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A quarter of renters have fallen behind on rent payments

There are growing concerns regarding the future ability of renters to pay on time, fresh research suggests. 

A new survey of private and social renters by the payment provider, PayPoint, has revealed significant concerns regarding future ability to pay on time. 

A quarter of respondents are already at least a month behind on their rent, and a third are concerned about the impact Covid-19 has had on their long-term financial situation, according to the research. 


Many private renters are concerned about the long-term financial impact of Covid-19, and less than a quarter - 24% - are confident in their recovery after the pandemic. 

Of the private renters who are behind on payments, 22% are concerned about their ability to catch up within the next three to six months, whereas just 10% of social renters shared these concerns.

Danny Vant, client services director for PayPoint, commented: “The global crisis has impacted virtually every area of our lives and the longer-term financial impact is becoming clearer. 

“Our survey reveals real concerns over future financial stability and ability to pay rent. It is vital that both private and social landlords are sympathetic to the challenges their tenants are facing in these uncertain times. 

“Offering payment flexibility will be important for tenants going forward, to help them navigate changes to their lifestyle and financial situation. This will ensure landlords can retain good tenants and continue to recover rent fees effectively.”

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Poll: Are any of your tenants currently behind on rent payments?


  • Mark Wilson

    Common sense tells me this is the likely outcome of a pandemic and the effect it will have on the economy. Tenants have a much louder voice than landlords, even if they like to shout here about how hard done by the are and how loathsome tenants are.

    That group will need a new mantra as no one of any importance is listening to them and they are in a small minority. It may well be the decline or demise of small private Landlords. Why, because society moves on and it doesn't tick the social and economic boxes of the day.

    The posts on here are generally written by dinosaurs, and we know what happened to them.

    • 20 July 2020 10:01 AM


    You are of course totally correct.
    For ANY LL to consider that tenants should abide by their tenancy contracts is so last year!!

    As you suggest most normal LL consider this is the correct way for all tenants to behave.

    But as you suggest us LL fools that believe in what now seems to be such an outdated concept then yes we are so many dinosaurs!!

    For me it is difficult to see how it is worthwhile being a private LL if the State effectively sanctions rent defaulting.
    This makes letting residential property an unviable business proposition.

    I'm sure many supermarkets would go out of business if shoppers took trolley loads of shopping with them without paying.
    Those supermarkets would become dinosaurs as well for the sheer temerity of expecting shoppers to pay for what they take off the shelves.

    Indeed you could say that ANYONE who expects to be paid for what they provide in any capacity is a dinosaur!!

    But getting back to LL only.
    Surely if a LL wants to remain a dinosaur and NOT a bankrupt one then many will have little choice than to leave the PRS.

    So how does that assist tenants!?

    Will magically a new sort of business LL spring up that won't mind being ripped for rent etc!?

    Somehow can't see that concept attracting many newbies.
    So taking what you suggest to it's logical extent ALL LL should give up because they persist in expressing dinosaur attitudes that expect a LL services to be paid for!
    How quaint!!

    Clearly the new way of LL operating should be to offer free rent etc.
    Far fairer on the poor old tenant!!!

    Perhaps in your fantasy world this is how much of business will operate....................lots of FREE stuff for everyone!!!

  • icon

    Eventually the private landlords will default on mortgages at which time the lender will foreclose and insist on vacant possession to sell the property on. With their legal capacity the tenant is soon going to wish they had paid whether or not that was possible. There is a very good chance they will be blacklisted and charged a premium on any money they borrow ever again. So much for a loud voice.

  • girish mehta

    Rents will go up as the landloards cost are rising
    Some landlords will leave the market.
    So more people homeless and council will have to find homes for them which is costly for them
    Government must review recent changes to benefit system and pay market rent to landlords enabling them to invest in homes. And build more affordable homes

    By creating shortage by taxing landloards and creating shortage is only a short term solution

    It may serve the charities and so called tenants organisation in short term but it is their tenants will end up paying the price.
    All interested parties need to look at the at long term,

  • icon

    Yeah it looks like they having a real tough time of it in London. The way to getting paid in this climate is
    1) Choose your Letting Agent wisely
    2) They work for you not the tenant
    3) Make sure they adopt a no nonsense strict approach with tenants. Any that are too accommodating will cost you money!!!!
    4) Sack any with a negative mindset immediately
    There are a number of links doing this business & there is always a weak one. That's the one to replace

  • icon

    Other than 1 commercial tenant who cannot trade at present all are paying me, so I guess so far I have been lucky, I own all my properties with no borrowings so I'm in a strong position should some stop paying.

  • icon
    • 20 July 2020 10:38 AM

    If they have not paid....Then it's off to the courts we go. Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

    I don't care how long it takes, but I will chase then form here to hell for what they owe....

    Including Hight Court Bailiffs to speed up the eviction by at least 4 months, and CCJ's for now and forever more and for as many reissues are needed for life.

    The good thing is I can afford the High Court Bailiffs, and as many CCJs as necessary for as long as the renewals take.

    Bring it on, and be prepared to have to pay at sometime, you low life crooks, feckless thieves....and low life.

    It will serve you right. And my kind of justice will prevail. For sure.

  • James B

    Our agency trades in one of the poorest areas and it’s about 5% having troubles and most of them are sorted in some way .. these figures I think are taken out the air or produced by shelter

  • icon

    It was always going to be the case for some tenants as soon as the government announced no evictions during lockdown .
    Merely a green light in this nanny state for some to default. Imagine in any other sector as some mentioned going to the supermarket filling your boots and leaving without paying and saying as they walked out "see ya next week mate"

  • icon
    • 21 July 2020 07:27 AM

    Yup. So true.

    All of them feckless scroungers and thieves.
    Let them rot in hell.

  • icon

    I agree with Mark no one cares about us small private LL's, we are in decline and the demise of small private LL's due to Society moving on the Social Welfare freebie's for all spongers and of course King of them all is the big fat Benefit LL's getting everything for nothing. I even seen today my local Council offering £5'000. grant to refurbish if I let to them and give me back my HMO licensing moneys, level playing field please rocky road ahead when you realize we are not there anymore funding your free life style.

  • icon
    • 21 July 2020 22:31 PM

    It now appears that rent defaulting and eviction bans are now part of Govt policy.
    We also now have a 60 day delay before LL are allowed to start recovery attempts for rent arrears.

    Govt seems to expect that LL will do whatever it takes to ensure BTL mortgages aren't defaulted on.

    I believe Govt has every confidence that most LL will at great cost to themselves do whatever it takes to avoid repossession
    Effectively Govt is using LL capital to keep BTL mortgages going rather than rent from tenants.

    Govt knows few LL will be able to recover rent arrears.

    Govt has essentially Nationalised private rental accommodation at NO cost to Govt.

    With the eviction ban etc Govt has gained electoral support.

    Nobody has mentioned in MSM anything about the financial woes of LL.
    They know the public simply DON'T care if LL are financially suffering.
    Hundreds of thousands of bankrupt LL wouldn't concern society at all.

    So Govt knows it can do what it likes against LL with few negative impacts on Govt popularity.


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