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Many private tenants ‘terrified’ that the eviction ban is coming to an end

The government’s decision to not extend the ban on landlords evicting renters beyond 23 August is a major concern for many private renters worried about being able to pay their rent when the coronavirus lockdown ends, according to Ringley property management. 

Renters across England and Wales received greater protection in mid-June after the government extended the suspension of new evictions until 23 August, taking the moratorium on evictions to a total of five months. 

The move was designed to ensure that renters continue to have certainty and security during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with the government now easing lockdown measures, there is growing concern among private renters, many of which are concerned that they may lose their homes. 


Mary-Anne Bowring, group managing director at Ringley and creator of automated lettings platform, PlanetRent, commented: “There’s no doubt that thousands of renters that are suffering financial difficulty will be terrified to hear the news of no extension to the eviction ban. 

“With all of the uncertainty going on at the moment, tenants deserve to be protected by the government from evictions that could be through no fault of their own, and could well be down to financial hardship brought on by being furloughed or losing their job altogether.

“However, it should be noted as recent research by the National Residential Landlords Association [NRLA] pointed out that the majority of landlords are trying to work with their tenants to resolve any issues such as rent arrears.”

Speculation that there will be a sharp increase in evictions once the existing evictions ban is lifted next month has been rejected by the NRLA. 

Research published recently by Shelter on rent arrears due to the Covid-19 pandemic suggests that the coronavirus crisis will eventually lead to a rise in tenant evictions, as many people face financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. 

But the NRLA says that Shelter’s claim is wide of the mark and fails to acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of landlords are doing all they can to sustain existing tenancies. 

An NRLA survey of more than 2,000 tenants across England and Wales found that most tenants had paid their rent as usual since the coronavirus crisis began. 

Most, 84%, had not needed to ask their landlord for any support. Of those that did ask, three quarters received a positive response. 

Chris Norris, policy director for the NRLA, commented: “Throughout the lockdown, our surveys show that the vast majority of landlords have been doing all they can to keep people in their homes.”

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    Tenants terrified, why ? good tenants that have been paying their rent and behaving themselves have nothing to worry about.


    " good tennants behaving themselves " , I wasnt aware that a renter was on realise from prison but your right thats how renters are made to feel on continual probation, upset your Landgod your out plus im sorry no matter how as you put it behave yourself that doesnt stop a landlord evicting you to sell, HMO etc a property



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    Indeed, Andrew. But equally some very good tenants have not been able to pay their rents - due to their job or self-employment suddenly lost. Who could have predicted this pandemic and its massive consequences when they signed their tenancy agreements? Landlords: please don't rush to evict such very good tenants. It may come to it - if you cannot agree a way of managing rent payments, delaying them, whatever, - but hopefully not.


    Landlords are always happy to work with good responsible tenants, but such tenants will already be trying to work with their landlords. It's those who ignore the situation - or their landlords' attempts to work with them - who should rightly be worried - but their evictions will still be a long way off unless they cause the property to be repossessed.


    David, Robert's comment sums it up perfectly

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    • 13 July 2020 13:26 PM

    Tough. How come so many of these people do not understand that they signed a contract, and they must be obeyed. Otherwise why bother.

    If I default on my monthly payment for my BMW, they will be round like lightening to take it back.
    Why should I not do the same with tenant?

    How come these people seem to think it is OK not to pay rent?

    It is THEIR fault that they have not saved for rainy days. Everyone should. And no tenant should be allowed to default.
    I made it clear to all my tenants from the start that I would not be offering any form of lenience. And so far that has worked.
    And so it should.


    I had to login in to comment on this.
    David, missing a payment on your BMW and losing your car is nothing like the prospect of losing your house.
    Your statement show you're an absolute tool.
    Many tenants do save for rainy days but Coronavirus has devastated many businesses and has been unprecedented in its financial effects. Whilst a appreciate you are running a business also, to be so Draconian in your approach to business is unnecessary.
    Renters rarely have protection from the effects from not being able to pay and CCJs will cripple their credit, meanwhile the landlord gets off Scott free with perhaps a dent in their income.
    As one of your tenants, I'd consider adding your name to a list of problematic and bullying landlords.

