but only for goods bought for rented house. Be careful when buy insurance. make sure you got cover on taking action and defending yourself base on tenancy agreement ie civil cases as much as criminal cases.

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    I cant believe that no one has commented on the nasty and rude comments made by Andrew Townshend, especially during these very hard times.
    I thought this site was there to help each other with advice and not tear someone to pieces.
    He should not be allowed on a public forum. I have never seen anything like it.
    It seems that wealth does not make you happy or charming

    • 06 April 2020 13:20 PM

    Rather than describing comments as rude.
    Surely realistic is the better descriptor.
    Of course we are all trying to work our way through resolving our individual difficulties.

    Being realistic as to how things might be managed must surely be the appropriate response
    Sometimes there are no solutions.
    Particularly for me I have never been able to find a way round the ruinous costs of S24.
    Even before CV19 I was for getting out of the PRS.

    As LL many of us are in a truly invidious position.

    It is extremely difficult to see our way out of this CV19 issue.
    It is not so much CV19 it is more the case that a lot of tenants are simply not paying rent.
    This is something we LL need to cope with.
    Many of us can't.
    Therefore we have to consider our position.
    This is all Andrew is pointing out.
    There has been an inherent risk to being a leveraged LL.
    There is no divine law that tenants will pay rent.
    It has been confirmation of my take that I am in a risky business.
    The CV19 issue has confirmed that I am correct.
    Perhaps this is a shock to many LL; but it shouldn't be!
    Leveraged LL especially must appreciate that they are in a risky business predicated on tenants paying rent.
    As has been the experience of many LL they can now see the extreme financial risks they are running.
    Yes it's unfair..............damned unfair and I resent the situation as much as you do.
    But this is capitalism where you can lose everything.
    Nobody forced you nor I to become a LL.
    We will receive very little if any sympathy or empathy from society.
    We are in a generally reviled industry where those who desperately need our services resent having to pay us for those services
    Nothing you or I can do will change that mindset.
    All we can do is to remain tough and remain in business.


    Rude Kate ? pot kettle black I think there girl.

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 12:08 PM

    Hi Kaate,
    Not so sure that is the intention. I would rather someone put it to me black and white rather than sugar coat it. hopefully with a solution. We are all in the business together. At least we have a forum where it can be discussed and not be isolated in our own tenant created problems.

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    Right Paul, so Local Authority's buy up 4'000'000 homes with tax payers money to waste or service the loans, what then are you going to fill them with people who want to live in subsidized or free housing & living as is now very often the case, they are all queuing up at the moment to get on the Council which is why the waiting lists are so long, beats buying your own property with a mortgage around your neck trying to raise your family pay for everything & very likely no Child Allowance if both earn over £50k, its a bit obvious at the moment which one is better Benefit Tenants are not affected and not worried about paying the rent, the tax payers is their guarantors, unlike the tax payer scared whether he can make ends meet or have a roof. Anyway if the Council were to adapts your suggestion we will be delighted to sell to them.

    • 06 April 2020 14:21 PM

    Oh! I entirely agree with your sentiments.
    My suggestion will mean it pays to be feckless.
    But then it has for decades which is why we having millions of feckless wasters not doing the jobs that immigrants have been prepared to do.
    It simply is not worth working for low wages.
    Far better to stay in bed and have Govt pay for feckless lifestyles.
    My pension is less than someone on benefits receives.
    Benefits put claimants in the upper 25% of income earners in the UK!!!
    But politically there needs to a vast social rented sector.
    Now LL have seen the stark evidence of the risks they are running many LL would be delighted to sell at market price to Govt.
    I know I would.

    There will be another CV19 crisis as long as people move around the world very quickly in metal tubes or should I say aluminium!
    LL can now appreciate the massive financial risks they are running.
    In the overall scheme of things debt is so cheap Govt should take advantage of it and invest in infrastructure.
    Housing being a major one.
    With the amount of monies being squandered to keep unviable businesses afloat why not a few trillion on social housing!?
    Personally I would only allow British nationals to have social housing.
    The PRS can be used by non-British citizens.

