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Ban on tenant evictions will not be extended beyond next month

The government has confirmed that it will not extend the ban on landlords evicting renters beyond 23 August.

Renters across England and Wales received greater protection last month after the government extended the suspension of new evictions until 23 August, taking the moratorium on evictions to a total of five months. 

The move was designed to ensure that renters continue to have certainty and security during the Covid-19 pandemic. But with the government now easing lockdown measures, the aim is to transition out of these measures at the end of August to allow the market to operate while ensuring people have appropriate access to justice.


Responding to a series of parliamentary questions yesterday, Lord Greenhalgh, a junior minister at the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, confirmed that from 24 August “the courts will begin to process possession cases again”.

The vast majority of landlords have worked with vulnerable renters over the past few months, offering people invaluable security in these turbulent times, but most will welcome the end of the ban on evictions.

While the tenant eviction ban has helped renters that are suffering financial difficulty, it has left landlords powerless to take action against renters committing domestic abuse or making the lives of fellow tenants or neighbours a misery.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), said: “Extending the evictions ban is not without victims. It leaves landlords powerless to tackle the kind of behaviour that causes untold suffering and hardship for many communities and tenants alike.” 

He added: “These cases must be given top priority by the courts and their processes enhanced to avoid further delay once they start to deal with possession cases.”

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Poll: Do you think a careful re-opening of evictions needs to take place that prioritises pre-Covid 19 debt, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence?


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    Good news - but public sector employees who have sat at home on full pay for 4 months should now work 50 hour weeks for the next year to make up the time off and deal with the backlog - however don't hold your breath! Landlords should be very wary of new tenants from now on to ensure they aren't inheriting another landlord's problem. Perhaps Shelter can help the homeless? After all, is that not what they claim to do - or do they only bash decent landlords and by extension decent tenants?


    Shelter. The charity that houses no one.


    councils have asked for and received billions extra from govt for what?

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    • 02 July 2020 09:41 AM

    Shelter - Do anything for tenants?
    NO CHANCE!!!!!!!!

  • jeremy clarke

    Did anyone watch the parliamentary debate the other day with the woman from shelter and one from some left wing anti landlord group, they didn't have a clue about life in the real world! The guy from NLA had so much patience with them despite their lack of knowledge!


    Probably gave them this time to continue to dig themselves a much bigger hole!

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    worse than that--shelter gets lots of its income from the tax payer--noone asked the taxpayer if he/she agrees

    common purpose is another vile parasite--nearly all senior public sector employees are common purpose

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    I'am almost 100% sure I know the answer to this but is it still August 23rd for those landlords who had begun the eviction process way before COVID 19. Landlord had one court date for April and was waiting on a second court date (after the tenants lied about not receiving there section 21... have further messed up and stated the day the got it... would have had them out before all this if they hadn't lied) for another property who were given notice in October 2019 ! Have a feeling when court does re-open it's going to take forever to get a new court date.

    • 02 July 2020 13:43 PM

    It is just that all court actions may take place after this date.

    However due to the sheer number of all sorts of cases in the County Court system you should reckon on at least 1 year before final eviction occurs.
    If you can have the matter escalated to the the HC.

    But of course you may only do this once you have achieved a PO which could take many months to achieve.

    The mere idea that anyone will be evicted at the end of August is for the birds.

    It will be years before LL achieve eviction in some cases.
    Which is why the constant lies that Shelter spew out about evictions occurring soon after August are so vile.

    Shelter refuse to acknowledge the dysfunctional eviction process and the inadequacies of the CC process.
    For LL it is an absolute nightmare.


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