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    Like it or not as a landlord you are first and foremost a businessman/lady your first duty is to you keeping that business viable. To help in that you need to preserve a good name. If you are hard hearted and go strictly by the contract drawn up, you risk that good name. Far better to discuss arising problems with your tenant with a view to settling any disputes, rent deficiencies or hardship, together you can make life easier for you both and preserve that good name, people will then want to rent from you and you will have a much easier life. However there are occasions when you need to be strong and quote the contract especially in areas where your tenant is causing a public nuisance or damage is occurring to the property, for example.
    For those with mortgages on your tenancy that say "I can't afford a tenant not to pay or I will default on my mortgage" I say you are moving too fast, slow down, get a healthy bank balance before expanding.
    Rome wasn't built in a day, I would much rather take my time empire building and travel the 'less stressful' road, I'll probably live longer too.

    • 13 July 2020 15:50 PM

    BTL wouldn't exist following your mantra.
    Few leveraged LL can support mortgage payments without rent.
    It is ridiculous to suggest that LL should have the ability to meet monthly mortgage commitments in the absence of rent.

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    • 13 July 2020 15:41 PM

    So what about the LL like me that are terrified of bankruptcy resulting in my being made homeless!??

    As has been suggested feckless rent defaulting tenants could have saved for sudden income loss for WHATEVER reason.

    Or they could have taken out income protection policies.

    The reason these feckless waster tenants DON'T do this is they know that due to the dysfunctional eviction process and the equally dysfunctional civil recovery process that it will be at least 10 months before the LL manages to have them evicted.
    They know there is little chance of the LL bothering with Civil Recovery so that effectively feckless tenants can live rent free until evicted.
    The LL might possibly be able to obtain UC HB element payments directly but woe betide 'clawback' possibilities once tenants have been evicted.

    This CV19 issue has exposed how feckless millions of tenants are.

    They simply can't be bothered to have resources to cover for sudden income loss.

    The PRS by it's very nature can NEVER be secure.
    That is the WHOLE point of it!
    It gives the LL or should do flexibility to determine what he wishes to do with his investment assets.
    All tenants must surely be aware that they reside in private rental accommodation for as long as the LL wishes that to be the case.

    For most tenants they have tenure security on the basis that their LL wishes to remain in business and that providing the tenant complies with ALL aspects of the TA the LL offers security of tenure.
    Fail to comply for WHATEVER reason and the LL is perfectly justified in terminating a commercial agreement with the tenant.
    This termination usually occurs as a result of the tenant failing to pay rent.
    It is IRRELEVANT why or how this occurs.

    LL are NOT free money trees for feckless tenants.
    A tenant who for whatever reason cannot afford to pay for the services a LL provides should offer to surrender the tenancy to the LL.

    It will then be for the LL alone to make a business decision on whether a continuing business relationship with the tenant is desirable.
    Every situation will be different with the difference being it will be for the LL to decide what he wishes to do and NOT the tenant dictating to the LL by REFUSING to vacate when given appropriate notice to do so.

    There are many hundreds of thousands of LL that are TERRIFIED of how they will manage as they can't get rid of rent defaulting tenants to give them the opportunity to source ones who will.
    No LL has the right to expect his ability to source rent paying tenants will work but he must have the ability to offer to treat.
    With a rent defaulting tenant refusing to vacate the LL CANNOT conduct a normal business.

    This simple situation TERRIFIES many LL including me.
    We have lenders to satisfy and believe me if they DON'T receive their monthly pound of flesh they will very quickly take the property asset away from the LL.

    Such a situation for a LL would be devastating for a LL.
    The feckless tenant meanwhile just sources another mug LL of which there are many.

    • 13 July 2020 17:18 PM

    Excellent. Couldn't agree more.

    • 13 July 2020 17:21 PM

    And that is exactly why, that once a new tenant moves in, I take EVERY minor issue as an excuse to remind them that if they do not comply to contract, then I will seek an eviction.

    After the 3rd incident and written warning, every one of them begins to quickly comply.

    And long may it be so.


    Why haven’t you saved for a rainy day?


    You used ‘feckless’ 5 times in that rant. I think that’s a new record for you. Your Daily Express/Daily Mail column awaits.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Govt would pick up the tenants rental default, ten there would be no evictions.
    If Govt doesn't, there will be evictions, as Private landlords are NOT societies free Social services. - Then, local Govt will find they have to pick up the 'tab' for accommodating the evicted tenants.
    The mortgage scenario by David above explains it all really.

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    • 13 July 2020 17:31 PM

    < PREVIOUS ARTICLE Many private tenants ‘terrified’ that the eviction ban is coming to an end...

    Let's hope they remain terrified and let's hope they get even more terrified after the CCJ's appear to arrive and the instruction to pay back 4/5 months of unpaid rent as we all (LL) go to court for what is rightfully our money.

