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What will being a landlord look like after Covid-19?

Do you think Covid-19 been a stress test for the property sector? Have you made knee-jerk decisions? Have you been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic? Did you apply for a bounceback loan? Have you suffered from the law of unintended consequences? Is buy-to-let still a good investment? 

Get answers to these questions, plus so much more, by watching the final instalment of a five-part video series, hosted by Property Tribes, below. 

In the video, Simon Shinerock, chairman of Choices Estate Agency, offers crucial market analysis, along with a few tips to help ensure that your property investment is a success.


With more than 30 years of experience in the property sector, Shinerock, who last year released the Advanced Rent Option, which allows landlords to receive a year's rent in advance, provides a forward-looking view of the PRS, including crucial advice for discerning buy-to-let investors. 

You can watch the video below.

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    No different to what it was before CV19

  • Mark Wilson

    I would be very surprised Andrew if that is the case.

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    Honestly how can it be the same when there is too much rent short fall in London that will never be recovered. We can't keep absorbing those losses at a time when Government & Local Authorities are robbing us blind with no input of there own, why at least don't Councils who want all those HM0 Licensing schemes pay for their own administration, no wonder they want them when there is no cost on them only charge anything they like & rub their hands in glee for making a mess.
    Deferment of tax for 31-7-20 by HMRC & pay later is a mad idea, if you are struggling to pay now how the hell are you going to pay double come 31-1-21, its just giving people the opportunity to spend the tax money they should have paid on 31-07-20. I suppose its not surprising when they are currently throwing away Billions of £'s away with furlough and various schemes to people that should not be getting it, do they not really know whats going on, no it wont be the same after Corona because even before this it could not continue the way it was going without a collapse, stupid policy's and unfair taxes to favor some and destroy others.


    Maybe in London it will be different, Here in Norwich I don't think it will be much different for me, all my residential tenants have been paying, one commercial tenant has not been able to, but I'm cool with that, I have no borrowings so I'm in a strong position, in fact with the landlords that do go, and the fact that first time buyers are going to find getting a mortgage near on impossible I think there will be more quality tenants for us to chose from, but we shall see, I may be proved wrong, we don't know do we? wait and see

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    I think David was asking who is HBSC which don't immediately spring to mind but if run by Ms Kate Faulkner she knows Property inside out and been on the circuit / events for years & years away back even when she had long hair. She used to be promoting a large chain of letting agents long ago and more recently wrote a book with Mr Paul Shamplina of LL action, ( The Landlords Friend its on Amazon).


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