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Council appeals to private landlords to help solve the housing crisis

West Lothian Council is appealing to buy-to-let landlords to provide private let accommodation as a means of accommodating those on the council housing waiting list until a permanent home can be sourced.

The council is offering a guaranteed rental with the potential of no void rent loss periods for a minimum 12-month period, with the rent matched by the local housing allowance rate.

The council also says that the tenancy agreement can be rolled over for another 12 months.


A deposit guarantee to the amount of two months’ rent will be offered to cover any discrepancies at the end of the tenancy. 

George Paul, executive councillor for services for the community, commented: “I would encourage all landlords who have properties available and who may be interested in the scheme to contact the council today.

“As lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted this is an opportunity for a landlord to work with the local authority and help provide a home for people during this uncertain period all while ensuring they receive rent on their property for a minimum of 12 months.”


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    Hahahahahaha thats the funniest article this year. A council asking the PRS to do what they cant do. Any mug going for this will be rewarded with a sub standard tenant & only be protected for the first 12 months of rent payments. When you eventually in Year 2 have to evict the tenant the council will use all their powers to encourage the tenant to stay at your cost. Any LL taking this up will deserve to lose out. The deposit guarantee of two months rent - good luck with getting a fraction of that back. Comedy at its finest!


    Gave me a good laugh as well, I can just imagine the response if Norwich council (labour controlled ) came up with this one.

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    • 24 July 2020 09:47 AM

    I will soon have two vacant properties.
    No way would I ever consider the dross that councils have on their waiting lists.

    At least with a vacant property I know exactly what my losses will be.
    No way will I risk more losses letting to DSS tenants.

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    I'm laughing too - but there is a germ of a good idea in this. Government should guarantee all unpaid rents whilst ensuring landlords can evict for all other reasons promptly and easily - thus improving life for all neighbours and landlords whilst ensuring poverty isn't a prime cause of homelessness. It would be down to government to pursue rent arrears with the same vigour as income tax and other tax arrears. A win win for everyone except those who deliberately avoid paying when they can well afford to do so.

    • 24 July 2020 10:22 AM

    One very big reason or reasons why Govt will never underwrite unpaid rent ............9 billion of them!!!-

    .That is the amount that feckless tenants cause LL in losses annually mostly caused by rent defaulting.

    Of course as you suggest such rent losses would be massively reduced but only if eviction occurs immediately after 2 months of missed rent.
    That is 1 month and 1 day.
    Next day removal by Police if rent arrears aren't reduced to 1 month.

    So Govt will never facilitate this as there would be literally millions of homeless feckless tenants!


    Well we all know that if Gov was picking up the tab they would have the power to do attachment on benefits immediately for the rest of their lives no court cases to prepare & pay for. Shelter/GR are attempting to get passed a motion 'that anyone affected by Covid19' wont get evicted. EVERYBODY tenant/Homeowner/Living with parents HAS BEEN AFFECTED. If that goes through then you've only got your tenants moral responsibility to count on...but then again its like that now anyway

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    • 24 July 2020 10:44 AM

    Very few tenants ever have moral responsibility like complying with a contract they signed!!
    What is the point of such a contract if tenants can effectively ignore it until EVENTUALLY evicted!!!!????

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    Isn’t it great. Dirt on there shoe until they need us. The least involvement with any local authorities the better in my book.

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    • 24 July 2020 14:46 PM

    I have always said the UK must follow the example of Germany & Australia.
    No payment...Then out you go. Simple really

    And Germany and Australia have hardly any rent defaulters...

    That say sit all. To follow that rule everyone understands it is the individual has to be responsible for themselvesand not expect your neighbour or Govt. to pay for you.

    In fact, to live in a free market economy, not a ramshackel communist opressed regime.

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    • 24 July 2020 14:47 PM

    Paul Barrett24 July 2020 09:47 AM
    I will soon have two vacant properties.
    No way would I ever consider the dross that councils have on their waiting lists.

    At least with a vacant property I know exactly what my losses will be.
    No way will I risk more losses letting to DSS tenants.


    • 24 July 2020 15:02 PM

    I'm secretly praying for 3% BoE negative interest rates.
    Then MX will be reducing my mortgages and no payments required from me.

    I guess S24 won't apply either if you have 0% or less!?

    Negative interest rates would be great as I'm on trackers..

    So I would just have utility SC and C Tax to pay.
    Oh yes forgot service charges at £2033 per flat per year!! And ground rent!!

    I'm hoping to sell at least one flat this tax year.

    Keep reading all this twaddle about LL piling in; really!!?

    DON'T they know what is coming down the track!?


    Paul Is that the case with the MX trackers? I thought 1.75% and thats it as a minimum. If MX/Rosinca honour what you saying then tremendous

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    • 24 July 2020 20:52 PM

    @jahan khan

    Yep my MX mortgages are a certain percentage above BBR.

    So with 3% negative rates I wouldn't be paying anything.
    MX would just reduce the mortgage balance by the remaining negative IR

    But quite frankly we are in fantasy territory here.

    I DON'T believe the BoE will introduce such negative rates.

    Denmark has just increased their negative rates to 0%.

    Much as I fantasise about negative rates I can't see it happening.


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