    And I will love every moment of it.

    And I hope they will enjoy their very last Wetherspoon Friday dinner for a long time......

    Richard Law

    😂😂😂 what a total bell-end. Just read all your past comments mate. You should quit being a landlord and become a lighthouse keeper.

    • 14 July 2020 15:46 PM

    RL - Do you not understand the principle of a free market?
    If they don't pay (i.e. stealing) (and it should be a criminal offence by the way and for sure) then they should and must be punished to feel the pain.

    It they do wrong, which non payment is, then they need to be made to understand there must be repercussions.

    All I do with CCJ's and evictions, which are the only tools I have in order to rectify wrong doing to me, my living, my family and my hard earned business.

    Instead, you ask me to just give it away to some miscreant who has probably never done a day's work, who probably smokes, sponges off society for everything, spends 5 days a week boozing it up and has no idea of the harm they do to multiple others,
    or their lack of social conscience and an overall lifetime of obvious fecklessness and then who shed crocodile tears because they expect everyone else to take care of their wrong doings.

    None of them, not one of them, ever gets my sympathy for their predicaments.

    So such it it up you idots, and take responsibility for your thieving.
    I am fed up paying you 80% of your income and still not paying your commitments

    Go out and take up your proper responsibilities.

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    My god. Some of you landlords in the comments are monsters. You're talking about making people homeless, you freaks. You're disgusting human beings and should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • 14 July 2020 06:09 AM

    No. You are wrong. So very wrong
    We are trying to protect our business, our families and our livelihoods from people who deliberately play and abuse an already very weak system.

    Let's see how they would react if they worked for 4 months non stop, and then their employer told them there was no money to pay them?

    They would expect to be paid for what they had already worked for.

    And they also do not understand that most landlords have mortgages, and if they have no income, the mortgage companies will repossess the house which ironically, will make the tenant homeless anyway!!!!!

    - You better giver that one some thought too.

    • 14 July 2020 06:17 AM

    FFS you idiot if we don't get rid of rent defaulting tenants then we won't be able to make mortgage payments and lenders will repossess.

    Either way the tenant ends up homeless and so does the LL.

    It is the tenants who are the monsters.
    By their refusal to vacate if they can't afford the rent they are preventing a tenant occupying who WILL pay rent to maintain viability.
    Or are you just one of the usual idiots that seem to abound in society that expect all LL to subsidise FECKLESS rent defaulting tenants!!!!????

    Where do people like you get off to expect a LL to subsidise feckless tenant lifestyles.

    You seem to expect LL should have and supply the resources to maintain a mortgage yet you DON'T seem to expect of tenants to have made provision for sudden income loss.

    Why do you consider that it should be the supplier of a service puts capital aside to pay for potential financial difficulties of the user!!!!!?????

    You are typical of the feckless mindset that abounds in society that expects others to do everything for them
    Tenants will be facing a shock to their little entitlement world when their LL boots them out with few other LL wishing to take on an already proven feckless rent defaulting tenant.

    Responsible tenants if they can no longer afford their property should offer to surrender the tenancy to the LL.
    The LL can then decide what he wishes to occur.

    Trouble is most tenants are so feckless few of them will do the honourable and contractually correct thing.


    We are not charities, homeless people make themselves homeless, it's self inflicted.

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    Paul has confused me, yet again. He claims that if rent isn’t paid, he cannot make a mortgage payment. However, he also claims that if something like Coronavirus comes along and there is an unexpected loss in earnings for a tenant, that’s their own fault and they should have saved. Why hasn’t Paul saved? In the long run, landlords like him will gain a bad reputation and people like me, who understand that bad things can happen to people, will reap the benefits.

    • 14 July 2020 14:40 PM

    Are you really that thick!!??

    It DOESN'T matter what the reason is for sudden income loss it is for the user of the services who wishes for those services to be provided to make provision to still be able to pay come what may.

    The traditional method has been savings.
    But due to the feckless lifestyles of tenants very few have at least a year's worth of savings.
    Having this level of savings would give tenants a very effective level of security to be able meet normal monthly commitments.

    Invariably after a year a tenant would have been able to source a new job though in light of how things are looking perhaps 2 year's of savings would be better.

    It is clear that feckless tenant behaviour is only as it is due to the dysfunctional eviction process which is 100% in favour of the tenant.

    We also albeit for an allegedly temporary period have Govt suspension of that useless eviction process.

    Govt is effectively sanctioning mass tenant rent defaulting.

