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Six month notice for repossessions is a ‘hammer blow to landlords in Wales’

The Welsh government’s decision to force landlords to give tenants six months’ notice when repossessing their homes has not been well received by buy-to-let investors and letting agents. 

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) fears that the new rules could have “devastating consequences” on private landlords in Wales. 

The changes have been introduced with immediate effect and were implemented in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


There are concerns that BTL landlords will not be able to cope financially without rent payments for such a long period of time.

Consequently, the NRLA is calling on the Welsh government to provide loans to cover tenants’ rents that are paid directly to landlords.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the NRLA, commented: “The news that the notice period will be increased from three to six months will come as a real hammer blow to landlords in Wales. 

“Some may already have tenants who were building up arrears prior to COVID-19, now not only have they been hit by the five month moratorium on repossessions but they will have to give a further six months’ notice.

“Even after this, it is unlikely the courts will be able to hear these cases straight away, so landlords could quite easily be looking at 18 months with no income.

“Effectively depriving a landlord of their right to evict as we come out of lockdown is unacceptable. The Welsh government must act swiftly to address this, by offering interest free loans to tenants to cover unpaid rent and remove any risk of eviction. Where tenants refuse to apply for loans but continue to build arrears, landlords will need greater assistance.”

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    Further discrimination against private landlords? Does the above extension apply to public sector landlords as well? The rental market is in total disarray, thanks to unwieldy legislation and unfair bias to favour the tenants in the private sector. Us, them & You!

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    • 27 July 2020 10:16 AM

    What we have here is really the return of the sitting tenant.
    Will take on average at least 15 months to get rid of tenants.

    Personally I can't afford such risks.
    So as my occupants vacate I'm selling.
    Partly because I would be driven to extreme actions to remove rent defaulting tenants.
    If I don't have any that situation won't occur.

    Apparently many Scottish LL are illegally evicting but no Police action is occurring


    Going back to the 90s I did illegally evict a couple of tenants, one I got away with the other got a solicitor on board, a local chap who was also a landlord, he suggested to his client that he might like compensation of £1000, that £1000 was worth every penny to get rid of that tenant, of course that £1000 was soon blown away on drink drugs and fags in less than a month and word was put out so that no other local landlord would touch him, will those times happen again?? well they might just.

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    "Apparently many Scottish LL are illegally evicting"

    This is the way it will go all over the UK if they don't grow up and realise that we only let properties for payment. LL's who have worked hard saved deposits & took the risk will not just sit there while millennial's encouraged by the extreme left organisations GR, Acorn & Shelter to make them feel that they are hard done by. If its us or them in my case its only going to go one way
    For rent shirking tenants time will accelerate much faster than they will realise & they will be left with nothing

    • 27 July 2020 10:47 AM

    Yep if LL start removing tenants illegally the Police won't do much.
    They are far too busy with more important things.
    But it would be interesting as to how MSM might report it and how the General public might feel about it..

    I reckon many will support LL removing feckless rent defaulters..
    But given the choice between potential bankruptcy and chancing possible arrest for wrongful eviction I'd chance arrest

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    wales has no govt--its an assembly--most welsh want rid of it as it is useless

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    What sort of idiot thought that one up, surely it's a prank.
    I guess we can profit from this, we could all rent out our homes in England then rent in Wales and stop paying the rent. It could result in 18 months income with no outlay - free living?? ☺️

    I can't see why anyone would want to be a LL in Wales.

    • 27 July 2020 12:08 PM

    No we wouldn't need to do that.
    We can stay in our homes while still renting the Welsh property.
    Then we sub-let or do AirBnB.
    Nothing the LL can do for a year!!

    Seems to work great for tenants

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    🤔Why is NRLA calling for ‘loans’ instead of non repayable ‘Grants’ for Landlords?

    Is NRLA team inept at reading statistics-or knowing that it’s not just BTL investors who let properties in residential sector but it’s the main source of income for many others as well!

    Rental income is an ‘Income’ from a job hence similar to JRS, SEISS schemes by Rishi Sunak, there should be a ‘Grant’ available for PRS LL’s affected with the Loss of income due to CoVID19.

    NRLA and other LL representatives should be championing the cause for All landlords-not just BTL ones-to influence the govt to provide unconditional financial grants for as long as PRS LLs are impacted by CoVID19 related delays iin regards to eviction of Rogue non paying tenants.


    Im not sure Id agree with a direct grant to LL. I think a Gov loan/grant should be via the tenant with payment going direct to the LL. Tenant has to apply detailing their reasons why they cannot continue working. Grant/Loan made straight away to LL.
    In the event of fraudulent claim then tenant is liable.
    Otherwise few unscrupulous LL's out there would claim the grant and the rent then more pressure from agitator groups shouting about the few who would do this. against the majority who didnt.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    I don't know the detail of What, EXACTLY the NRLA have asked for, but I would have hoped it was a Loan of the rent to Tenants, BUT, Paid Directly to their landlord on proof ( i.e. tenancy agreement and signed rent Arrears, )


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