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Landlord's kind gesture for his tenants goes viral on Twitter

A BTL landlord has proved to be a big social media hit after issuing his tenants with a bonus when returning their deposits. 

John, who did not want to give the press his full name, from Falham Properties, gave the seven housemates in Leeds their deposits back with a bonus £50 for them to spend on “something nice”. 

Maisie Gardener, 22, shared the exchange between her fellow University of Leeds students and their landlord - and it proved popular on Twitter. 

Gardener, a psychology student, had lived in the house for three years while completing her degree, and was expecting to receive her £250 deposit back, but she was pleasantly surprised when the landlord messaged to say she would get £300 back.

She tweeted: “A nice student landlord!!! Love you John.” 

John, the landlord, replied: “As a thank you, I have added a small bonus of £50 to each of your deposits making it £300 and now the shops are opening again I hope you’ll be able to buy yourself something nice.”

The landlord was surprised by the reaction to Maisie's tweet, which has been shared more than 11,000 times. 

He told the press: “I’m the sort of landlord that looks after his houses and I keep them very well maintained, they have respected that. They deserve a little bit of a bonus. 

“I can say thank you in a text or in an email but thought I should give them something now that the shops are opening again.

“I wish them well in the future. If they carry on how they did in my house they will be fine people.”

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    What goes around, comes around!

  • Welsh  Cynic

    What a lovely story and how refreshing that it has received publicity, amongst all the doom and gloom.

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    If more tenants were this respectful with the property they have been allowed to live in, then It would probably happen a lot more often.

  • Paul Barrett

    Rarely have I been able to return all of a deposit.
    Always something to deduct.
    It shouldn't be hard.
    But why oh why can't tenants leave the property as they found it!?

  • icon

    Bit like bread and butter falling butter side down!!!!!!
    Who knows the conundrum of that?

    I also cannot understand tenants and how they happily trash houses and mostly live in total s**t.

    Paul Barrett

    Yep funny isn't it that unless you are a rock star few occupants trash a hotel room.

    Yet a rental property they have no issues with trashing them.
    Perhaps something to do with the hotel would have them arrested for CRIMINAL DAMAGE
    No chance of a LL being able to have that occur


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