    Why for example did not Govt state that for any tenant in receipt of furloughed wages that Govt would directly pay the LL the FULL CONTRACTUAL RENT out of the furloughed wages!!??

    Believe me tenant behaviour would rapidly change if in the event of rent default a LL could boot out the tenant 14 days later.
    This is what happens in Australia and they don't tend to have long eviction cases.......................funny that!!!

    Your feckless attitude is indicative of what many in society believe.
    This is only for LL.
    They expect and indeed consider it a right that they should be immune from eviction if they can't afford the rent for WHATEVER reason!!!

    Nobody presumes that other parts of business should be expected to provide free services and yet idiots like you DO!!!!!!!!


    Oh! Incidentally I have a great reputation amongst my tenants.
    Indeed some have returned to me after changed circumstances.
    So my reputation continues to be excellent.
    Though of course I readily accept that I may not be exactly flavour of the month with the 5 tenants I evicted for rent DEFAULTING.
    I can live with that!!

    Also unfortunately because of all the anti-private LL policies I intend to leave the AST sector making about 16 people homeless.
    It finally came that another idiot posting on here finally fell for my trap.
    A certain Mr Edmunds castigated me for selling up making people homeless yet many people including probably him don't want LL to be LL..................but they don't want LL making people homeless by selling up...................Catch 22 sort of!!!


    Do you have a year’s worth of savings? Do you have any idea how long you would have to save, what with diminishing salaries and increasing prices on food and power tariffs? I honestly don’t believe you live in the real world. My theory is that you bought property because you didn’t save and you’re attempting to use the rental income as a pension. ‘I’m alright Jack’ is an easy trap.


    As for being thick, I have 2 degrees, a masters and speak 5 languages. I can make a point without resorting to using the work ‘feckless’ in every other paragraph.

    I simply don’t like people who take advantage of others. I have savings, if somebody cannot make a rent payment, for a valid reason, I have the funds to cover it. You clearly took on too much, too soon and you appear to be a little feckless. The sooner your sell up and stop giving us all a bad name, the better.

  • icon
    • 14 July 2020 14:10 PM

    Excellent.....Yes I will bully tenants who do not pay.

    They are cheating me. and THAT should not be allowed, but this do goody current system seems to applaud it.

    Not for me I tell you.

  • icon
    • 14 July 2020 19:54 PM

    @lee holland
    Yep you are thick.
    You university types are the thick ones.
    Divorced from reality and steeped in ridiculous left-wing ideology.

    It is not for me to have resources to cover for feckless rent defaulting tenants.
    Of course if such rent defaulting tenants surrender their tenancy then I accept that is a business risk I have exposed myself to.
    But by my business nous I reckon I would be able to source new rent paying tenants.

    But of course I can only use my business acumen if I have a vacant property to offer.
    This wont be possible if FECKLESS rent defaulting tenants refuse to vacate.

    I'm afraid you are typical of supposed intellectuals who don't live in the real world.

    You may have sufficient resources to cover for FECKLESS tenants.
    Most LL DONT!!

    It is tenants that are feckless in not having sufficient resources to pay their rent in cases of sudden income loss.
    A LL is not feckless if he doesn't have the resources to subsidise feckless tenants for free for months on end.
    LL fully understand the business risks but it is the dysfunctional eviction process which conspires against LL operating effectively.

    Many more LL will be selling up as the eviction process is made even more difficult.

    It is NOT for LL to put resources aside to cover for feckless tenants who refuse to vacate when they can't afford the rent for WHATEVER reason.

    It is IRRELEVANT why LL become LL.
    The deal is they buy a property and let it to a tenant who pays RENT.
    Simple concept that many tenants fail to comprehend.
    The idea that it is perfectly acceptable to consume an asset for free seems only to apply to LL.
    Why are LL the only ones forced to provide private assets for FREE!!??

    Your ideas are idiotic and you have made yourself look even more stupid by your revealing of educational achievement which clearly hasn't educated you at all in the ways of the world.
    What a waste that education has been on you!!

    Oh! and as an aside if I ever suffered sudden income loss I have sufficient resources to fund my normal monthly domestic commitments for about 4 years.
    I would hope during that time that I would have been able to garner alternative resources.
    But because I'm not feckless I am able to cope.
    As you can imagine that means a quite boring lifestyle but needs must!
    .Something few feckless tenants are prepared to do which is why they are in the state they are in.
    What a LL does with rent is IRRELEVANT.
    But it is for the tenant to pay the rent they agreed to for at least 1 year.


