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Rogue landlords in London’s East End forced to pay more than £100,000

Unscrupulous landlords in the East End of London been ordered to pay more than £100,000 over the past 12 months for renting out unsafe or inappropriate properties illegally. 

Tower Hamlets Council has used repayment orders to recover funds from landlords offering bad properties, enabling tenants to get compensation for excessive rents or have to pay unscrupulous registration fees on unlicensed premises. 

John Biggs, the executive mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “We are clamping down on unlicensed properties,” mayor John Biggs warned. “This hits those who flout the regulations where it hurts most – in the pocket.


“Our licensing schemes protect tenants and also help legitimate landlords raise housing standards.”


BTL landlords caught letting unlicensed premises can face prosecution, a criminal conviction and unlimited fines. 

Rogue operators are also limited in their ability to take legal eviction proceedings against tenants.

Deputy Mayor Sirajul Islam, the cabinet member for housing, said: “There are always landlords who put profit ahead of the people living in their properties.

“But penalties that can be incurred by falling foul of our regulations isn’t worth the risk of renting out an unlicensed property.

“We want to work with property owners instead, to make sure that licensed premises are safe to rent out.”

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    The hypocrisy in this article is astounding. I take it the tenants were 'forced' to live in these properties.
    Where do these tenants live now?
    Who will house them?
    What really happened to the £100k raised by this method?

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    • 03 July 2020 14:19 PM

    I ALWAYS put PROFIT ahead of people!!

    That is the only reason I bother being a LL!!
    But to achieve this I accept I have to provide safe and decent accommodation.........................which I do!!

    Probably this idiot Council member believes LL should provide affordable rental properties.
    Nope not our responsibility that is down to the Council.
    LL are rent seekers attempting to achieve the highest rents they can.
    That is the whole point of being a private LL!!

    Something the left hate.
    The PRS is NOT some quasi social housing set up.
    It exists to enable investors to profit from their assets just like any other business that has assets.

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    And is the deputy mayor Deputy Mayor Sirajul Islam a landlord?


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