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Southwark Council approves borough-wide licensing scheme

Southwark Council has given the go-ahead for the introduction of a new licensing scheme which could see landlords across the borough pay for a licence.

The move, approved at a virtual cabinet meeting last week, is designed to clampdown on rogue landlords who provide “unsafe and substandard” accommodation.

The fee could start from £900 for a licence, and up to £1,310 plus £60 per room above five for HMOs.


Landlords in the area currently only need a licence if the property is within small designated areas in the borough.

Cllr Victoria Mills, cabinet member for finance, performance, and Brexit, commented: “Southwark council believes that every resident should have a warm, dry and safe place to call home and is firmly committed to driving up standards in the private rented sector which now makes up a third of the housing in our borough.

“To underline our commitment that everyone should have a good quality home no matter who their landlord is, we are seeking to renew and expand our existing housing licensing schemes.”


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    Matthew Payne

    Can you think of any other mandatory licence scheme at great expense that makes you pay to check you are complying with the law when certification already exists to demonstrate compliance?

  • Simon D

    As with every license scheme of this around the country, the big question is does the council have the resources to police this and find the substandard property run by rogue landlords who won't give a toss about the scheme and flout the law and ignore it.


    That’s what the excessive £900 fee is about. Typical council, hire young inexperienced scruffy idiots then work out a realistic cost to implement licence then multiply by 10

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    contact housing minister?


    He'll have changed before he gets the letter!

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    Southwark another Council on the Band wagon ripping off Private Landlords and Tenants, if the Council are so good & worried about everyone then they should pay for what there own administration including the License Schemes they want. The Landlord has to pay thousands of pounds to do the work to comply so where is the input from the Council zero but each Borough is taking million of £'s out of the Private Rented Sector Housing with no in put whatsoever its a disgrace no wonder they are all on it crippling the industry, they should be ashamed of themselves and not fit for office but then we have to be the special most appropriate persons we certainly would need to be to put up with this injustice. Dear high and mighty Council Leaders put your money where your mouth is and stop sponging, you are so two faced pretending to be the Tenant friend while you have driven their rents through the roof and now this is more of it driving up costs again, you want licensing schemes you pay for the administration, instead of milking everyone in your ivory tower, don't forget to lash out a few more fines anytime you want a few bob.


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