    I have to agree Paul, we are awash with these academic idiots that got a piece of paper from some 2 bob university which in the real world means F*** ALL , speak 5 languages am I impressed am I hell, as thick as 2 short planks and no use to anyone .

    • 14 July 2020 23:05 PM

    Brilliantly crafted Paul.

    When oh when will any Government listen?

  • icon
    • 14 July 2020 20:28 PM

    I detest feckless tenants just as much as feckless LL of which there are many.

    They do a disservice to good tenants and good LL.

    There needs to be a sense of realism about these things.
    All efforts should be made to eradicate feckless tenants and LL.

    There seems little willing from anyone to do any of this.
    Up til 2015 things were going OK in the PRS.

    Then dopey Osborne and his ridiculous S24 and it has been downhill ever since.
    Then you have idiots like lee holland supporting feckless tenants.
    Just unbf#####glieavable!!


    I'm with you on that one Paul, don't even bother reading comments from the likes of Mr Holland just an academic idiot with a useless piece of paper to his name from a useless university , Mr Holland will be the looser at the end of the day.

  • icon
    • 14 July 2020 20:49 PM

    Yep totally agree.
    I think what fails to come out in these posts that we good LL are equally vehemently against feckless LL as we are tenants.
    Tenants deserve a good service which I strive to achieve as I'm sure most LL do as well.
    We all know who the feckless LL are and where they tend to abound.

    Unfortunately PC prevents the PTB from going after them.

    It is then the poor tenants that suffer.
    It also shows LL in a poor light.

    I don't wish to be associated with any of these feckless LL types.
    But we all get tarred with the same brush!

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    I truly feel for tenants who have genuinely depleted their savings during this crisis. However, the responsibility to pay rent is on the tenant, just as the landlord is responsible for paying any mortgage. For the last few years, tenants rights have been advanced and landlords have been screwed to the wall. If you beat a person repeatedly, how compassionate can you expect them to be when the tables are turned? I had tenants who would push for everything but we're rude as hell. It was all about them and their rights. Well, when the cgt rules, landlord responsibility and s21 changes were anpinced I got out. Apparently, the bee landlord served s21 on day one when they kicked off about repairs. So now they are high and dry. You've got to be reasonable as a tenant and not paying whilst pissing your money up the wall (like my tenants would often do to delay payments) will never wash. Goodbye PRS. Been awful knowing you.

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    I truly feel for tenants who have genuinely depleted their savings during this crisis. However, the responsibility to pay rent is on the tenant, just as the landlord is responsible for paying any mortgage. For the last few years, tenants rights have been advanced and landlords have been screwed to the wall. If you beat a person repeatedly, how compassionate can you expect them to be when the tables are turned? I had tenants who would push for everything but we're rude as hell. It was all about them and their rights. Well, when the cgt rules, landlord responsibility and s21 changes were anpinced I got out. Apparently, the bee landlord served s21 on day one when they kicked off about repairs. So now they are high and dry. You've got to be reasonable as a tenant and not paying whilst pissing your money up the wall (like my tenants would often do to delay payments) will never wash. Goodbye PRS. Been awful knowing you.

    • 15 July 2020 22:21 PM

    Good for you in escaping the PRS!

    As you might imagine I am extremely envious of you in your successful escape from the PRS.

    Something I hope to achieve before the next lot of bonkers taxes and regulations are introduced.

    I was speaking to an EA today and apparently things have been going mental.

    About 80% of enquiries have come from London OO and tenants desperate to get out of London.
    The other 20% of enquiries have come from FTB and LL.

    Can't believe there are idiot LL wishing to invest under all negative stuff coming.
    Now is the time to get OUT not IN!!

    Still I'm hoping I can offload my property onto some dumb LL or any of the other buyer types.

    It definitely seems there is massive 'white flight' from London.

    Londoners bringing their massive London sale proceeds will cause prices of especially houses to increase in areas like mine.

    In my Bishop's Stortford area where very good schools abound these Londoners are moving to the area and some are apparently renting in good school catchment areas.

    Plus only 45 mins train journey to Central London.
    It seems there are massive property movements occurring.
    Just hope I am able to offload at least one of properties while this pent up demand is released.

    You have done so well in being able to extricate yourself from the PRS.
    I hope to follow your success in the next few years.

  • icon

    David Edmonds dobjects to a LL considering and calling a tenant "good" and thus wanting to retain them. What does he want us to call a tenant with income who defaults, wrecks the place and disturbs neighbours? "Excellent"?


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