    Plus it would garner an awful lot of votes for the Tories.
    Yep buying votes with taxpayers money.
    Remind you of anyone who has just exited the political mainstage recently.
    Boris........................the new Corbyn!?

    S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 12:12 PM

    There is a reason why the local authority stopped increasing the free social housing. It costs too much to maintain and they are making huge losses. Then they turn to PRS. Then they attack the PRS with tax and stamp duty. sigh the list goes on and on

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    Quote "its mugs like you that have made me wealthy" You should be off this forum nasty

    • 07 April 2020 22:03 PM

    You have to accept you are a mug.
    So am I!!!
    We are both leveraged LL.
    As such we took massive business risks to become so.
    Nobody forced us to become leveraged LL.
    I readily accept that becoming a leveraged LL was a business risk.
    I have no right to exist no matter how unfair things might be.
    Capitalism which is what leveraged LL engage in is not a fair system.
    We risk all predicated on our assessment of business risk
    Those LL like Andrew are not at the same risk levels as leveraged LL.
    There is no inherent right for a leveraged LL to exist.
    Of course it is damned unfair when events and bonkers Govt poliices conspire against us to render our business models unvIable.

    But that is the business we are in.
    Pointing out pertinent business facts is NOT rude it is just business so nothing personal.
    The unecumbered LL is mostly in rude health.
    They aren't facing bankruptcy as they have few outgoings to consider.
    I'm afraid this is a wake -up call for leveraged LL.
    Unfortunately the tenants won't always pay rent for whatever reason.
    LL must take steps to manage such circumstances or risk business annihilation.
    You mustn't take things so personally.
    It is simply business and it certainly ISN'T fair! !!

    How we leveraged LL survive this business debacle God only knows.
    But we are on our own.
    We need to carefully consider our position now and for the future.
    Essentially do we wish to remain to the extent we are as leveraged LL!?
    I have determined I DON'T wish to.
    I decided this long ago before even this CV19 thing popped up its ugly head.

    I would suggest you need to review your entire business strategy mindful of all the new paradigms and whether in fact you should or wish to remain a leveraged LL to the extent you are.
    The facts are LL like Andrew will be able to take advantage of mug leveraged LL.
    When we face business distress the likes of Andrew are there with their cash resources to take advantage of our business distress.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    It is simply BUSINESS nothing personal.
    Capitalism is all about seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them usually to the cost of others.
    That's life I'm afraid.
    Pointing out such realities isn't rude.
    Just Andrew is pointing out realities whether you like that being brought to your attention or not.
    As leveraged LL we should now perhaps aspire to become unencumbered.
    Lowering our business risk would seem to me to be a sensible aspiration.
    Those LL who wish to carry on in the same old way well; that is their lookout!!

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    Oh you stupid sad woman, just go away.

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    • 14 April 2020 12:57 PM

    @S I
    Yep totally agree as to why Govt wanted to offload to the PRS.
    But now it would be a vote winner.
    Quite frankly people AREN'T bothered on how much the National Debt is.
    It will never be paid off.
    The ones using Social Housing won't be paying the true cost of it.
    They will vote for whoever supplies it.
    Even with the cost of operating social housing it is still an electorally popular policy.
    Rather that than the PRS which now potentially costs just as much as social housing.

    Social housing has been a very popular form of tenure.
    With a low wage economy it is vital.
    RTB has been an unmitigated disaster.
    Those 2 million sold properties could be very useful now!
    Of course it doesn't help the British citizen that over 500000 social homes are occupied by non-British citizens.
    Blame Blair for that.
    Building millions of social homes would be politically a very popular policy abd hang the initial expense.
    Over a 60 year period Social homes will pay for themselves as there remains at the end of it a still usable asset owned by Govt.

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    rtb was brilliant

    there should be no social housing--it is unaffordable

    dump all social tenants


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