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Evictions ban extension will provide ‘relief to millions of tenants’

The Law Society England and Wales has welcomed the government’s decision to extend the ban on landlords evicting renters until 23 August. 

The extension will run from 25 June, the end of the three-month period originally announced as part of emergency coronavirus legislation in March, which is likely to help renters that are suffering financial difficulty. 

Simon Davis, president of the Law Society, commented: “Last week, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG), announced that it would be extending its stay on new evictions for a further two months until 23 August, bringing relief to millions of tenants.”

The move to extend the eviction ban is designed to protect tenants that could be facing financial hardship brought on by being furloughed or losing their job altogether. 

Davis added: “The government first brought in these measures on 26 March 2020, for an initial period of three months, but has now extended for an additional two months, so vulnerable tenants can get the help they need, and courts can continue to make the necessary arrangements.” 

Davis points out that the government has also committed to passing new court rules that will protect vulnerable tenants from eviction once the stay has been lifted.

He added: “When hearings recommence, it is vital that legal aid is available to tenants and that the safety of court users is ensured.”

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    • 10 June 2020 09:00 AM

    And not one MP expresses any concern about Landlords who owe monthly payments.
    What is the difference of a tenant who has to pay monthly to live in a house, just as the landlord does - - EXACTLY the same to me.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Actually David, I've just tweeted TWO M.P's who have asked questions in Parliament from a landlords perspective ( rare, I know ) you can see them @possession_uk

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    The law society really should keep its nose out of politics especially to a market that gives so much money to law firms one way or another

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    Simon Davis Enemy of commerce amongst the common people. In his case reserved for the likes of himself to leach of the taxpayer advocating legal aid

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Exactly Jahan, They are not concerned with justice, just lining their pockets.

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    I have a tenant eviction cancelled due to Corona virus.
    They've got away with almost a years rent, now you've gifted them another 5m rent free, which MP will aid or pay for the extra £2,500 it's costing me....
    No one, everyone had lost their minds in wokeness.

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    The law society and govt. should compensate the landlords for 100% of unpaid rental income during pandemic, in the similar manner as it’s helping tenants with benefits, furlough, loans and other schemes.
    Residential BTL or Owner shared property landlords are not even entitled to Council tax or utilities bills reduction, yet they have to unfairly face a reduction in rental income, and an eviction ban.
    Where is the fairness in justice from the law society, which promotes itself on being fair to all parties seeking justice??
    One wonders what’s happening to our legal system-when the law society members and MP’s start favouring the rogue elements on a national scale instead of being one of the world famous justice system for fairness based rulings.

    It’s a disgraceful decision by the Law Society & Govt. showing consistent unfair, discriminatory
    Bias towards the landlords, pushing many Landlords into financial ruins, and mental health illnesses, depression, anxiety to the extent of considering suicide.
    It begs the question-is the Law Society fit for purpose in England and Wales or should the govt create another regulatory Law organisation for 100% Fairness based justice to all sections of communities including Landlords?
    I would vote for a new Law organisation, or a separate unit for Fairness towards Landlords.

    • 10 June 2020 14:27 PM

    Here here....Should we start a Govt. Petition??????
    I think so.

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    • 10 June 2020 11:24 AM

    Just LL have to accept they aren't wanted by Govt.
    The Govt simply DOESN'T care if LL are bankrupted because of rent defaulting tenants.

    I say wakeup LL to how vulnerable you are to rent defaulting tenants.
    Have an effective resolution.
    If not get out of the LL game.
    You need very deep pockets to subsidise feckless rent defaulting tenants.
    Is that really a viable business model!?


    Have you not saved for a rainy day?

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    • 10 June 2020 14:26 PM

    With carful choice of tenants, it is very possible.
    But LL need to find all, and more, protections, such as demanding guarantors, larger deposits, even some protection form letting agents that they must bear some of the problem of defaulting, social behaviour and damage.

    After all, they make money from the rental too, often for months on end for doing nothing and then a further 10% for overseeing woks. All parties have an obligation. NOT just the LL!!!!!!!!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Tax-payer ( of which since Osbournes Sec 24, pay more than most ) funds Legal Aid for Criminals and Rogue Tenants to get Legal Aid.
    Then pays Shelter £20 Million a year from the Government to further legally advise defaulting tenants.
    Then pays Citizens Advice to find ways to stop a lawful eviction
    Then pays local Law centres.
    Then pays Duty solicitors at court,
    Then pays exorbitantly increasing court fees for something called 'Justice' (sic)

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    With careful Choice of Tenants and due diligence etc, when you have done all your cherry picking who's going to house the masses only mugs like me.


    Actually Mr Foley I had a dss enquiry today can I pass them your number mate?

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    • 26 June 2020 15:16 PM

    Unfortunately it matters not how much DD etc a LL dies on tenants.
    The facts are that for example very few tenants are able to qualify for RGI.

    Even that solution is in doubt as I have heard that RGI companies are REFUSING to pay claims.

    The whole point of RGI is to cover the LL for rent defaulting tenants.
    The reason for rent defaulting should be IRRELEVANT.
    These lying cheating RGI companies are simply beyond the pale.

    So now it seems even RGI which i's very hard to achieve is now functionally useless.

  • Justine Nuttine

    If a property is being sublet by companies of non-occupying individuals, the landlord can recover the property and start getting rent directly from the occupying tenants. Sublet recovery while protecting existing tenants' rights


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