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Private renters are ‘increasingly satisfied with their housing’

Buy-to-let landlords have been commended for improving conditions in the private rented sector. 

The majority of landlords take their responsibilities to their tenants very seriously and have worked hard over the past few years to improve conditions in the private rented sector - with considerable success, according to data published by the government.

New figures, which form part of the English Housing Survey, show that there has been an increase in the proportion of private renters satisfied with their housing. 


In 2018/19, 84% of private tenants were satisfied with their accommodation, up 1% year-on-year. This compares to 81% in the social rented sector.

In addition, the figures reveal that 73% of private renters were satisfied with the way their landlords carried out repairs and maintenance. This compared to 67% of social renters.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “It is good news that private renters are increasingly satisfied with their housing and is a testament to landlords and the improvements in standards that we have seen in the sector.

“Whilst challenges clearly remain, this dispels the myth perpetrated by some, that tenants are generally unhappy with their housing.”

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    Generally the standard of rental property is good, rouge landlords with poor properties cater for rouge tenants who get what they deserve .


    What you mean is if you pay a lot you get a better house and the poorer you are you have to take what you can afford regardless of how crap it is, to be a rougue landlord doesnt just mean a poor condition house, it can be someone who is OCD keeps a renter on a periodic, my solution nationalise letting agents and the state takes a greater control in rental prices and condition etc, yes you get some bad renters very bad but same for landlords


    How has any nationalisation ever worked out for anyone other than its workshy employees? Capitalism can work for everyone as the customers still have a choice of provider. The better then customer, the better the choice!

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    At last something good about the PRS.

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    I dont believe those figures, but even if I did 16% are not, that means several hundred thousand people are not happy, that said it still doesnt detract that private renters have no statutory security of tenure, meaning several million people can not tell you with certainty where they will be living in a years time or what their rent will be and thats why the PRS is not good

    • 13 July 2020 17:11 PM

    Absolute twaddle you talk.
    Tenure security only comes when you you have bought and paid for a property with NO loans attached to it.
    Until that happy day then NOBODY has tenure security.

    The mere idea that you give total tenure security to effectively control LL capital is when LL sell up!

    Tenure security remains if the LL wishes to remain in a commercial arrangement with the other party.

    At NO time can the other party EVER be permitted to effectively control LL capital.
    To do so effectively nationalises private capital.
    Which is a bonkers idea.
    Just because a person happens to reside in an investment asset belonging to someone else is no excuse for them to then be able to effectively control other people's capital.

    Carry on that way and you end up with bonkers Communism!!

    If everyone is so obsessed with tenure security then only by suitable social housing a contracts will that ever be achieved.

    Until that happy day the PRS will be the only avenue for many to source somewhere to live.
    They must surely recognise that it can NEVER be secure by it's very nature.
    They must surely recognise that if it was totally secure no LL would be mug enough to offer such secure accommodation in the first place!!!!!!


    Well David as I said to your other comment-- PRATT


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